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Opera lessons in Paris.

Find your perfect private opera tutor in Paris. Learn opera with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Bien-chanter et bien-être sont intimement liés. Savoir chanter requiert une grande souplesse vocale, un corps libre et maîtrisé et un travail rigoureux dans le plaisir et la détente. Débutant ou chanteur avancé, désireux de construire une technique vocale solide ou en quête de relaxation, je me propose de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs grâce à des outils techniques simples et ludiques, valables pour tous types de répertoire. Chaque session se décompose ainsi : -séance d'échauffement vocal par le biais d'une courte série d'exercices. -Travail du souffle et de la posture, maîtrise de la colonne d'air. -Étude des airs / chansons, sur un plan technique et stylistique. Une première rencontre d'évaluation / découverte nous permettra de mieux cerner votre voix (tessiture, niveau...) ainsi que vos objectifs. Chant Lyrique / Comédie Musicale / Chanson Possibilité de cours à domicile Paris et Ile de France Cette méthode convient aussi très bien aux jeunes enfants (dès 8 ans) A mon propos: Canadienne, deformation classique, 1er prix de chant lyrique, 1er prix d'interprétation du CNR de Saint-Maur des Fossées, B-Mus McGill college, j'ai étudié auprès de Mady Mesple, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne et Nicole Fallien auprès de qui j'ai développé ma passion de l'enseignement et de la transmission de l'Art du Chant. Je poursuis parallèlement une carrière de concertiste. Feel good, Sing well. Beautiful singing and well being are intimately related. Accomplished singing requires equally vocal flexibility, a free yet driven body as well as rigorous, yet pleasurable and relaxed work. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced student, eager to build and reinforce solid vocal skills or simply in search of some mind/body relaxation, I'll be accompanying you in the pursuit of your goals with technical yet simple and playful tools that work with all kind of musical genres. Each session will be divided as is: -vocal warm-up using a short set of exercises. -breath control and body posture, mastering column of air and pitch. -technical and stylistic arias/songs study. In our first session together, we will do a primary evaluation (tessitura, training level, etc...) and examine your goals. Lyrical and operatic singing / musicals/ pop songs. At home sessions ok for Dijon / Côte d'Or This method is highly appropriate for young children (8 years +) About me : Canadian, classically trained in CNR of Saint Maur des Fossées, I achieved first prize in Opera and Stage Performance. I also studied music at McGill college (B-Mus). Some of my most influential teachers were Mady Mesplé, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien. Nicole Fallien, who is still my voice coach has been detrimental in my passion for teaching and transmitting the great Art of Singing. In parallel to teaching, I pursue my own performing career.
Singing and voice courses for actors, beginner singers, experienced amateurs or professionals seeking to upgrade their vocal technique or a more in-depth artistic reflection on their voices and ways. Courses for professionals making intensive use of their voices. Who is the teacher? Graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in singing and music degree at the University of Guyana and Paris-IV, a young researcher with a passion for singing. I am of Brazilian origin, passionate about sung vocals, foreign languages, popular culture, exotic plants, astronomy, philosophy, international politics and starry nights and open spaces. I am a great geek who is interested in everything that is new, especially in music. Who are the courses for? * To find oneself, to regain one's self-esteem, one's voice and one's desire to sing: singers who seek to find their way through misguidedness (alumni of conservatoires, music schools and ensembles treated at a discount, misunderstood or despised ). The singers having experienced personal difficulties and who have difficulty to regain the taste of the song. Emotional, relaxed and personal approach that is very close to my heart. * To begin and to flourish: any person, children, adolescents and adults, who would like to sing and who do not know how to do (especially the shy or those with difficulty of expression / lack of confidence), any singer Professional) who need professional guidance to progress in their artistic project. * To improve, to push its limits: Beginning singers, experienced amateurs or professionals who want an upgrade, acquire new skills or have the follow-up of a professional who can give them an immediate return on their results. * To better manage diverse and varied voices: Choral conductors in distress who no longer know how to handle "all that". * New skills: for the actors