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41 calculus teachers in United States

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Trusted teacher: as offline classes, If you are not that confident related to any concept do not worry about it, I was also a student in middle school and high school like you and I used to struggle a lot with the basic concepts of mathematics and eventually it turned into math's-phobia it was only until a private teacher could help me that I was able to master them. But today I got to know that it was not me who was scared of math it was all about not getting proper support and remedial sessions. I got to know that every type of educational system has some drawbacks and shortcomings which need to be redefined because it makes students vulnerable and develops woe, after going through such conditions we come into play because our task is to focus on individual subjects and kids where it is needed and give that much necessary support to carry out the studies, Initially, I will explain the concepts and ask you to solve some sort of worksheets provided which will help you to get some confidence, fill the gaps and also help you to understand that I am a suitable person for all your learning requirements I always make my class interactive. I take the help of animated videos to explain difficult concepts. Uses various tools like GeoGebra and concept maps to explain the graphs and equations. Teaching over the years, I also have a wide range of collections of books, practice questions and study sources from which I provide students with to practice. Some regular homework helps to understand the subject very well.
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Eduardo - Miami, FL$45
Trusted teacher: Are you looking for personalized support to improve your math skills? You have come to the right place! I am a qualified tutor with a strong academic background and over a decade of experience helping students like you reach their full potential in mathematics. I studied at the prestigious Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, I began my professional career teaching reinforcement classes at various institutions. Over time, I specialized in providing individualized academic support, completing my educational training at the renowned Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. My private classes are distinguished by their personalized approach. In our first session, I conduct a thorough assessment of your mathematical knowledge to identify your areas of opportunity and understand their roots. From there, I design a study plan adapted to your specific needs, with the aim of strengthening your foundations and regaining your confidence in the subject. My deep knowledge of the mathematics program, both at the university and high school level, allows me to offer you complete and effective teaching. I have developed various pedagogical techniques that simplify the most complex concepts, making learning accessible and stimulating. The most important thing to me is your academic and personal success. I enjoy guiding my students toward mastery of mathematics and watching them develop study skills that allow them to be autonomous in their learning. My classes are available online, through an innovative interactive whiteboard designed to encourage participation and communication between you and me, regardless of distance. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device. Don't let math get in the way of your success! Contact me today and begin your journey towards mastering this fascinating discipline!
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Trusted teacher: I have a full Outstanding knowledge of mathematical formulas and concepts. In-depth knowledge of using various teaching and learning aids. Ability to pay extra attention to the slow learning students. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills. My classes are handled with full sense of responsibility and care with every student. I have a Home work Policy via Google classroom and strictly business with the students Outstanding hands-on construction management professional who successfully maintains highest degree of quality and control over all facets of multiple projects. Twenty-Five years' experience as a Mathematics Teacher in a wide variety of large- scale commercial and civil construction projects. Consistently meets the time schedule and budget demands of mathematics syllables by utilizing highly effective management, engineering and troubleshooting. Such as Exam my Exams. Problem-solving is the ability to identify and solve problems. As a math teacher, it's my responsibility to help my students find solutions when they struggle with solving equations or completing assignments. You can use problem-solving skills in your classroom by asking students to explain their thought processes as they work through challenging tasks. This allows Me to assess whether students are using effective strategies and provides an opportunity for them to learn from their mistakes. Am Confident and organized educational professional with over 8 years of teaching experience at the high school level. Adept at communicating complex mathematical concepts to adolescents in a fun and engaging manner. Drafted homework assignments and exams for three different levels of math courses Passionate math teacher with 8+ years of experience in high school and middle school environments. Designed integrated lesson plans and incorporated authorial college prep elements to the state curricula. In my previous role prepared and run after-school tutoring for students with learning difficulties that helped improve their final test results by 30%. A winner of Teaching for Progress state award, seeking to leverage math and communication skills.
