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214 biology teachers in Belgium

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Manaal - Brussels$53
Trusted teacher: 📚 Optimal Preparation for Your Entrance Exam: Reach Your Success Together with Me! 📚 Welcome to my profile! Are you determined to pass your entrance exam with flying colors? Look no further, because I'm here to guide you to that coveted success! I put myself to the test this year and I am proud to say that I passed the KIW part of the entrance exam with an excellent score. Now it is my passion to help other ambitious students achieve their goals. What I Have To Offer You: 🔑 Full Course Options: I offer an extensive range of course options, perfectly tailored to your needs and learning style. From a thorough explanation of the concepts to in-depth exercises, I'm ready to guide you on your path to success. 🎥 Educational Videos for Extra Understanding: In addition to the personal lessons, I also provide educational videos in which the complex topics are clearly explained. These videos serve as a valuable addition to your study material. 📚 Extensive Learning Material: Don't worry about finding the right exercises. I have extensive extra assignments that are even more challenging than what you will encounter on the actual entrance exam. This way you are optimally prepared for every challenge. 💡 Smart Preparation for Generic Competences: The Generic Competences (GC) exam section can be a stumbling block, but with my guidance you will confidently master these skills. I share with you a special document in which I teach you how to optimally prepare for this important part. Why Choose My Guidance: 🚀 99% Success: With my guidance from the start, regardless of your prior knowledge, your success rate is no less than 99%! Together we work in a structured and effective way, so that you can approach the exam with confidence. 🎯 Individual Approach: I understand that every student is unique. That is why we set a goal together and determine which courses best suit your level. Your success is central to my approach. 🌐 Flexibility in Teaching Methods: Whether you prefer online lessons or prefer to visit me in person, I adapt to your wishes. Your convenience and comfort are important to me. My Track Record: I have worked with many students in the past, especially in science subjects, and their success stories speak for themselves. Satisfied students have proven time and time again that my approach works and improves their results. Don't hesitate to contact me and let's start your success story together! Together we will exceed your goals and pass your entrance exam with flying colours.
Math · Biology · Physics
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Patrycja - The Hague$46
Trusted teacher: Studying currently at Leiden University College. I realized that taking the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) during High School, not only prepared me for university but also equipped me with research and analysis skills, allowing me to be a better professional in the future. Nevertheless, I am aware that this programme is also extremely challenging, and most students, just as I did, need some guidance throughout the process. Here, I may come in to help you. During IB, some of the subjects I took were: 1) Psychology Standard Level (receiving 6 as my final examination grade) 2) Psychology Extended Essay (receiving A as my final examination grade) 3) English B Higher Level (receiving 7 as my final examination grade) 4) Polish A: Literature Standard Level (receiving 7 as my final examination grade) 4) Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (receiving 6 as my final examination grade) 5) Biology Higher Level (receiving 5 as my final examination grade) 6) Theory of Knowledge Final Essay (receiving B as my final examination grade) I can be a mentor and serve as help for students writing their Internal Assessments in the subjects mentioned above, as well as when writing the Extended Essay in Psychology, or the Theory of Knowledge Essay. I may also tutor, in preparation for the exams, or to explain specific topics from: Psychology, Biology, Polish, English B, or Theory of Knowledge. I would also like to add that I lived in New Zealand for 6 years, and I am fluent in English. Please reach out if any further information is needed.
Psychology · Biology · English
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Tuition in Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Math), Mathematical Part( GRE and SAT) (Luxembourg)
Narayan is a really good teacher. I urgently needed someone to teach me physics for two different medical school entrance exams. He was able to do it very fast and well. Every lesson started with him explaining a specific concept, and then he gave me practice questions to ensure that I was confident in solving them. Additionally, after every lesson, he shared his notes with me to study from them later on. I truly feel confident and prepared for my exams. Thank you so much!!
Review by KATERINA
Private lessons: English, French, Arabic (Lebanese dialect) (Braives)
Josiane is a very friendly and professional French teacher, who has a number of practice tools and ideas. For example, we practiced from grammar to pronounciation, as well as dictation and conversation. We had very interactive and interesting lessons. She is very patient and also flexible, so I could focus on topics which I need more practice.
Review by YURI
Science, Biology, Mathematics adapted to your needs (Antwerp)
Michiel was able to give my son more confidence in his ability to understand and study Biology, organizing a strategic plan to tackle the topics my son was struggling with. I knew I left my son in very capable and skilled hands. As a parent, I am very satisfied.
Review by MONICA