in need of a vocal and artistic orientation that touches the voice (participation in the staging, construction of the characters). * To manage fatigue, improve its performance: teachers, religious, politicians, business leaders and other professionals making use of their voices in professional context. Availability, starting courses? I start classes at the second week of September. Availability is to be confirmed at the appropriate time. What is the duration and organization of the courses? I propose two models-types of courses: Individual and group. Individual lessons are intended for students who wish to work their voices in a peaceful, intensive and personalized way. It is an opportunity to discover and enjoy exclusive attention without having to manage other singers or adapt to their times or judgments. Group classes are suitable for children, singers with a common project, families, artists of the same ensemble or any other configuration that requires special and precise coordination. The courses can be organized around vocal technique (voice / singing lessons) and evolve towards an artistic project (amateur or professional) or oriented according to a pre-established project (coaching) where the vocal technique will take Less space than the directory or project. For any other configuration, let's discuss it. What is the course content and curriculum? * Postural work, psychological and emotional preparation for singing (being at ease with oneself, body and voice in front of the audience, learning to give and receive without fear), overcoming shyness. * Vocal technique (singing clear and with a beautiful voice without damaging vocal cords, vibes, sound power and tonal gain, chest voice, head voice, saturated voice), articulation, gain of power, ease and naturalness, Sound quality (change a sound too muffled / aired or nasal). Working on various voice positions, being able to adjust the sound according to the style or situation, understanding the physiological and acoustic aspects of vocal production (the role of the larynx, various types of breathing, support and placement Vocals, etc.). * Understand, reconstruct and transmit the acquired knowledge, master the vocabulary of voice and singing. Some styles and projects that the teacher is used to: (Songs with text, voice styles), creole-speaking varieties (biguines, zouk, Guyanese rhythms), Brazilian varieties (MPB, bossa nova, rock / Pop, folk music, brega, forró and amazonian styles). * Lyric song (baroque, classical, romantic, Lieder, opera, sacred concerts, Brazilian chamber songs). * Musical (American, Brazilian and French). * Theater (vocal projection, mastery of singing in theater, character construction, sound effects ...) * Artistic and professional follow-up for singers and composers (coaching during recordings, rehearsals, concerts and creative processes). * Preparation for competitions (BAC option music or TMD, Conservatories, Universities, Music Bachelor, CNSM and professional hearings). * Follow-up and vocal orientation within the framework of a professional activity (speeches, monologues, seminars in professional context). Where are the courses? What are we going to work on? Private lessons or small groups in Champigny-sur-Marne (near Dacia, Avenue Roger Salent), family atmosphere, microphone and amp (Shure 58A + Helicon enclosure) and digital piano (Yamaha P-85). Will it cost me? Courses elsewhere than in Champigny-sur-Marne? Depending on your project, I can travel in Val de Marne and Ile-de-France. Please note that I reserve the right not to take courses at home under inadequate course conditions. I do not wish 1) not to be treated with dignity as a teacher and artist; 2) noise nuisance; (3) traveling too long; 4) on-site waiting times; And (5) any request for services other than those I am proposing. I have to cancel or move courses! Let's talk about recoveries and refunds. I can move or reimburse courses if I am made aware 24 hours in advance. The last minute canceled courses or the unjustified absences will not be recovered or reimbursed under any pretext. I do not guarantee new niches to students who often cancel or move their niches. RER failures, road accidents, crashes from CRS and other unpredictable incidents are a whole other story ... I understand what can be understood ;-) I want to do more / less classes a week, I have a very specific project, I would like it to work otherwise, is it possible? Of course ! Let's talk about it, I'm interested in a lot of things. Can I fix it how? Courses must be paid in advance (reservation of slots). Yes. I accept the job-service checks. I am interested, I contact you how? If you are a salesperson, please contact my assistant manager in the Philippines, not me. I would like to come to see you without any commitment before making my decision, to discuss a little, I can? Of course! As allowed by my students, you can even watch one of the courses to see how I work.
