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Fawzi - Rabat$24
Trusted teacher: I am an academic professor. Arabic is my mother tongue. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I give lessons in Arabic: language and communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral, so that everyone can speak fluently while avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain all my lessons to foreigners by webcam, because I am in Morocco, in Rabat. I present my courses in French, Arabic or Spanish, depending on your choice. During the session I explain the course that suits your needs. And there is also the option to create an open discussion so that you can speak fluently over time. And at the end of each session, I give "lessons" with "exercises" to do as homework to continue our accompaniment and increase your level. -------------------------------------------------- ------ Another opportunity: To those who are interested in discovering the Islamic religion or in understanding it and reading the Koran, I offer special sessions on; its Pillars, faith, etc. I do comparison studies between major religions, detecting the points of connection between them as well, while basing themselves on mutual respect. I can even share with you my screen to help you write in Arabic. (I have the SAMSUNG Tablet Galaxy Tab S4 with S Pen) - I leave you now with the five Pillars of Islam: 1- (Chahada): The attestation of faith of the existence and uniqueness of God and the prophecy of Muhammad. 2- (Salat): The five daily prayers. 3- (Zakat): The alms to the needy in the prescribed proportions according to its means. 4- (Assawm): The fast of the month of Ramadan which lasts from dawn to sunset. 5- (Al-hajj): The pilgrimage to Mecca which must be done at least once in his life, if the believer has the physical and material means. - I am available. -------------------------------------------------- ------ In Spanish: Clases particulares de árabe [ONLINE]: Expresión escrita y oral / Literatura y cultura Soy profesor y académico. Enseño árabe, lengua y comunicación desde 2012. Hablo árabe, francés, español, un poco inglés y un poco turco. El árabe es mi lengua madre. Explico mis lecciones in francés, árabe or en español, según su elección. During the session explained the lesson that was adapted to sus necesidades. También exists the opción de crear una discusión abierta para que pueda hablar con fluidz a lo largo del tiempo y evitar lagunas gramaticales. Y al final de cada sesión, doy "lecciones" con "ejercicios" para hacer como tarea para continuar con nuestro apoyo y aumentar su nivel.
Arabic · Religious studies · Religion & spirituality
Trusted teacher: مرحبا/Hi, My name is Abdul Majeed. I am an Arabic teacher. I am 26 and I have spent 10 years with Arabic language and Islamic sciences. That,s why I love to teach Quranic sciences and Standard Arabic languageالعربیة الفصحی My specialty in Arabic conversation, Arabic Grammer, Arabic literature. I can teach all subjects related to the Arabic language. I teach children and adults. I have good experience teaching children to keep them interested in the lesson. and attract their attention to learning. My vision is to spread Islam and the Arabic language in the whole world. I teach Arabic with an easy method. And by the grace of Allah solve the difficult topics such as there is no problem. I can teach you Tafseer and Fiqh by my native languages: Arabic, Urdu, and Pashto. I teach students as: - The child who have Arabic or Muslim family background or study Arabic subject in school. - Students who study Arabic at universities and want to speak it confidently and fluently. - Muslims who want to learn Arabic or improve it in order to be able to read and understand Qur’an and the other Islamic studies properly. - Non- Arabs who live in Arab countries and want to be able to deal with people in their daily life there. - Non-Arabs are surrounded by some Arab communities or friends and want to understand them and communicate with them in Arabic. - Travelers who go on a trip to one of the Arab countries and want to manage to speak some basic phrases. -Who works in the Arab world and want to be able to understand and deal with their client efficiently. - Arabic learners who are interested in learning Arabic or those who have learned it a long time ago and want to brush up on it. If you like to be fluent in the Arabic language So I love to teach you. yours sincerely Abdul Majeed
Trusted teacher: تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها فهم الثقافة العربية والاسلامية اهلا وسهلا بكم في صفحتنا Experienced lecturer / tutor / teacher of Arabic & Hebrew & German and intercultural training & coaching Islamic & Arab World + translator & interpreter (Arabic & German) with MBA in International Management Consulting & Diploma in Business Administration / Management Description - 34 years experienced tutor of modern Arabic and Hebrew & German + Intercultural Management for non-native speakers - Native speaker of MSA Modern Standard Arabic / Dialect of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Libanon - Diploma / BA in Business Administration (Management & Controlling) and Executive MBA in IMC International Management Consulting degrees from German & UK located universities - 34-year experience in the teaching of Arabic, Hebrew & German and Intercultural Competence at various German universities in the Frankfurt & Rhein-Main-Area : Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Darmstadt, Hochschule Rhein-Main Wiesbaden, University of Würzburg etc., - Based in Frankfurt am Main City, Hessen Germany What do I offer? - I offer one to one and group lessons in Arabic language. - I offer one to one and group lessons in German for non-native (arabs & muslims) speakers. - I offer lessons to university students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels - I provide Arabic / German / Arabic translation and interpreting in various areas (Media, marketing, business, etc).
