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Trusted teacher: I am a lecturer and research writer with English, Accounting, Finance, Quantitative spreadsheet analysis, Economics, Statistics and other discipline expertise and sixteen years’ experience in online academic and industry related work. I have masters in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in education, accounting and economics options. I also have qualifications in other professional courses like certified public accounting, computer programming, and applications of computers in learning among others. I have extensive skills, qualifications, and background experience in online tutoring, guest blog posting, proofreading, copy-writing, editing, and enterprise resource planning accounting, customer relationship management, financial accounting projects, corporate finance, project management, quantitative analysis, business management, financial modelling and statistical and economic analysis among others. Lessons cover all topics in business related degrees like Bachelor in Human Resources Management; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Finance; Bachelor in Financial Accounting, Bachelor in Financial Management; Bachelor in Finance; Bachelor in Accounting; Bachelor in Economics and the requisite masters degrees but not limited to this list. I handle varied topics in these disciplines in both academia and industry for example change management, econometrics, human resources management, accounting, commerce, quantitative techniques, thesis research and writing, managerial economics, macroeconomics, and many other as per the subject that is problematic in your syllabus or company test requirements.
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Trusted teacher: In my opinion entrepreneurship is the highest step of personal leadership! - Do you dare to fail? What have you learned from your failure, or rather: learning moment? - Do you dare to look positively and critically at your own actions? Where is the strength of you as a person / entrepreneur? What can you outsource better? - How do I turn my idea into a company? - Who is my client? Which customer needs does my proposition provide? - How do I get customers? Keywords: Personal leadership, Dare to fail, Lean start-up, Business plan, Keep it simple stupid !, Doing business, Just Doing! Who am I? My name is Ben, 33 years old, and because of my red hair I was already 'different' from my classmates in primary school. Over the years I have experienced that thinking differently and acting differently is not always easy, partly because society, including the people in my immediate environment, feel that they have everything. Many people are unconsciously driven by (failure) anxiety and they exhibit risk-averse behavior. For example, my parents said well meaning: You now have such a good (and nice and safe) job: Why would you risk that? Many talk a lot about it, but never take concrete steps towards starting their own business. In the meantime I have experienced that I dare to make different choices than most people. That was and is sometimes exciting, but it brings me success in private and business terms! Many consecutive 'failure' moments have brought me to where I am now: a nice father who fulfills assignments 3 days a week as a Freelance Business Developer and Data / Business Analyst and launches new start-ups in the rest of the time.
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