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76 business skills teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: As an MBA Graduate and experienced teacher, business trainer, writer, and columnist, I am here to help you enhance your English language skills. My expertise lies primarily in the business executive field, which has greatly improved my communication and interaction skills. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to interact with individuals from various nationalities, allowing me to better understand people of different orientations and cultures. Most recently, I have gained extensive experience in both offline and online teaching, primarily in a school setting. Now, I am eager to contribute to society by utilizing my diverse range of experience and knowledge. I have also obtained certifications with outstanding scores, which I would like to mention: 120-Hour TESOL/TEFL certificate from the renowned World Tesol Academy. Accredited 60-Hour TEYL certificate from the World Tesol Academy. These certifications have equipped me with effective teaching techniques and skills, further boosting my career. Additionally, I bring a unique set of talents that I believe would be valuable to adding your english language skill. In my role as a teacher or mentor, I have refined my tutoring abilities and developed strong lesson planning skills, laying a solid foundation for the teaching profession. Furthermore, my strength in collaboration, people-centric nature, and eagerness to please have honed my excellent communication skills. I am also actively involved in writing research papers and assisting researchers in getting their work published in various international journals. This experience has allowed me to carve a niche in the academic field and improve my language skills effectively. By working together, we can enhance your English language skills and achieve your desired goals. Let's embark on this exciting journey of learning and growth!
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Trusted teacher: Looking for a flexible and effective (online) business or technical English training? Quickly expand your vocabulary with words from your field! Learn to speak, listen, read, and write better about topics that you deal with every day. Who is it for? Our online and blended training courses are specifically designed for working professionals who need English for their jobs and want to improve their speaking skills quickly and efficiently, including by expanding their industry-specific vocabulary. Customization Each English training course is tailored to your learning goals, level, work situation, available time, and other preferences. Training proposal I provide a training proposal with advice on the content, format, and duration of the training. I work with you to determine dates, times, and locations. Options The courses can be entirely online with remote guidance or supplemented with online or on-site meetings in the Hoorn area. Materials We use my own materials in the Moodle virtual learning environment and, when necessary, a course book. For online meetings, we use Zoom. Content My lessons cover speaking and listening skills in your industry, pronunciation exercises, grammar explanations, and industry-specific topics such as making phone calls in English, writing emails, and reading manuals. The lessons are varied, and we use various IT applications. Between lessons, you will work on assignments in the learning environment or from the course book. More information? Please get in touch with me if you need any further information!
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Bookkeeping, Accounting, and financial accounting are embedded economically in all levels and types of business organizations. This is a result of the importance of record keeping in daily business transactions to the government, business enterprises, society, and us. Even a layman otherwise known as a small store keeps records, which is why a bookkeeper has to tackle "incomplete records".A professional could make errors, this brings about the "correction of errors". Also, the need; for organizations to be socially, politically, and economically recognized, to attract investors, to reap benefits accruing from standard and systematic record-keeping, to give business updates to the users of accounting information, and so on. Hence, enterprises are demanding students/professionals with appropriate skills to ensure their business data or information otherwise known as financial statements reflects the true and fair views, I am concerned about building students' confidence, simplifying accounting methods for students, and walking you through the process of accounting equation ( assets = liabilities ) by the application of its principles and how to identify discrepancies affecting business records. How to fix these discrepancies using tools like trial balance, control account, bank reconciliation statement, and other errors as they affect day-to-day posting/records. With the use of practical examples and source documents ( physical or digital). Other adjustments like accruals and prepayments must be well understood by bookkeeping or accounting students. However, the appropriate application and effective understanding of the above will lead to the successful preparation of a financial statement that comprises profits and loss accounts of different organizational settings, a statement of financial position, a statement of cash flow, a statement of change in equity, and disclosure notes.
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MAKING ONESELF HEARD! (For Presentations & Public Speaking) (Casablanca)
Public speaking classes with Jay were top-notch! Even though we held the classes online, he has the rare ability to make you feel at ease in a second and I felt fully engaged. Jay covered a variety of subjects regarding tone, speed, volume, pronunciation, etc. with different exercises. I've noticed continuous progress throughout the classes and I have now a better control of my public speaking skills, which will be of great use both in personal and professional contexts. I highly recommend!
Review by NORA
General English. Improve your English with the most updated pedagogy of teaching English from Cambridge University. (Casablanca)
Oussama is a good teacher, available, ready to help you with the simplest methodologies. Learning becomes easy and fun. I recommend you his course, you won't regret it.
Review by FATMA
eCommerce (for Beginners): Amazon, Content, Lean Start-Up and more (Rotterdam)
A very knowledgeable teacher. I whole recommend him to anyone needing any help with eCommerce / business growth.
Review by REBECCA