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7 african studies teachers in Spain

Trusted teacher: I offer Social Sciences and qualitative research classes for university students in all levels. I have experience teaching and mentoring students at different levels of their academic formation. From classic social studies, to the most recent theoretical developments in Anthropology, Sociology, Political Sciences or History, I can guide you through the intricacies of social thought and research in a clear, motivated and exciting way. Who am I? A committed social scientist, MA and Ph.D in Anthropology, completed 4yrs post-Ph.D in political anthropology. I have conducted four different research projects, all of them focusing in southern African communities and dealing with an array of distinct topics (religious syncretism; memory and identity; local and state politics; literary practices; history making; power and authority). During my studies I have built a very consistent and broad theoretical and ethnographic knowledge, particularly, but not only, when it comes to the interdisciplinary field of African studies (a complex literature in which I feel very comfortable and able to navigate with full proficiency). I am a very experienced researcher (with more than 3 years of fieldwork experience in southern Africa), acquainted with all kinds of qualitative methods, from interviews, ritual analysis, archival work and social media research. I have much experience writing, assessing and tutoring research projects; peer-reviewing academic papers (including American Anthropology, Caderno de Estudos Africanos, among others); participating in thesis commission board; and as a university professor. Mentoring and teaching is truly my passion, and with a very consistent and mature knowledge of the literature you can expect a most precise, competent assistance. How do I work? * You have a specific topic to unravel: we will go to the button of it through an interdisciplinary genealogy of concepts and an attentive look to their uses in concrete situations. * You have an ongoing/finished paper: I will proofread your paper and offer you a logic schematics of your central argument. The idea is to first pull you out of the hurricane to identify its trajectory, and then push you back at its peaceful centre, were we can polish your ideas, cleaning unnecessary digressions and adding relevant data and literature. * You have/need a research project: I will read and comment your project in case you already have one and offer you with a schematic of the literature related with your topic so that we can identify relevant gaps in the literature. After doing that, we will consider your objectives and consider through pertinent questions for your research. * You are writing a thesis: I will first go through your research project and cross-check with you the actual results of your research. Once we have done that, we will analyse the nature and quality of your data, the span of the literature covered, chapters you might have already written, and, of course, the issues that excites you most. The idea is to identify where your strength is and what can be done do reinforce your arguments (more research, if possible; or literature review, if necessary). All this will be done with organizational support, helping you plan and schedule your writing with confidence, grace and, most importantly, no suffering!
Anthropology · African studies · Humanities
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Trusted teacher: I am Senegalese, Professor, Linguist and Wolof language specialist. Learn and speak Wolof easily with me. I offer individual and group lessons. My methodology is to base myself on the courses in a structural and clear way, accessible to my learners to give them quality teaching and a total understanding of the courses in a cordial and satisfying atmosphere. My method is very simple, I start by teaching you the most common and used words and expressions. Then slowly the formation of sentences, conjugation, grammar but also you how to pronounce each word well and know their positions in the sentence. Thanks to my very simple and effective teaching methodology, the student can manage to form sentences in Wolof very easily from our first lesson. I also want to inform my learners that apart from online courses, I organize language visits and tours in Senegal; for those who wish to travel in order to practice and discover Senegal with special packages. Je suis sénégalais , Professeur, Linguiste et Spécialiste de la langue wolof . Apprenez et parlez facilement le wolof avec moi. Je propose des cours individuels et collectifs. Ma méthodologie est de me baser sur les cours de manière structurelle et claire , accessible à mes apprenants pour leurs donner un enseignement de qualité et une compréhension totale des cours dans une atmosphère cordiale et satisfaisante. Ma méthode est très simple, je commence par vous apprendre les mots et les expressions les plus courants et les plus utilisés. Ensuite doucement la formation des phrases, la conjugaison, la grammaire mais aussi vous comment bien prononcer chaque mots et connaître leurs positions dans la phrase. Grâce à ma méthodologie d’enseignement très simple et efficace l’élève peut parvenir à former des phrases en wolof très facilement dès notre premier cours . Je tiens aussi à informer mes apprenants qu'en-dehors des cours en ligne, j'organise des visites linguistiques et tours au Senegal; pour ceux qui souhaitent voyager afin de pratiquer et découvrir le Sénégal avec des forfaits spéciaux. N’HÉSITEZ PAS À RÉSERVER DIRECTEMENT UN COURS AFIN QUE JE PUISSE VOUS EXPLIQUER ET VOUS INITIEZ À LA LANGUE WOLOF.
Teaching · Language arts · African studies
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Je suis sénégalais , Professeur, Linguiste et Spécialiste de la langue wolof . Apprenez et parlez facilement le wolof avec moi.
I had been looking for an online Wolof teacher for years and cannot believe that I have never come across Dembane before now!! He is very professional and his explanations are very clear. His classes are very well structured, exactly like how I was taught other languages such as French and Spanish at school. I am very happy with Dembane as a teacher and would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn Wolof.
Social Sciences and qualitative research for higher education (from bachelor to post-doc) (Evergem)
Josué Tomasini
Very nice and helpful, thank you
Review by MAYAN

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