Arabic · Tutoring · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: Français Professeur Natif d'Arabe Classique/Moderne standard (ou Dialecte égyptien) diplômé d'études Linguistiques de L'université du Caire,Egypte. Je donne des cours aux adultes aussi bien qu'aux enfants. Méthodology Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Professeur de langue arabe parfaitement trilingue, pédagogue et habitué à un public francophone, vous propose des cours personnalisés et de qualité. Les cours sont adressés à un public très large adults et enfants. Quelque soit vos objectifs (professionnels, tourisme, personnels...) et votre niveau(parfaitement débutant, faux début, intermédiaire ou avancé....) Mes cours sont diversifiés et souvent ludiques. Je m'adapte particulièrement aux besoins de chacun afin d'aider à atteindre les objectifs visés indépendamment du niveau. Avec moi, Résultats garantis! Je serais ravi de vous accompagner dans votre apprentissage. Parcours L'âge de mes élèves varie entre 7 et 70 ans et ils se sont tous améliorés depuis que je les accompagne dans l'apprentissage des langues. En plus, je donne des cours de Français aux élèves du primaire au lycée. 20 ans d'expérience en enseignement de la langue Arabe aux enfants et adults. (cours individuels et en groups) Je vous propose: - Des cours d'arabe moderne qui permettent de démarrer et de progresser, aussi bien à l'oral qu'à l'écrit. Passer au dialectal. - Un enseignement en Arabe intensif. - Améliorer la grammaire et l'Arabe à l'écrit. - Cours d'arabe: de base à avancé. Curriculum Vitae de Prof.Mohamed - Titulaire d''un bac mention littéraire au Caire,Egypte. - Titulaire d’un diplôme d’enseignement de langue arabe aux non-natifs, la Maison des sciences du langage arabe Faculty of Dar Al Uloom - C. Cairo, Université du Caire,Egypte. - L'obtention de suivant:- - Certificat en "Développement de l'adolescent" -Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes-France. - Certificat en "Enseigner avec les Serious Games" -Université de Montpellier-France. - Certificat en "Education par la recherche:Conversion numérique à l''école" - Univrsité Sorbonne Paris Cité-France. - Certificat en " Engager et habiliter - Comment devenir un mentor efficace pour les jeunes vulnérables " la Fondation Trillium de l'Ontario, Gouvernement d'Ontario-Canada. - Certificat en "Apprendre et enseigner avec les sciences Cognitives" -Direction des Ressources Humaines de l'Armée de Terre de France. - Certificat en " (K-12) Langue d'entrainement, Science du changement: comment améliorer rapidement le climat scolaire " - Institut de bien-être Education - EUA - Certificat en "Fondation de Psychologie" -Université de RMIT- Melbourne-Australie. - Certificat en "Enseignement d'alphabétisation avec et grâce à la technologie" Université de Boston-EUA - Certificat en "Education Préscolaire" avec mention Excellent - Gowrie Victoria - Australia. - Certificat en "l'intégration de la technologie dans la classe K-12" - de Perfectionnement Professionnel du Center d'Exploration de Nouveaux Professeurs - automne 2016. - Certificat en "Maîtrise 150 heures en Enseignement de l'Anglais comme une langue étrangère TEFL / (TESOL)" mention "A" -Global Formation de Langue" - Londres-Royaume Uni. - Certificat en "Enseigner La classe inversée" Université de Utah. EUA - Certificat en " Enseignement aux adultes: Pour les Nouveaux Enseignants " Collège technique Renton WA-EUA - Certificat en "Devenir un entraîneur confiant" mention "Excellent" - TAFE SA (Gouvernement du Sud Australie) - Certificat en "Devenir un éducateur dynamique 2015" - Center d'Excellence Préparation du 21ème. Siècle - Université de l'état Bowling Green, EUA LANGUES:- • Arabic: Langue maternelle • Français: Excellente maîtrise = (C1) = selon plusieurs instituts français, belges et suisses comme :- Institut français - Campus Langues -Ecole-club Migros- Altissia -Accent Français • Anglais: Excellente maîtrise -C1 • Allemand: Certificat d'aptitude à la communication d'allemand comme langue étrangère avec la note « Bien » - "Zdaf" { Zertifikat Deutsch als fremdsprache} • Espagnol: Bonne maîtrise –A2 LOISIRS :- Musique, Bricoler dans la maison, Aller dans les musées. Chaque leçon compred 1- Tous les matériels pédagogiques que j'utilise PDF. 2- Tout l'audio qui accompagne les documents écrits. Je me réserve le droit de rejeter tout étudiant qui n'est pas sérieux. English Classical Arabic (MSA) or Egyptian dialect (ECA) lessons BY WEBCAM. Course description Native Teacher of Standard Classical / Modern Arabic (or Egyptian Dialect) graduated in Linguistic Studies from Cairo University, Egypt. I teach adults as well as children. Methodology Hello everyone, Perfectly trilingual Arabic teacher, pedagogue and accustomed to an English & French-speaking