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Trusted teacher: My classes are personalized and are specifically adjusted to what the student needs to reinforce or do, I can address ANY SUB-AREA OF PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS, from high school to undergraduate. I advise having 2-hour class sessions to efficiently address the concepts and problems, however, the student decides. The first class I explain the subject to reinforce in a simple way, I present basic or everyday examples, I interact didactically with the student and investigating all their class notes, DOUBTS AND CONFUSION. I propose simple problems and exercises, I solve them in detail, I give the student similar problems that increase in complexity to assess their ability to retain and develop the problem, in this way I DEDUCE WHAT FAULTS THEY HAVE and what is the best way to CORRECT THEM AND MEET YOUR GOALS. For me it is essential to emphasize the understanding and INTERIORIZATION OF CONCEPTS because they are the key to their appropriation and problem solving. With the first class session I ESTEEM, DESIGN AND PROPOSE AN AGENDA according to the student's needs to establish an EFFICIENT WORK RHYTHM. It is common for students to have FAILURES IN BASIC PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS, therefore, I also dedicate optimal time to solving them to facilitate the student's progress, their significant learning in the subject and the achievement of their goals. I have prepared students who took entrance exams to COMIPEMS, CCH and undergraduate degrees at UNAM, IPN and UAM with a high degree of assertiveness and efficiency. Thanks to this, I can guide the process in mathematics, physics and chemistry of students who have the desire to study in these institutions and maintain an EXCELLENT performance. CHEER UP AND WRITE ME! Let's solve together all those complications in physics, mathematics and/or chemistry that prevent you from meeting your goals, take away your academic peace of mind and make you feel insecure about your potential.
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Bienvenid@s a las clases de Matemáticas Virtuales, diseñado para proporcionar una experiencia de aprendizaje interactiva y dinámica utilizando una tablet y un lápiz digital. Este curso es ideal para estudiantes que desean profundizar en los conceptos matemáticos de una manera visual y práctica. Características del Curso: 1. Ejemplos Prácticos: • Cada tema se acompaña de ejemplos prácticos que demuestran la aplicación de conceptos matemáticos en situaciones de la vida real. Por ejemplo, al estudiar funciones, los estudiantes podrán analizar los gráficos para entender mejor su comportamiento. 2. Explicación de Propiedades, Fórmulas y Teoremas: • Se explicarán detalladamente las propiedades, fórmulas y teoremas matemáticos, utilizando la tablet para ilustrar visualmente cada concepto. Por ejemplo, al abordar el Teorema de Pitágoras, los estudiantes podrán visualizar cómo se relacionan los lados de un triángulo rectángulo. 3. Interacción en Tiempo Real: • Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de resolver problemas en tiempo real durante las clases, recibiendo retroalimentación instantánea. Esto es especialmente útil en temas como la resolución de ecuaciones, donde el paso a paso es crucial. 4. Material Complementario: • Se proporcionarán recursos adicionales como vídeos, tutoriales y ejercicios para reforzar el aprendizaje fuera del aula virtual. Objetivo de las clases: La clase tiene como objetivo no solo enseñar matemáticas, sino también fomentar el pensamiento crítico y la resolución de problemas de una manera divertida y tecnológicamente avanzada. Al final de la clase, los estudiantes habrán desarrollado una comprensión sólida de los conceptos matemáticos esenciales y estarán preparados para aplicarlos en diferentes contextos.
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Dr. Dr. Ebrahim is an excellent instructor. His methods of teaching and explaining things are well thought out and given at a level that my son can understand. He is very patient and takes his time and answer all questions to help my son Yousif with any problems he may have. He is extremely helpful and very enthusiastic and calm at the same time in class which helped my son understand and enjoy the class. my son’s grades improved a lot after working with Dr.Ebrahim
Review by ALAA
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Programming courses (Bogotá)
Sebastian's been a solid precalc tutor. He's patient and breaks down stuff in a way that makes sense, which is a big win for me because precalc used to be a total headache. He's always got my back, making sure I'm getting it, and he doesn't mind repeating stuff if I need it. Thanks to him, precalc's starting to feel less like a foreign language and more like something I can actually handle. If you're struggling with precalc like I was, Sebastian's your guy.
Review by MADD
Math: Differential, Integral and Multivariable Calculus tutor over the past 8 years. (Bogotá)
She did a great lesson with my daughter. Hoping to use her for additional tutoring sessions. Update: Lina has been tutoring my daughter for many months. Lina is wonderful. My daughter used to get frustrated with math, but Lina has helped her excel in math! We hope Lina continues to be available for lessons!