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Opera lessons in Paris.

Find your perfect private opera tutor in Paris.
Learn opera with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Opera lessons in Paris.

Find your perfect private opera tutor in Paris. Learn opera with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Bien-chanter et bien-être sont intimement liés. Savoir chanter requiert une grande souplesse vocale, un corps libre et maîtrisé et un travail rigoureux dans le plaisir et la détente. Débutant ou chanteur avancé, désireux de construire une technique vocale solide ou en quête de relaxation, je me propose de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs grâce à des outils techniques simples et ludiques, valables pour tous types de répertoire. Chaque session se décompose ainsi : -séance d'échauffement vocal par le biais d'une courte série d'exercices. -Travail du souffle et de la posture, maîtrise de la colonne d'air. -Étude des airs / chansons, sur un plan technique et stylistique. Une première rencontre d'évaluation / découverte nous permettra de mieux cerner votre voix (tessiture, niveau...) ainsi que vos objectifs. Chant Lyrique / Comédie Musicale / Chanson Possibilité de cours à domicile Paris et Ile de France Cette méthode convient aussi très bien aux jeunes enfants (dès 8 ans) A mon propos: Canadienne, deformation classique, 1er prix de chant lyrique, 1er prix d'interprétation du CNR de Saint-Maur des Fossées, B-Mus McGill college, j'ai étudié auprès de Mady Mesple, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne et Nicole Fallien auprès de qui j'ai développé ma passion de l'enseignement et de la transmission de l'Art du Chant. Je poursuis parallèlement une carrière de concertiste. Feel good, Sing well. Beautiful singing and well being are intimately related. Accomplished singing requires equally vocal flexibility, a free yet driven body as well as rigorous, yet pleasurable and relaxed work. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced student, eager to build and reinforce solid vocal skills or simply in search of some mind/body relaxation, I'll be accompanying you in the pursuit of your goals with technical yet simple and playful tools that work with all kind of musical genres. Each session will be divided as is: -vocal warm-up using a short set of exercises. -breath control and body posture, mastering column of air and pitch. -technical and stylistic arias/songs study. In our first session together, we will do a primary evaluation (tessitura, training level, etc...) and examine your goals. Lyrical and operatic singing / musicals/ pop songs. At home sessions ok for Dijon / Côte d'Or This method is highly appropriate for young children (8 years +) About me : Canadian, classically trained in CNR of Saint Maur des Fossées, I achieved first prize in Opera and Stage Performance. I also studied music at McGill college (B-Mus). Some of my most influential teachers were Mady Mesplé, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien. Nicole Fallien, who is still my voice coach has been detrimental in my passion for teaching and transmitting the great Art of Singing. In parallel to teaching, I pursue my own performing career.
Trusted teacher: Singing, choral singing and vocal coaching for actors, beginner singers, experienced amateurs or professionals looking for an upgrade to their vocal technique or a more in-depth artistic reflection on their voices and ways. Non-anxiogenic affective approach to vocal technique. Very special attention to the first knowledge (the foundations of the singing for the beginners), the vocal recuperation and the follow-up of actors, singers and any other professional making intensive use of his voice (including moms! 1. What is my training? Who am I ? Graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in singing and music degree at the University of Guyana and Paris-Sorbonne, a young Brazilian singer and researcher with a passion for singing. 2. Where do the courses take place? At my place, in Champigny-sur-Marne (week and weekend), Paris 7th (week) or at home (week and weekend) according to your request. 3. Hardware For voice: Professional Shure 58B microphone and Helicon Voice Solo FX150 amplifier (compatible with bass and guitars). Accompaniment: Electric piano Yamaha P-95 and harp (Derwent Adventurer or Camac Mélusine 38 strings). Recording: iRig tape recorder, Audacity software or Garage Band. 4. Singing lessons ... * For voice in theater, character creation, vocal-musical creations in the context of the stage. * To find oneself, to regain one's self-esteem, one's voice and one's desire to sing: singers who seek to regain their voices and paths following bad orientation (renewed confidence, reorganization of acquired skills). The singers having experienced personal difficulties and who have difficulty to regain the taste of the song. With an affective, non-anxiogenic and highly effective approach to technical skills, I can help you regain the taste of singing. * To begin and to flourish: any person, children, adolescents and adults, who want to sing and who do not know how to do (especially the shy or the people with difficulty of expression / lack