Voice (music) · Opera · Singing
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Trusted teacher: I am an eclectic and curious musician, before all bassist.I am also composer and arranger. After a master's degree in sociology, I take the decision to train myself professionally; I returned simultaneously to the conservatory of Agen in jazz and the conservatory of Bordeaux in classical to learn the double bass. Then I validate in 2014 a Professional National Diploma of Musician at the Higher Pole Paris Boulogne Billancourt through training at the Music Center Didier Lockwood. I was trained retrospectively by Jean-Paul Macé, Kent Carter, Gilles Naturel, Marc-Michel Lebevillon, Cristian Diaz, Jean Michel Charbonel, Cristophe Dal-Sasso and Carine Bonnefoy. All these people have nourished my love and my passion for music, which remains for me a long way to explore in search of new knowledge. It is the diversity of cultures and the wealth of knowledge that drives me to continue to study all that is within my reach. I'm interested in jazz, classical music, Indian music, rock and electronic music ... I hate taboos and separations between the musical universes and I think that everyone gains to share his knowledge and its modes of operation. My way of thinking about learning music: I prefer to stay on a principle of pleasure and sharing specific to music. I find it important to adapt in order to nurture the motivation of the student, especially for young people with whom it is very important to have a playful approach. Too many students go unmotivated classes music schools or the conservatory; Which I practiced for 5 years (since despite my critics I still have a jazz conservatory prize and I followed the training to get the jazz DE which is a diploma of pedagogy). This implies learning the mechanisms based on improvisation, the understanding of chords, rhythm and melody. As far as the repertoire is concerned, I base myself on the culture of the students, after all they are the main concerned! So the choices of the pieces depend on the cravings and the tastes. The mode of learning therefore depends on the musical style tackled, for example I am not going to make music solfeggio to someone who wants to play AC / DC (unless he wishes) conversely a person who wants to tackle Jazz can hardly do without concepts about harmony. The aim of this approach is to develop the student's independence. The teacher is there to accompany the student at the beginning; He must not become a tutor who can sometimes transform himself over the years into a crutch! This is my way of seeing pedagogy!
Music theory · Double bass · Jazz music
Young student in Computer Science at the Faculty of Creteil, I propose to give courses in computer science office, namely Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and computer communication with software Adobe and Microsoft. Computers Office: _____________________ When it comes to desktop computing, the student will have the fundamental notions of applications, if necessary, then he will evolve from an intermediate level to an advanced level with a mastery of office tools for professional uses. - With Microsoft Word, students will be able to format a document containing images, shapes, tables and graphics; Manage advanced formatting, and be able to connect the Word document to a database to manage mailings. - With Microsoft Excel, students will be able to manipulate the basic functions, ie numerical operations, formatting tables, inserting graphics and connecting tables, and so on. The idea of ​​this course is to evolve the student from a beginner level to an intermediate level. - With Microsoft PowerPoint, students will be able to prepare good successful presentations in design and special effects, use of multimedia content in the presentations. If the student is strong enough, it will be introduced to the use of formidable tool for interactive entertainment creation, which is Adobe Flash, to make presentations extraordinary. Communication Computer graphics: _______________________ For graphic design courses, students will have a good introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Expression Design, which is relatively similar to Adobe Illustrator, but much easier than Adobe Illustrator. - With Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Expression Design, students will learn how to use different shaping and object creation tools, learn how to trace and vector images, how to use different chromatic profiles and different special effects, and so on. This course is designed to bring a student from a beginner level to an intermediate level (or rather advanced, but not thorough) - With Adobe Photoshop, students will learn how to use image and creative tools, understand the concept of layers, and understand how to manage chromatic profiles in different objects in the workspace. This course is really designed for beginners.
