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92 audio production teachers in United States

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Roberto - Vienna$30
Trusted teacher: Music Production Lessons with Logic Pro X Are you interested in producing your own music? Do you want to learn how to use Logic Pro X to create professional-quality tracks? Then my music production lessons are just what you need! In these lessons, you will learn the basics of music production, including beat-making, MIDI sequencing, and audio recording. We will also cover more advanced topics, such as mixing and mastering, to help you create polished and dynamic tracks. Using Logic Pro X, we will explore the different tools and features of the software to create your own unique sound. Whether you're interested in electronic music, hip-hop, or any other genre, I can help you achieve your musical vision. No matter your skill level, these lessons are tailored to meet your needs and help you grow as a producer. I have years of experience in music production and can provide valuable insights and feedback to help you improve your craft. Lessons are available online or in-person, and I offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle. If you're interested in learning music production with Logic Pro X, please contact me for more information and to schedule your first lesson. Let's make music together and take your skills to the next level with Logic Pro X! "Erreanderre a 24 year old guitarist, producer, and songwriter based in Wien, Austria. Originally born in Messina, Sicily , Italy, music creation has been part of his entire life. At the age of 8, he picked up his first guitar and immediately knew he would devote himself to music. Starting as an improvised artist, he later turned his focus to studying the electric guitar, Jazz, and music production . His studies continued afterward in Milan & Vienna . Working with many different artists such as musicians, actors, dancers, and other producers gives him a mix of different personal genres including Alternative , RnB , Edm , Indie and Pop. Passionate and experienced Musician with several years of experience in orchestra, band, and theater performances. A skilled guitar and bass player, adept at writing and arranging music."
Sound (music) · Computer generated music · Audio production
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Samuel - Berlin$27
Trusted teacher: Originally from Italy but born in Switzerland, Samuel aka Luca Torre did early in 1996 his fi rst steps in electronic music for which he discovered a true passion. From trip-hop to techno going through more architectural sounds like drum´n´bass or brackcore. Luca organized and participated in several events in Switzerland, in places like Loft Lausanne or even the Dachkantine in Zurich where he started being quite notorious He arrived in Berlin in 2004 and continued to work on his dedication to music by becoming a sound engineer and a sound designer. His interest for synthesis and modular systems brought him to work for the famous company Arturia where he then developed presets. He also worked in the fi lm industry where he took part in various projects. Follows up some releases on digitals and vinyls on several labels and then began collaborations with various artists. 2016 is fi nally the arrival of it's big label project. After several cogitation years he fi nally runs and owns the label Clock'Art Records where beautiful surprises await. His career is currently being boost by his passion, talent and famous techno artists name´s recognition who took part in his projects. Luca is a pure eclectic and avant-garde dj. He is real fanatic sound designer, as much as an architecht of new sound constructions. He is a true artist who will keep on impressing us for years to come. In 2019 He Built Clock'art Music: Clock'art Music Music groups several activities in the music field, it features 3 labels, 1 Music School and a sound design company Clock'art Studio. Clock'art Records (Label Minimal Techno). Cloc Records (Edit Label) Nouage Records (Trip Hop, Noise, Ambiant and Soundscape Label) Clock'art School is a MAC (Music Assisted Computer) school where we teach lesson of Ableton, Logic and synthese. Clock'art Studio is a sound design company producing immersive soundscape from advertising to the film universe, we also do music film composition, jingle, and sound design FX. In 2020 we developing new project growing into the music therapy way, with Solfi Wave. And Clockless, the music podcast channel.
Ableton live · Audio production
Unlock Your Music Production Potential with FL Studio Lessons Are you eager to dive into the world of music production and create your own captivating tracks? Look no further than our FL Studio lessons! Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our tailored classes will take your music production abilities to the next level. In our comprehensive FL Studio lessons, you'll learn: Navigating FL Studio: Get comfortable with the software's interface, tools, and features, ensuring a smooth workflow from the start. Beat Creation: Master the art of crafting mesmerizing beats, rhythm patterns, and percussion arrangements that keep your listeners hooked. Melody and Harmony: Learn how to create unforgettable melodies and harmonies that evoke emotions and set the mood of your tracks. Sound Design: Dive into the world of synthesizers, virtual instruments, and sound manipulation to craft unique sounds that define your signature style. Arrangement and Composition: Develop your skills in arranging song sections, building tension, and delivering impactful musical journeys. Mixing Techniques: Discover the secrets of achieving a polished sound through balancing levels, EQ, compression, and other essential mixing tools. Effects and Processing: Explore a range of audio effects and processing techniques to add depth, space, and character to your tracks. Finalizing Your Tracks: Learn the process of finalizing your productions, including mastering techniques to ensure your music sounds its best across different platforms. Whether you're interested in electronic dance music, hip-hop beats, cinematic soundscapes, or any other genre, our FL Studio lessons will empower you to bring your musical visions to life. Our experienced instructors will guide you step by step, offering personalized feedback and insights that cater to your musical goals. Let's turn your passion for music into impressive productions that resonate with audiences worldwide.
