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543 arabic teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Hi ! I am Moroccan of origin from Rabat (the capital of Morocco), a passionate academic professor, whose mother tongue is Darija (Moroccan dialect). I also have a mastery of French and Spanish. My goal is to help you master Arabic or Darija, both written and spoken, avoiding grammatical gaps. 🎯 Effective methodology: - I use effective teaching methods to help you progress quickly. My courses are tailored to your specific needs. - Sessions take place via webcam, allowing you to learn from anywhere. - You can choose the language in which I present my lessons: French, Arabic or Spanish. 🗣️ Communication and practice: - During our sessions, I will explain the essential concepts of the Arabic language or Darija. We will also have open discussions so you can practice and improve your speaking skills. - At the end of each session, I will give you exercises to do as homework. This will strengthen our support and allow you to increase your level. 🚀 Join me on an exciting journey into the world of Arabic or Darija! 🚀 -------------------------------------------------- ------ 🌟 Discovery of the Islamic Religion and Study of the Koran 🌟 If you are interested in the Islamic religion or if you want to better understand and read the Quran, I offer private sessions on the following subjects: 1. The Pillars of Islam: - We will explore the five fundamental pillars of the Islamic faith: profession of faith, prayer, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage. - You will discover their deep meaning and importance in the life of a Muslim. 2. Faith and Spirituality: - We will discuss the concepts of faith, belief in God (Allah) and spirituality in Islam. - You will learn how to cultivate a personal relationship with God and strengthen your faith. 3. Reading and Understanding the Quran: - We will study passages from the Quran, with emphasis on understanding the meaning and teachings. - You will discover the universal themes covered in the Quran and their relevance to our daily lives. 4. Comparison between the Great Religions: - I am also interested in the comparison between different religions. - We will detect points of connection between Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other religious traditions. - Our approach will be based on mutual respect and interfaith understanding. Please join me in exploring these fascinating topics! 📚🕌✨ -------------------------------------------------- ------ 🌟 Arabic or Darija classes: Learn how to speak fluently with an academic professor 🌟 📚 Sobre mí: Be an avid academic professor because my mother's language is Arabic. Furthermore, there is a dominion of French and Spanish. My object is to dominate Arabic both in writing and in oral expression, avoiding grammatical gaps. 🎯 Effective methodology: - Use effective teaching to help you progress quickly. Misclassified to suit your specific needs. - Sessions take place via webcam, where you can learn from any location. - You can choose the language in which it is presented: French, Arabic or Spanish. 🗣️ Communication and practice: - During our new sessions, you explained the essential concepts of Arabic. Also tender our discussions so that you can practice and improve your oral expression. - At the end of each session, you have been assigned ejercicios para hacer como tarea. This fortalecer will be our new companion and will allow you to increase your level. 🚀 I'm on an exciting journey through the Arab world! 🚀
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Description: Embark on an enriching linguistic adventure with Lana as your knowledgeable guide through the fascinating world of Arabic language and culture. Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to deepen your understanding of Arabic, this class offers an immersive and engaging learning experience for all levels. In "Arabic Language Journey with Lana," you'll dive into the rich tapestry of the Arabic language, from mastering essential vocabulary and pronunciation to understanding grammar concepts and conversational phrases. Lana's passion for Arabic and her expertise as a language instructor will empower you to navigate the complexities of this beautiful language with confidence and fluency. Throughout the class, Lana will lead interactive lessons that blend traditional teaching methods with modern techniques, making learning Arabic enjoyable and accessible for everyone. You'll engage in dynamic activities, practice speaking and listening skills, and receive personalized feedback to help you progress rapidly in your language journey. But this class isn't just about language—it's about cultural immersion, connection, and appreciation. Through discussions, multimedia resources, and cultural insights, Lana will introduce you to the rich heritage, traditions, and customs of Arabic-speaking communities around the world, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of Arab culture. What You'll Learn: Basic Arabic vocabulary and phrases for everyday communication Arabic alphabet and pronunciation rules Grammar essentials, including verb conjugation and sentence structure Practical language skills for travel, work, and social situations Cultural insights and etiquette tips for interacting with Arabic speakers Resources and strategies for continued learning and language proficiency Who Should Attend: Beginners with no prior knowledge of Arabic Language enthusiasts eager to explore a new language and culture Students seeking to fulfill language requirements or expand their linguistic skills Professionals interested in enhancing their cross-cultural communication skills Anyone curious about the beauty and complexity of the Arabic language and culture Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey through the Arabic language and culture with Lana as your expert guide. Reserve your spot today and take the first step toward fluency and cultural understanding!
