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94 art history teachers in Spain

Trusted teacher: Certified teacher of modern letters, I have fifteen years of teaching experience. This experience allowed me to work with audiences as diverse as college students, high school students and young post-baccalaureate students, preparing for a Bts. This course can also be aimed at foreign adults who would like to improve their writing, by approaching the French language more as an object of study and also wishing to be more comfortable in the exchange of a conversation. This approach is a teaching that is based on my experience in FLE (French as a foreign language), before my certification in modern letters. Otherwise, whatever your level, I suggest that you improve your French, both written and spoken, through literature from the Middle Ages to our contemporaries of the 21st century, always with a reading that will anchor the texts covered in a historical period. This is why the title of the course highlights the historical dimension, approached in connection with the history of literature. Grammar will also be covered from 6° to 3°: refresher and deepening, preparation for the patent, for the anticipated French tests with also a deepening which will be linked to the test, for the general culture tests concerning more specifically post-baccalaureate students. (although general knowledge can be approached at all levels in my opinion which makes the course much more enriching) Regarding the course for foreign adults, the method is inspired by that of Fle, but do not hesitate to send me texts that you would like to discuss or ask me for help with the writing. more administrative writing or other types of mail. My background also allows me to transmit Latin, up to the translation test in high school.
Grammar · Art history · French
Trusted teacher: I give private lessons in art history for three years, either for students who need an accompaniment, or for the curious who want to enrich their artistic culture. My teaching adapts precisely to the needs of each student and especially to their way of assimilating information. Former student in difficulty, I developed a method that allows to analyze any type of work, from classical to contemporary, without prior knowledge. I am specialized in the methodology of dissertation / dissertation according to the rules of the French University. (Construction of the plan, development of a common thread, layout etc.) Passionate, I also like to transmit the wonderful stories of the works during introductory courses in art history, artistic culture or guided tours of the museum. My classes are also convivial moments where we can talk about our personal interests, which allows me to direct my students to exhibitions, readings or events related to their subject. My goal is obviously to make my students autonomous, so I give them all the tools they need to know how to provide excellent work without being dependent on the particular teacher at the end of the year. My last students: - Zaïd: redoubling for the second time his degree in Visual Arts at the Sorbonne because of theoretical subjects, passed his exams successfully this year. He regained confidence and taste to study. -Claire: student at Boulle school in woodcarving redoubled because of his memory. I supervised him in the writing of his new dissertation mixing literary analysis, artistic and scientific discoveries. She validated it brilliantly. -Tian: 30 years old, Chinese student, had no knowledge of the history of Western art. After one year of private lessons, she was admitted to the GRETA School of Guides Speakers. -Aude: I guide Aude and her two teenage children in the big museums to discover the little stories behind each painting. From the Palais de Tokyo to the Louvre Museum I invent for them playful ways to apprehend the works. - Jacqueline: 94, had lost her good humor and was bored. For two years now, we meet every week for a moment of sharing and exchange around artistic themes chosen especially for her. It's a joy for everyone.
Art history · Drawing & sketching
Trusted teacher: Graduated with a degree in art and cinematography and an M1 in art curatorial studies. I am the eldest of a family of 4 children (from 17 to 10 years old), I have always helped my sisters and my brother with their homework when they needed it. I have been confronted for a long time with the different class levels (primary, college, high school). I have a literary baccalaureate, plastic arts specialty. I am passionate about culture, art. I am currently a student at the Traveling school in Mauguio. My goal is to advance the student remotely or at home and to allow him to better understand certain notions in French, literature and art. Doing the course at home improves contact and maintains a better relationship with the student. I will thus be able to better understand the student and develop the right techniques, which correspond to him, to work in the best conditions together and improve the understanding of the lessons. Each child and teenager is different and needs to develop their techniques to learn, remember and revise. The most important thing is to be able to carry out the required work. Sitting, standing, interacting by singing, playing, it doesn't matter as long as we understand each other in a supervised environment while achieving my educational goal. I like to be varied in my classes while capturing the maximum attention of the student by making him acquire notions by different means: written, oral, visual, manual. This allows me to find the best learning method for the student. The dialogue being very important in the lessons, I will not hesitate to take the time to explain, to ask if there is a need to redo certain exercises that the student would not have understood, to take up certain things in the lessons , ... My goal is for the student to learn, review things that have not been understood and to allow him to achieve a certain autonomy, while following him in his work.
French · Art history
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Initiation to Graphic Design, Visual communication skils (Jussy)
Marijena is very professional with great skills. She is an artist and knows how to transmit her passion. The classes are very serious and my son loves them. She has wonderful creativity and she guides my son with her insight
Painting and drawing classes and art history classes (Velp)
Great teacher with great communication and teaching skills and he just explained to me things that took me hours to learn by myself in 5 minutes!
Review by MOHD
Learn and improve to speak Italian with a real Florentine (Tunis)
My first class with Gemma was great- she's patient and personable and makes you feel at ease. Looking forward to more!
Review by THEA

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