Computer generated music · Sound (music) · Audio production
Welcome to the complete music composition and production course for emerging artists! Here you will find everything you need to become a successful songwriter and producer, from creative conception to release on digital platforms. During this online course, we'll explore a wide range of musical concepts, from lyric creation and melody development to harmony and music theory. You will learn to capture and express your artistic ideas effectively, and through a didactic method, you will be able to immediately apply these concepts in your own songs. But that's not all: I will also teach you the fundamentals of music production. You will discover how to record, mix and master your own songs, using professional tools and techniques. You will learn to work with production software, to use samplers, synthesizers and other resources to create the atmosphere and the perfect sound that you want to transmit. Also, I will guide you in the process of releasing your music on digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and many others. I'll show you how to prepare your audio files, how to create a compelling artist image, and how to promote your music on social media and other relevant digital channels. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced musicians who want to take their composition and production skills to the next level. No matter your preferred musical genre, be it pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop or any other, this course will be tailored to suit your individual needs. Get ready to explore your creativity, develop your musical skills and take your songs to the next level. Join this music composition and production course and start your journey to success in the music industry!
Music composition · Audio production · Song writing
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Eamonn - Etterbeek$48
Trusted teacher: Trained at the Music Academy International, I propose private lessons of Guitar, Singing, and/or Audio Production centered on amplified music (funk, soul, jazz, rock, blues, etc.) and adapted to the requests of each student. My classes are open to all, children and adults, beginners or advanced. I attach great importance to the understanding of the technical tools implemented in the interpretation of the pieces, a typical lesson is therefore divided between technical work with clear explanations and actual practice on songs to play or sing. If the student is interested, I also teach the more theoretical aspects of music, such as harmony (scales, chords, modes, improvisation), music theory, rhythm, ear training, and deciphering. I also offer coaching sessions. These are non-regular sessions to target work on specific aspects of the requested repertoire. Each lesson is accompanied by work material (paper or audio) to practice at home. For guitar lessons, an instrument can be made available, for singing lessons, I accompany the student on the piano or the guitar (it is also possible to use backing tracks when the key and tempo are right ) and for audio production, I can provide the software required to start on any operating system (Win, Mac, and Linux) (I don't work with pirated software). Classes are given in my studio in Etterbeek, 5-minute walk from La Chasse. I also teach group lessons for singing, do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Flexible schedule (daytime or evening).
Guitar · Singing · Audio production
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Jim - Amsterdam$71
Trusted teacher: I am an electronic music producer with a masters degree in music which I gained at the renowned Rockacademie in Tilburg, NL and have a music studio in Amsterdam,NL. As an artist I work under Malvae, I write, sing, produce, mix and master my own music reaching Viral charts on Spotify, features in Film like this upcoming documentary 'King Of The Streets' created by an Award winning filmmaker, Netflix series and with more than 3 million streams to date I am now looking for a few students to share my knowledge with. Occasionally I do client work for podcast series as an Audio Engineer, create music for film specifically, or provide mixing & mastering. I believe everyone is capable of finding their distinct sound if you are willing to put in the work. Whether you are just starting out or want to dive deeper into the process, book a lesson with me to see where you are currently standing and how I can help you take your music to the next level. I can teach you how to work with analogue gear ( I own a few synthesizers myself, including Prophet 6 , Moog DFAM, Minitaur, Ableton Push) I have been creating my music from samples I record all over the world with field recorders, manipulating these sounds into 90% of what you hear in my productions. I combine these sounds with synthesizers and my voice. It is how I found my own sound. But don’t worry we won’t have to go to the outskirts of the world to find your sound, I will show you all the tools and teach you to use them precisely so that you can recreate or transform any sound you may already have to make your productions stand out. Of course, we can also just talk about your music or receive feedback from me, it is up to you! My expertise include but are not limited to Ableton Live, Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Sound Design, Industry insights, Synthesis, Music Theory & Audio Engineering. (NOTE: Although I work in Ableton Live my expertise translate to any program you work in.) The lessons will be tailored to your needs specifically. I provide my lessons online and on location in my studio. I find it important that I can provide the same experience online. Therefor I use a program where I will be able to listen to your music or project in HD quality through a plugin you load onto your master channel in your Digital Audio Workstation which then allows me to listen in realtime HD quality.
Ableton live · Music composition · Audio production
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Music Lessons Guitar/Bass , Production , Composition , Music Theory (Barcelona)
Francesco is a very skilled and cool teacher. He takes your from your current level and plans out a personalised program for you to improve. His way of using analogies to explain complex terms and make you understand difficult theoretical concepts in a much simpler way is truly impressive. After two months of lessons with Francesco i definitely feel my level of playing has improved a lot. 5/5 would recommend to anyone who wants to take their playing to the next level.
Review by LASSE
English classes to perfect your English! One-to-one lessons, tailor made for every student. (Amsterdam)
I have been taking classes with Chalice for one month and I am now more confident speaking English. Each week she focuses on my needs of vocabulary, pronunciation or grammar, so I can really work on the problems which are stopping me. The atmosphere she creates is very intimate and I can express myself better. I think she is a great teacher with lots of knowledge about the English language and really committed!!
Review by NATALIA
Guitar, Songwriting & Music Production Lessons (Online or In-Person) (The Hague)
Hugo is just a fantastic guitar teacher! He's got a deep knowledge of music and an awesome friendly vibe. What stood out the most was how he tailored the lessons to fit my needs - really showed how flexible and understanding he is. If you're looking for a guitar teacher who gets you, I highly recommend Hugo.
Review by MEHDI