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46 calculus teachers in Belgium

Trusted teacher: Welcome Student, Having graduated from Mathematics and Computer Science myself, I have noticed that there are many subjects that the majority of students have difficulty with. These are often also the subjects that are most important for progress, because many future subjects build on them. Are you a bachelor's student and do you have the same problem, then you've come to the right place. Together we go through the material and work towards your exams, so that you can confidently enter your exams. From a 'birds-eye view', many of these courses clearly have specific types of assignments that you must be able to pass your exam. We pick out these kinds of assignments and we will train you together in order to master them. In addition, we will counteract your weaknesses by going through assignments and theory about it. To get a clear idea of which courses I have taken and what exactly I can help you with, I have listed below my completed university courses (all passed with a 7 or higher). Note that I study in Utrecht myself, so your courses may have different names. Math - Proofs in Mathematics - Infinitesimal Calculation and Linear Algebra 1 - Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics - Infinitesimal Calculation and Linear Algebra 2 - Analysis - Introduction to Geometry - Introduction Groups and Rings - Introduction Analysis in More Variables - Introduction to Topology - Functions and Sequences - Discrete Mathematics - Topology and Geometry - Introduction to Scientific Computing - Analysis in More Variables - Differentiable Varieties - Groups, Modules and Shows - Thesis Computer science - Computer architecture and Networks - Imperative Programming - Functional Programming (Haskell) - Introduction Project - Databases - Data structures Graphics - Optimization and Complexity - Languages and Compilers - Competition - Modeling and System Development - Software Testing and Verification - Image processing - Software project If you are not sure if I can help you, you can always send me a message! Sam
Math · Calculus · Computer programming
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Tim - Aalst$63
Math · Statistics · Calculus
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Mathematics for Secondary / College / University (Ghent)
Tina helped me pass a test I never thought I was going to pass. She was well prepared and highly educated in the topic. She did a great job of explaining everything to me in a way that was easy to understand, and I felt much more prepared after her help. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a little boost in their studies!
Review by EDEN
Mathematics and economics tutoring / mathematics and economics tutoring (MSc in econometrics, cum laude) (Utrecht)
Really helped my daughter understand how to apply the information learned in her math class. Right from the beginning you can see he was invested in helping my daughter learn!!!
Review by JONATHAN
IB AA AI HL/SL / A-Level / IGCSE / European BAC / STEP, MAT, PAT, SAT maths, further maths & physics exam prep tutoring (Linkebeek)
Great teacher, helped me with difficult questions and most importantly taught me the reason why they were solved in the method which was used. Definitely recommend.
Review by RAFAEL