Computer graphics · Computer Science
Batteur pro est disponible pour des leçons privées. Tous les styles de musique!!!! Videos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90bRhtK7C_Q - PROMO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQR3S3O0SD0 - DRUM SOLO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b0wdET3dbk - LATIN TIME - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgVSW8QB8mQ - FREE DRUMMING - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ3F0_AA0T0 - JAZZ TIME - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5pLrsXcZmc - DOUBLE PEDAL Jazz/world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G-WCKUWSfE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0UdxMeMlE0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06gBTj3GWaE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ju5RvjoO4 Rock/Metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ncQVtOG3JE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwXGuaHz6HQ My projects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu4HLH7LNiA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LloziPkWsg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFul6RfxTNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYSbOpFpqw4 Passionate about percussion since the age of 6, Francesco Marzetti begins taking drum class at the age of 14. His first teacher is Vittorio Marinoni, then replaced by Stefano Bertoli. During the last few years, he plays in several Rock / Metal / Progressive groups in the area of Bergamo (Italy), improving different techniques and refining double pedal skills. Thanks to his mentor Stefano Bertoli, Francesco continues his studies and plays in various Funk/Latin/Fusion/Jazz groups. He also attends jazz music classes held by Tino Tracanna, Stefano Bertoli and Attilio Zanchi, as well as Sandro Gibellini and Sergio Orlandi, where he has the opportunity to improve his improvisation techniques and styles. His meetings with the Mexican artist Israel Varela and his passion for Latin Music, leads him to a full and complete understanding of the language of this specific music genre. Thanks to Maxx Furian, he also has the opportunity to refine his technique. Francesco is now working in cooperation with several groups, playing live music: Mind the Gap (Metalcore), Acid Frogs (Acid Jazz, Drum ‘n Bass, Electronic Music) and Latina Turner (Latin Jazz) as well as LigaStory (a cover tribute band to Luciano Ligabue, where he occasionally plays live with Max Cottafavi e Federico Poggipollini). He works as an independent teacher in Suonintorno School in Gorle, Bergamo (Italy). Recording studio collaboration with emerging artists allows Francesco to refine his studio techniques and sounds.
Jazz music · Drums
Trusted teacher: Tired of always consuming the same industrial beers with aseptic taste or of having to disburse a fortune for a craft beer? Do you want to learn how to produce the beer of your dreams with your own hands? You also want to perfect your knowledge in the different styles of beer and develop your ability to distinguish the different flavors of beer? Graduate of the DU in brewery operator of La Rochelle and brewer at home, I can help you! I- Beer Brewing Course I define in advance with you the number of hours you want to follow to learn how to brew. I adapt the course content to the time available. During the course we will discover the different ingredients of the beer and in what ways they influence the taste of the finished product, then we will look at the different stages of brewing: malting, brewing (interest in the transformation process of starch into Fermentable sugars), filtration, boiling and hopping, primary fermentation, custody and secondary fermentation, bottling. NB: This course is not intended to teach how to set up a brewing installation at home. Although general advice can be given as to the installation itself (different types of tanks, usable materials, etc.), the course focuses mainly on the brewing of the beer itself and The tasting of the finished product. II- Beer tasting courses For the tasting courses, I propose different modules of 2 hours each time. 5 to 7 beers will be tasted for each module (beers provided by me): - Discovery of beer and its aromas (history of beer, manufacturing process, beer in the world, tasting of different beer styles); - Brown beers; - Christmas beers; - Beer in France / Germany / Belgium / United Kingdom / United States / Canada.
Beer brewing
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(Paris) Cours de chant (lyrique ou non) pour débutants, amateurs et apprenti-chanteurs (Paris)
Très belle expérience ! J'ai offert un cours de chant lyrique surprise à ma mère comme cadeau d'anniversaire. A noté que ma mère est asthmatique et parle tout doucement. Le cours avait lieu chez moi. Maïlys a su transmettre sa passion et ma mère a pris beaucoup de plaisir dans cette exercice difficile. Elle compte maintenant prendre des cours pour poursuivre l'expérience. Un Grand merci à Maïlys pour cette énergie et cette ouverture ! Je recommande ses cours.
Review by M
Cours de chant tous styles et de français par professeure diplômée (Asnières-sur-Seine)
Profitant du peu de temps libre que m'ont laissé mes études, j'ai voulu avoir un aperçu de ce à quoi ressemblait un cours lyrique, et je n'ai pas été déçue ! Le contact avec Lauriane a été très bon, l'initiation très plaisante, instructive et intéressante ! Je recommande sans hésiter !
Review by EVA
Contrebasse, harmonie, arrangement (Montreuil-sur-Mer)
Très bon professeur, ambiance décontractée avec quelqu'un de très à l'écoute.
Review by ROMAIN