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2 art teachers in United States

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You are an arts student and have to write a research-creation thesis and you do not know where to start? Can't get your plan in place? Do you encounter blockages in the structuring and development of your ideas? Are you unable to articulate your practical issues (artistic approach) with theoretical concepts? Finally, you have methodological problems? By using the Constellation Model that I had designed for research-creation, I bring you to explain your intentions and your motivations to the point of exceeding them. By becoming aware of your spontaneous mental and semantic associations, you will gradually be able to build a personal methodology which starts from your artistic practice and which corresponds to both your sensitivity and your cognitive imprint. I also support you in nurturing a sensitive relationship to your own work, but all the same methodical and critical The support includes: - Exercises of mental / semantic associations (how to produce creative and meaningful syntheses?). - Explanation exercises of your identified conscious intentions and motivations. (mindfulness and theoretical contributions) - Help in articulating concepts while starting from your artistic approach. - An introduction to aesthetic and technical retrospective analysis techniques. - Writing assistance - and on request, an introduction to textual analysis techniques. This course is intended for any artist or student engaged in research-creation and in the preparation of a Master's thesis, in pre-doctoral or doctoral preparation. Being trilingual Arabic / French / English, the language spoken during the accompaniment will be the one you choose. Areas of expertise: | plastic arts | arts and new media, digital arts | practice & theory of contemporary art | aesthetics & art history | research-creation methodology
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In this ongoing Art & Wellbeing For Kids course, students will engage in exercises in drawing, painting, collage, and more. These art projects will develop their artistic abilities, while helping them develop tools to maintain mental wellbeing. Your student will create art that they're proud of, and along the way learn tools to express their emotions, reflect on their feelings, and build their confidence. All abilities and skills are welcome! This class should leave your student feeling accomplished and relaxed each week. The art projects I lead are specifically designed to develop self esteem, self reflection, a diverse emotions vocabulary, and resilience. My teaching methodology is a unique blend of teaching technical art skills with a focus on reflective processes. The creative process helps children express themselves in a non-verbal medium that reflects their emotional state. Engagement with the arts has also been proven to increase confidence and self esteem. I cultivate a safe and supportive learning environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing with the group. In each live class meeting, I will go step-by-step through the art project. Students will have the chance to ask me questions if needed and also have the chance to share their artwork with the class once it is complete. Students are encouraged to work within a dedicated sketchbook to create a portfolio of artwork. Students can join this on-going class at any time and will begin working in their sketchbook during their first class with me. Students will have the opportunity to interact with me during class for support as needed, as well as talk and share with other students.
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Accordion lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced players! (Zagreb)
Martina was very organised about setting up the lesson, and very communicative, answering all of my pre-lesson questions by email. In the lesson she was patient and encouraging, and had even gone to the trouble of re-writing my favourite song so I could play it on my unusual accordion.
Review by GEMMA
French and FLE courses in Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. (Rouen)
Sabrina is very easy to talk to and continually encourages you to respond. She has the ability to correct any mistakes without interrupting the flow of conversation. I found we talked about a wide range of topics and gradually felt that my listening skills in particular had improved.
Review by BRETT
Initiation to Graphic Design, Visual communication skils (Jussy)
Marijena did a wonderful job of working on drawing skills with my two children. We're looking forward to more lessons!
Review by PEGGY