Producer of electronic music of different styles offers to teach his knowledge: The goal is to master Ableton Live: - Set up your software - The interface - Session mode, arrangement mode - Audio routing and midi - Live's tools - Samples plugins and library - Important keyboard shortcuts Inspiration: - How to find inspiration - Two ways (at least) to put his ideas in Live Composition: - Create a template to start with all the necessary tools - Record audio in Live - MIDI controllers - Midi: compose in midday, use instruments and midi effects - Creative audio effects: Amp, Delay, Chorus, Beat Repeat, Filters ... - Audio techniques: Sampling, slice mode, warp and time stretch - The rack drums - Analog synthesis - Quantising, Humanization and Grooves Arrangement: - Save the live game of the session mode in the arrangement mode - Midi audio editing and automation - Markers and loop mode - Consistent and non-repetitive piece structure Mixing: - General about audio mixing - Acoustics and audio equipment - Workflow of the mixer - Dynamic and temporal audio effects in live - Flattening and panning - Subtractive and surgical equalization - The compression - The sidechain - The parallel mix - The Mid / Side - The sentence - The stereo space - The depth Mastering: - Generalities on audio mastering - Mastering workflow - Classic Mastering Chain - Gain staging and comparative listening

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Anthony est quelqu'un de très passionné et qui sais se mettre a la portée de son élève.... méthodes excellente.
Parfaite introduction. Un premier cours très satisfaisant. Je suis très content de mon choix. Anthony est un passionné et très ouvert.

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