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8 art teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: I am an attentive, dedicated, and lively art teacher with 10 years of experience in portfolio preparation and university counseling. I help students with: • CREATING A WINNING PORTFOLIO: Learn how to create ambitious, interesting works; how to take good photos of artwork; how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop; how to write smart, intellectual texts on your works; how to layout and design a portfolio with Adobe InDesign, typography, which works to include in which order for each portfolio (you should *never* send the same portfolio to all schools! :D). • SCHOOL SEARCH AND UNIVERSITY COUNSELLING: North American / European university recommendations (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden,...); finding the right schools for you, finding and applying for scholarships. I also work as an interviewer for my alma mater; as such I can offer veritable insight into university application and acceptance process. • UNIVERSITY APPLICATION SKILLS: Interview preparation; emailing with universities; university-specific, personalized exam prep for European universities with on-location entrance exams, collecting the right recommendations; writing winning application letters/essays from first idea to final spellcheck • TRANSFORMING STUDENTS INTO YOUNG ARTIST/DESIGNERS: With individually-tailored, highly-effective programs that merge art skills with professional skills, my students transform from ‘learner’ to ‘young professionals’ in a matter of months. >>> You will learn art skills including drawing, color skills, creating enticing/engaging compositions, experimentation and understanding of various artistic materials and techniques ([analog and digital] drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video, animation, performance, interactive media...). >>> You will also learn any supportive computer software skills you might need (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dimension, Premiere, After Effects, 3DS Max/SketchUp/Blender). >>> You will create both major-specific projects and artwork that complements your major, to show you "have the right mindset" ;) >>> Finally, with classes that focus on art history and philosophy, and you will learn how to write and talk about art and design projects, which will make you truly stand out. My students transform into young designers/artists because of this well-rounded approach. This is why my success statistics are: 98% Total percentage of acceptances received (from all applications to date) 100% Total percentage of scholarships awarded (from universities that offer scholarships) 100% Total university placement (of all students to date) To achieve the same success as the students before you: You need to come to classes and you need to do your homework. But if you do these two student basics, I promise I will get you into your dream school. Really :) --
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Art · Painting · Arts and crafts
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Class Description: Welcome to "Introduction to Painting: Unleash Your Creativity Online," a beginner-level painting class designed for aspiring artists of all ages! Whether you're a complete novice or have dabbled in art before, this online course provides a supportive and interactive environment to explore the wonderful world of painting. Course Overview: In this comprehensive online class, you will embark on a creative journey, learning fundamental painting techniques, color theory, and artistic concepts. Guided by experienced instructors, you'll delve into various painting styles, including acrylics, watercolors, and oils. The course is structured to help you gain confidence, develop your skills, and nurture your unique artistic voice. What You'll Learn: Introduction to Materials: Familiarize yourself with different types of brushes, paints, canvases, and other essential tools. Learn how to select the right materials for your projects. Basic Painting Techniques: Master fundamental techniques such as brushstrokes, blending, shading, and layering. Understand how to create different textures and effects using various tools. Color Theory: Explore the psychology of colors, mixing techniques, and the impact of different color combinations on your artwork. Develop an eye for harmonious color schemes. Composition and Design: Learn about composition, balance, focal points, and perspective. Understand how to create visually appealing and well-structured paintings. Exploration of Styles: Experiment with different painting styles, from realism to abstract. Discover your preferred style and express your creativity. Guided Projects: Engage in step-by-step guided painting projects tailored for beginners. Practice your skills by creating beautiful artworks with the support of our instructors. Critique and Feedback: Participate in constructive critique sessions where you can share your work, receive feedback, and learn from your peers. Building Confidence: Boost your confidence as an artist through encouraging feedback, positive reinforcement, and a nurturing learning environment. Who Should Attend: Beginners: Individuals with little to no prior painting experience. Art Enthusiasts: Those passionate about exploring their creative side and expressing themselves through art. Hobbyists: People looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby to unwind and relax. Anyone Curious About Art: Individuals curious about the world of painting and eager to learn the basics from scratch. Requirements: Access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Eagerness to learn and explore the world of painting. No prior artistic experience necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and creativity! Join us in "Introduction to Painting: Unleash Your Creativity Online" and unlock your artistic potential. Discover the joy of painting, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and let your creativity flourish in a supportive and inspiring virtual community!
Art · Painting · Drawing & sketching
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Trusted teacher: Hello dear movers! Do you enjoy dancing and you are willing to improve your technical skills and artistry? I am here for you. As a professional dancer, teacher, and performance maker I am creative, dynamic, full of awareness, and versatile. I teach contemporary dance, floor work, contact improvisation, acrobatics, ballet, modern jazz, and fitness. My classes are focused on musicality, anatomy, energy flow, improvisation, and personal artistry. The classes are tailored, designed, and adjusted regarding the specific needs, capabilities, uniqueness, and artistic voice of each individual. During the past years, I have developed a methodology entitled The Transcendental Embodiment (TE) | Behind & Beyond. This method links philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and scientific approaches to the movement. (You can check the available Dance & Healing (TE) class on my page for further information.) I have had professional experiences in several countries in Europe (France, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Greece), and in Asia (Malaysia, Bali). - For who? : For anyone who enjoys movement and dance, and desires a better connection and understanding with their moving bodies. / ​One-to-one or group sessions. - ​Where? : Online via SKYPE or at the student's location. Company Dancer Bachelor of Contemporary Dance Practices | Iceland University of the Arts. Facilitator | Contact Beyond Contact Healing with the Arts Certification | University of Florida During the past six years, I have taught dance classes in France, Sweden, Iceland, and more. Moreover, I have studied fine arts, visual arts, philosophy, and film-making at Sorbonne University in Paris. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Tiffany
Dance · Art · Ballet
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Drawing and painting lessons, help to prepare portfolio (Stuttgart)
The experience with Xingying was one of consummate professionalism, acute attention to detail, and warm efficiency of time. I was not only impressed but feel extremely lucky and privileged to continue my son’s lessons with her. - She answered all questions and concerns with ease - She provided a detailed list of all the tools needed for a successful lesson - She provided a good space for learning - My son expressed great enthusiasm and excitement for continued learning with her I most of all appreciate that her presence brought out a commitment in my son to desire his learning. I recommend Xingying’s services with the the utmost confidence and faith.
Review by EDWARD “E.C.”
French tutoring with a native speaker : Learn, Improve and Enjoy! (Reykjavik)
Very sweet lady who is always asking how she can improve and cater her lessons towards your personal needs! Knows very well the French language and not on a fluent level, but also the technicalities behind it. Is willing to take time with you and work on your mistakes, as well as trying to explain some French key moments that are difficult to understand for foreign language speakers in a way that is understandable. Always makes sure to challenge you and sees how you can improve! Had a very lovely experience :)
Español como lengua extranjera /Spanish as a Foreign Language and Certification exams. (Medellín)
Jorge is fantastic, completely bilingual, amazingly patient and helpful. The lessons are clearly presented and customized to your level of learning. Thanks!
Review by GEORGE

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