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6 business skills teachers in United States

EXAM ENGLISH. I mostly teach SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL preparation. My SAT students have achieved 350-point increases, IELTS students 3-point increases, and TOEFL students 30-point increases in their scores; with SAT students earning 1550, IELTS students 9s, and TOEFL students 110. With students who express need, I also help with their university application essays. Even if you are scoring low right now, if you put in the effort and give yourself time to improve, there is no reason why you shouldn't get a stellar score and into your dream university. You only need the right guidance and to study. Call now and I'll tell you how. ACADEMIC ENGLISH Who? For true intermediate students and above. Academic English classes are for those with general English skills who underperform in academic settings. What? Students learn various academic techniques that would bring your grades to a B+ minimum. Academic English students get a personalized study program tailored to the student's specific needs with class materials directly related to your courses. Not only do you master English skills such as writing essays, analytic reading, and skim reading; you also acquire a host of invaluable study skills such as time management, listening and note-taking *the right way*. (Did you know that with the right method of note-taking, you don't have to study that much during exam week? Great, right? :) In addition to all of these, Academic English students also get personalized General English lessons where we fill in the gaps in your grammar, vocabulary, and functions.
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!!!TRAINING SHOULD BE ENTERTAINING!!! This is not your run-of-the-mill social media training. We are rebelling against the tyranny of boring workshops, and bringing fun interaction back into the mix! This workshop is not merely some speaker handing out theories; you will be PRACTICALLY applying what you're learning as we go. Save money and become your own in-house marketing agent! The following will be covered: Intro into social media & marketing Content Marketing • The importance of content marketing • How to create content for social media; copy, imagery etc • Creating an editorial calendar • How to get users to engage • Business blogging The various social media platforms 1.) Facebook for Business • What Facebook is, how it works and latest trends on Facebook • The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events • Creating a Facebook page for your business • Understanding how profiles and pages link and work together • Creating powerful posts that engage your fans • Implementing best practices on your page • Drawing fans to your page • Building a plan for your Facebook marketing 2.) LinkedIn for Networking & Business • Learn exactly how to create a powerful profile • Harness best practices in your profile to stand-out • Add and grow your LinkedIn connections • Increase your visibility on LinkedIn • Understand endorsements and recommendations • Create a business presence on LinkedIn 3.) Google+ for Business & Local pages • Why Google Plus is a Must-Have Tool • Google Business Listing 4.) Instagram Visual Marketing • What Makes Instagram the Fastest Growing Social Network and Why My Business Needs It • Create a Compelling Instagram Profile • Navigate Around Instagram • Take Photos in Instagram • Crop & Rotate My Photos • Apply Instagram Filters for Effects • What Size Should My Photos Be? • Search on Instagram • Motivate Followers to Action with a Compelling Post • Get Engagement on Instagram • Post a Link to Generate Follower Action • Post a Video for Follower Engagement • Easy Sharing with Other Social Networks • Manage My Instagram Account • Discover What’s Working for My Business on Instagram 5.) Managing your accounts via scheduling tools 6.) Dealing with engagement; comments, complaints, reviews etc. 7.) Analytics • Social media monitoring & reporting • Finalise a budget & resources
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Trusted teacher: FOR ENGLISH DESCRIPTION SCROLL DOWN ** Bonjour Tutti, Je m'appelle Suzi et je suis professeur d’anglais spécialisé pour les étrangers. Ma mission est d'aider et de motiver les étudiants, quels que soient leurs besoins ou leur profil d'apprentissage. J'enseigne l’anglais depuis 12 ans et je trouve toujours de nouvelles méthodes d'enseignement créatives, drôles et efficaces pour stimuler mes étudiants. En tant que spécialiste des méthodes de programmation neurolinguistique ( PNL), je m'adapte à votre profil d'apprentissage. Que vous soyez une personne scientifique, communicative ou dans le business, nos cours seront centrés sur vos besoins. Ma méthode d'enseignement est ludique mais surtout, … efficace ! Certains de mes élèves ont atteint le niveau B1 / 2 après seulement quelques mois de cours avec moi. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions ! ------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour Tutti, My name is Suzi, I am passionate about languages and creating meaningful connections with other people. My mission is to help and motivate students, whatever the needs or learning profile. I have been teaching for the past 12 years and I am always finding new creative teaching methods to keep my students motivated. As a specialist in NLP methods, I adapt myself to your learning profile. I tailor my lessons, whether you are a scientific, communication or business oriented person. My teaching method is fun but above all efficient. Some of my students have achieved B1/2 level after just a few months of lessons with me. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! See you soon! :-) Suzi
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Business English - Improve your English skills for work (Brussels)
Having dropped every single English course that I tried after just a few classes, it was a great discovery to get Suzy an English teacher; she adapts her teaching style to your specific needs, includes a lot of fun and interaction which takes the 'stress' from learning, and motivates you at each step. For the first time I did not drop out after just a few hours of class.
Review by LOUIS
Learn Python - from the basics to real world business cases (Amsterdam)
Joris is super friendly and was really flexible in tailoring the classes based on what my purpose for learning is. He is giving me the direction I need to continue this learning journey, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone interested in learning python to the next level.
English course as a fantastic intellectual challenge! (The Hague)
She is a reliable and kind teacher. Her lesson is always fun and easy to understand for me. I realize I became able to speak English better than before. I'm always impatient for her lesson!
Review by NAOKO