audience, offers personalized and quality courses. The courses are aimed at a very large audience, adults and children. Whatever your objectives (professional, tourism, personal ...) and your level (perfectly beginner, false start, intermediate or advanced ...) My courses are diverse and often fun. I adapt particularly to the needs of each one in order to help achieve the targeted objectives regardless of the level. With me, Guaranteed results! I would be delighted to assist you in your learning. Background The ages of my students vary between 7 and 70 years old and they have all improved since I have been accompanying them in learning languages. In addition, I give French lessons to students from primary to high school. 20 years of experience teaching the Arabic language to children and adults. (individual and group lessons) I suggest: - Modern Arabic courses which allow you to start and progress, both orally and in writing. - Switch to dialect. - Intensive Arabic teaching. - Improve grammar and written Arabic. - Arabic lessons: basic to advanced. Mohamed's Curriculum Vitae - Holder of a literary baccalaureate in Cairo, Egypt. - Holder of a diploma in teaching the Arabic language to non-natives, the House of Arabic Language Sciences - Faculty of Dar Al Uloom - c. Cairo, Cairo University, Egypt. - Holder of the following :- =Certificate in "Foundation of Psychology". RMIT University-Melbourne- Australia. =Certificate in "Early Childhood Education" with "Excellent" grade - Gowrie Victoria - Australia. =Certificate in "Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom" from professional development in the New Teacher Center's Exploration -NY.USA =Certificate in "Teaching Adults: For New (And newish) Teachers" - Renton Technical College WA.- USA. =Certificate in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL / (TESOL)" Grade "A" 150 hour master -Global Language Training-London-United Kingdom. =Certificate in "Teaching Flipped" The University of Utah. USA =Certificate in "Teaching Adult Learners" with "Excellent" grade -Central Institute of Technology-Australia. =Certificate in "Becoming a Confident Trainer" with " Excellent " grade -TAFE SA (Government of South Australia) =Certificate in "Becoming a Dynamic Educator" - Center of Excellence 21st. Century Preparation -Bowling Green State University, USA. =Certificate in (K-12) Language of Caring, Science of Change: How to Rapidly Improve School Climate-The Institute of Wellness Education-USA. =Certificate in Teaching Literacy with and through technology-Boston University. USA =Certificate in Engaging and Empowering - How to Become an Effective Mentor for Vulnerable Youth- Ontario Trillium Foundation, Government of Ontario.Canada. = LANGUAGES: -ARABIC: Native speaker -FRENCH: Excellent command-(C1) = : According to several French, Swiss and Belgian institutes like: -Institut francais -Campus Langues -Ecole-club Migros- Altissia -Accent Français! - ENGLISH: Excellent command-C1 -GERMAN: Communication Skill-Certificate of German as a foreign language with grade "Good" - "Zdaf" {Zertifikat Deutsch als fremdsprache} - Goethe institute in Cairo. -SPANISH: Good command-A1 = Hobbies: Music, Tinkering around the house, Going to museums.
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Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Learn Arabic and Darija Learning ( Grammar, Communication and Writing ) Transcription included (Casablanca)
I booked my first Arabic initiation with Acine and I absolutely loved it. Acine was very accommodating with our first class. I had a last-minute delay, which resulted in starting the class later than scheduled. He reassured me that it was not an issue and he still managed to maintain the class. My learning experience was also great, he is truthfully the best private teacher I've had. He teaches efficiently, we viewed many subjects for a first class and it was also a fun moment. To sum up, Acine is not the regular teacher you would have at school, he is a great teacher who puts an emphasis on sharing a good moment with his student.
Review by ARTHUR
Arabic course - Literary Arabic or Lebanese dialect, oral and written (Brussels)
I was pleasantly surprised by how well prepared and professional Rim was. For the very first class, she had prepared extensive materials and resources to test my knowledge and understand my level. Then we made a plan together for how to continue learning based on my level and exact needs. I really like the fact that she first assessed my level and then personalised the course for the kind of learner I am and for my personal goals for wishing to learn Arabic. I can highly recommend Rim if you want to learn Arabic from a kind, patient and expert teacher who knows modern and advanced teaching methods.
Review by RYAN