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2 cello teachers in Chine

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Trusted teacher: The ability to improvise is not a natural skill that we are born with. It is an understandable chain of tools that can be learned and practiced into performance. Improvisation is something that requires discipline as much as freedom, and in fact, it stems from the understanding of sounds, the music's natural grammar. Violin is mostly seen as a melodic instrument but it can be otherwise. Outside of the classical world, rhythm reigns and the violin can be a leading rhythmical instrument too, providing solid grooves and accompaniments or challenging your fellow musicians with percussive sounds. Furthermore, to be proficient in specific styles, it is not enough to just play scales and patterns but it is necessary to learn the colors of the proper harmonical framework which is part of an idiom. In 10 years of teaching, I developed an approach that rethinks the function of fingerboard visualization allowing you to transpose in any key with great facility and to understand the logic behind the shapes of any chord on the fingerboard. In these lessons, I will help you to rethink the violin out of the box, as a powerful rhythmical and harmonical instrument while deepening your melodic ability (soloing) related to the styles you want to play: Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Pop, Rock, Brazilian, World Music. [According to the style we will also be working with loops and effects] This class is designed for musicians who already know the basics of violin techniques but addresses both beginner and advanced players in relation to the field of improvised music. The lessons will be custom made for each student. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player I will work to adapt to your learning rhythm while keeping you challenged at the same time. You will receive regular feedback, advice, and guidance and materials. Don't hesitate to contact me for more details!
Cello · Viola · Violin
Trusted teacher: Hello, I'm Melanie, and thank you for visiting my profile. I am a professional musician; my principal instrument is the 'Cello and my second instrument is the Piano. At 16 years old I received the opportunity to teach young cellists for Miss Anna Shuttleworth (Casals student), during a 'Cello residential course in York. I thoroughly enjoyed supporting the students and knew from this point that teaching, as well as performing, was definitely for me. I am an encouraging, demanding and fun person to work with and make sure that structure is always present during lessons. The learning and well-being of every student is something I take seriously. The student needs to learn at their own pace, in order for them to achieve a good understanding of the Musical Language. In addition to playing the instrument, I get the student involved in musical activities, which greatly support their instrumental playing: - During lessons we sing in Solfa (doh, re, mi, fa, etc) with hand signs for younger students. This makes a huge difference towards developing the student's "inner hearing", musical memory, reading skills, playing in tune, performance presence, musicality, playing with more ease, and overall discipline. - I also enjoy involving the student in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, which is moving to music played to them, and this supports their handling of pulse and rhythm. At the moment I am mobile in Tain (Ross-shire), and teach online too. Do you have a musical child? Are you an adult keen to learn 'Cello or Piano? Then please do get in touch with me. DBS background check documents (in possession) Member of the Musicians Union, UK
Cello · Piano · Children's music
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Certified cellist gives violoncello lessons in Liège (Liège)
Francois not only works on my technique, but also musicality, efficacious practicing, and expanding repertoire. I just love Francois’s energy, his spirit, his kindness, his patience and his distinct method. He is a marvellous musician, teacher and he creates an environment that is welcoming and inspiring. He is very professional and responsive yet warm in his communication style. I enjoy learning from Francois and I always appreciate how positive and powerful his impact upon development of my musicality and techniques works with taking my own practice and cello playing to the next level. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn cello. I am looking forward to and enjoying every lesson.
Review by QUENTIN
Cello tutoring (also at home) (Lausanne)
My 7 year old daughter wanted to start Cello and I found Alejandro via Apprentus. We aren't a musical family therefore I had no idea what to expect. As of the first lesson my daughter was fascinated how Alejandro transmits his love and passion for this wonderful instrument. He motivates her and explains very easy how to handle the Cello & read the notes. Everyone is happy that we have found him!! I can only recommend him!
Review by AL.
Music and cello lessons in Antwerp - All levels and all ages. (Antwerp)
I had a great first lesson with Beatriz. She is a good teacher, caring, motivated and really cares about teaching music to others.
Review by UMUR