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14 business skills teachers in Chine

1. Knowing Cantonese will unlock more career options. Did you know that Hong Kong ranks third as a global financial center (after New York and London), and it’s the richest city in the world? Not only is Hong Kong an important financial hub in Asia, but it also has the highest Financial Development Index score and was ranked as the world’s most competitive economy. Most international institutions and businesses have footprints—or even their Asian headquarters—in Hong Kong. Being familiar with the Cantonese language, culture, and business environment can be key in settling important negotiations, making major deals, or even opening up new career opportunities. 2. Learning the language will broaden your horizons. Hong Kong’s “East meets West” culture is unique: Hong Kong became a British colony in 1842 and was handed back over to China in 1997 under the “one country, two systems” arrangement. Under this arrangement, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China—it enjoys a greater freedom of speech, a separate legal and judicial system, and has its own government, customs, and currency. Even mainland Chinese have to go through Immigration checks upon arriving in Hong Kong. 3. Cantonese will connect you with others. Cantonese is the oldest and most popular Chinese dialect spoken in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and some neighboring areas around the eastern part of Guangxi. It’s the official language in Hong Kong and Macau, and is historically the most popular form of Chinese spoken outside of mainland China. I’m not kidding about Cantonese being spoken everywhere. It’s the most widely spoken dialect among Chinese communities in Canada, the United States of America, and Australia, as well as Europe and Southeast Asia. 4. Knowing Cantonese will facilitate friendships with the locals. Want to make local friends and know more about the everyday life of Hong Kongers? Even though English is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, Cantonese is the go-to language in the everyday lives of locals. Not to mention the fact that people from the more rural areas may not even speak English at all.A solid understanding of Cantonese can make your experience in the local Hong Kong markets, rural areas, and restaurants so much smoother and a lot more fun! And you’ll be able to make new local friends along the way and hone your friendships (or even a new romance!) with the local language. 5. Cantonese is easy to learn. Cantonese is straightforward! For example, Cantonese grammar rules are simpler than those of many other languages. We don’t have tenses (past, future, past perfect, etc.) like English does, nor do we have grammatical gender like French. Also, we’re quite direct when expressing ourselves. Many Cantonese learners, in an attempt to translate what is polite in their own language, actually make a mess of a sentence in Cantonese by adding a lot of unnecessary words. 
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Accounting, Corporate Finance, advance Economics, strategy, MIM, Grand Ecole Exam Preparation (Paris)
Vishakha is a great teacher, I enjoyed the classes together! In one week she was able to explain me a whole semester program of financial accounting to get ready for my exam. She is very patient and allows you to learn from your mistakes by trying. She is ready to help and explain again what was misunderstood. Vishakha is teacher for whom it is very important when a student really understands concepts and basics of a class. So, she will be very creative to make you imagine these concepts in real life and to understand how the process functions. She chooses a personal way to each student depending on personal abilities and time. She is very flexible and always in touch with a student to answer all the questions. She is indeed to rescue you. Thus, I would definitely recommend Vishakha for everyone who really wants to understand the subject and be able to apply the knowledge to not only exams but also in real life,
Review by NATALIA
Code Your Way to Success: A Fun and Interactive Introduction to Programming for Kids (Barcelona)
Gaelle went above and beyond to help my son build a love of programming by making it fun and integrating me in his learning, making it a bonding experience as well :)
Review by ROGER
Jenniffer is a very good teacher! I had some english classes with her. Since then, I feel more confident in english!
Review by LUCY