Trusted teacher: Native Teacher of Standard Classical / Modern Arabic (or Egyptian Dialect) graduated in Linguistic Studies from Cairo University, Egypt. I teach adults as well as children. Methodology Hello everyone, Perfectly trilingual Arabic teacher, pedagogue and accustomed to a English & French-speaking audience, offers personalized and quality courses. The courses are aimed at a very large audience, adults and children. Whatever your objectives (professional, tourism, personal ...) and your level (perfectly beginner, false start, intermediate or advanced ...) My courses are diverse and often fun. I adapt particularly to the needs of each one in order to help achieve the targeted objectives regardless of the level. With me, Guaranteed results! I would be delighted to assist you in your learning. Background The ages of my students vary between 7 and 70 years old and they have all improved since I have been accompanying them in learning languages. In addition, I give French lessons to students from primary to high school. 20 years of experience teaching the Arabic language to children and adults. (individual and group lessons) I suggest: - Modern Arabic courses which allow you to start and progress, both orally and in writing. - Switch to dialect. - Intensive Arabic teaching. - Improve grammar and written Arabic. - Arabic lessons: basic to advanced. Mohamed's Curriculum Vitae - Holder of a literary baccalaureate in Cairo, Egypt. - Holder of a diploma in teaching the Arabic language to non-natives, the House of Arabic Language Sciences -كلية دار العلوم – ج.القاهرة , Cairo University, Egypt. - Holder of the following :- =Certificate in " Foundation of Psychology ". RMIT University-Melbourne- Australia. =Certificate in " Early Childhood Education " with " Excellent " grade - Gowrie Victoria – Australia. =Certificate in " Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom " from professional development in the New Teacher Center''s Exploration -NY.U.S.A. =Certificate in " Teaching Adults: For New (And newish) Teachers "- Renton Technical College WA.- USA. =Certificate in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL / (TESOL)" Grade "A" 150 hour master -Global Language Training-London-United Kingdom. =Certificate in "Teaching Flipped" The University of Utah. U.S.A. =Certificate in "Teaching Adult Learners" with " Excellent " grade –Central Institute of Technology-Australia. =Certificate in "Becoming a Confident Trainer" with " Excellent " grade -TAFE SA (Government of South Australia) =Certificate in "Becoming a Dynamic Educator" - Center of Excellence 21st. Century Preparation -Bowling Green State University, USA. =Certificate in (K-12) Language of Caring, Science of Change: How to Rapidly Improve School Climate-The Institute of Wellness Education-USA. =Certificate in Teaching Literacy with and through technology-Boston University. U.S.A. =Certificate in Engaging and Empowering - How to Become an Effective Mentor for Vulnerable Youth- Ontario Trillium Foundation , Government of Ontario.Canada. = LANGUAGES : -ARABIC: Native speaker -FRENCH: Excellent command-(C1) = : According to several French, Swiss and Belgian institutes like:-Institut francais –Campus Langues -Ecole-club Migros- Altissia -Accent Français! -ENGLISH: Excellent command-C1 -GERMAN: Communication Skill-Certificate of German as a foreign language with grade " Good "- "Zdaf" {Zertifikat Deutsch als fremdsprache}-Goethe institute in Cairo. -SPANISH: Good command-A1 = Hobbies : Music, Tinkering around the house, Going to museums.
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German courses for all levels at home or online (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
French as a foreign language course DALF exam preparation (Anderlecht)
Maria is a French teacher par excellence. Her knowledge of the language is formidable, which is essential to teaching it well. Moreover, she has the highest standards and committed to helping her students reach that level. She explains patiently difficult concepts totally in French, so students can improve their oral comprehension very quickly. She can spot and corrects the smallest of errors both in writing and speaking - that is extremely important for the beginner to improve. I spent four weeks with Maria intensively. It was a wonderful learning experience and my comprehension improved greatly. Without hesitation, I give her the highest possible recommendation. You will not go wrong with Maria.
Review by MADHAV
Learn Arabic one to one with a Native Arabic Speaker (Brussels)
Maram is one of the best Arabic teachers I've ever had the pleasure of studying with. Very intelligent, and is particularly good at anticipating the student's questions and interests. Strong knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, as well as Syrian and other dialects. Great personality that makes learning fun. Very flexible in accommodating student's interests; I can personally testify to her aptitude in discussing political materials at the advanced level. All in all, she has everything you might want in a tutor. I would highly recommend!
Review by NICK