of confidence), any singer Or professional) who need professional guidance to progress in their artistic project. * To improve, push its limits: Beginning singers, experienced amateurs or professionals who want a refresher, acquire new skills or have the follow up of a professional who can give them an immediate return on their results. Improve his range, seek serious, treble, tweak his technique. * To better manage diverse and varied voices: Choral conductors in distress who no longer know how to manage "all these voices". * New skills: for the actors in need of a vocal and artistic orientation that touches the voice (participation in the staging, construction of the characters, projection of the voice). * To manage fatigue, improve its performance: actors, teachers, religious, politicians, business leaders and other professionals making use of their voices in professional context. 5. What is the course content and curriculum? (Non-exhaustive list) Technical approaches: The old school of Italian lyrical singing (beloved), belting (musical comedy, gospel, rock 'n roll, RnB, varieties), bossa nova, (Middle Ages, Renaissance), various techniques of songs of varieties (vocal effects including the saturated voice of extreme metal, feathering, and others). * Positive work, psychological and emotional preparation for singing (being comfortable with oneself, body and voice in front of the audience, learning to give and receiving without fear), overcoming shyness. * Voice output: (singing clear and with a beautiful voice without damaging vocal cords, vibes, sound power and tessitura gain, chest voice, head voice, saturated voice), articulation, gain of power, ease and naturalness, Sound quality (change a sound too muffled / aired or nasal). * Voice placement: be able to adjust the sound according to the style or situation, understand the physiological and acoustic aspects of vocal production (the role of the larynx, various types of breathing, support and vocal placement, etc.). * Directory and context of the scene: Choose, build and rehearse well. Preparing auditions and admissions (musicals, professional choirs, conservatories and shows). 6. In today's music, what styles do I know best about vocal and repertoire? * Bossa nova; * Blues; * Musicals (Broadway, Brazil and some major French titles); * Dancehall; * Gospel (Brazil, USA, French Guiana, France); * Metal (Heavy, Speed ​​80's, Death, Doom 90's, Gotic); * Rock n 'roll (50's ~ 90's); * RnB; * Traditional (Celtic, Antillo-Guyanese, Brazilians); * Varieties (EUA, Brazil, Franco-French); * Zouk Antillo-Guyanese; 7. And if you have a very personalized project ... Discussions on this subject to find the right strategy for what you are looking for: whether you are singing alone or in a group, I can accompany you in your musical project, and help you find the best solutions for your vocal, artistic and even professional fulfillment.
Opera · Singing
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Concerted concert pianist and laureate of international competitions, leader of singing (this is the name we give to the repeters of the opera singers), also a graduate of philosophy and musicology: I try to propose a global method, which does not not content with a pure keyboard technique, but opens up the student's competence and sensitivity to musical analysis, harmony, repertoire, and all the musical culture that surrounds the piano! Possibility of 1h30 lessons including work on the instrument and theoretical work! Musical biography: Pianist born in 1989, he dedicates himself today to the work with the singers and the repertoire of chamber music. Former pupil of Hervé Billaut in advanced training at the CRR Lyon, he participated, at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, the class of Lied and Mélodie Jeff Cohen. He has performed at the Théâtre du Châtelet, at the Grand Salon des Invalides, at the Louvre Museum, at the Opéra de Lille, and has been a guest at the Larzac Chamber Music Festivals (alongside pianist Jean-Sébastien Dureau , cellists Valérie Aimard and Marie Bitloch, violinist Sarah Kapustin), concerts "Young Talents" Festivals Romantic Nights, Rendez-vous de Rochebonne ... In duet with the violinist Fiona Monbet, they won the Prix de chamber music with piano at the ISA (International Summer Academy) competition of the Vienna Conservatory (Universität für Musik und Dartellende Kunst), where they followed the masterclasses of Miguel Da Silva (quartet Ysaÿe), Jan Talich, Josef Kluson and Hatto Bayerle (Berg Quartet). They were also invited to the Villecroze Academy of Music to follow the masterclasses of pianist and conductor Ralf Gothoni. He is the Music Director of the Festival La Brèche, alongside pianist Susan Manoff, godmother of the festival, where we heard her with her privileged partners, the singers Elsa Dreisig and Eva Zaïcik - whose first CD produced by the Meyer Foundation, the CNSMDP, and dedicated to Mahler's Kindertotenlieder and Mussorgsky's Songs and Dances of Death, will be released this fall - or Marie Soubestre, with whom they have been engaged for two years on the recording of the Complete lyric of Hanns Eisler on poems by Bertolt Brecht ( A graduate in philosophy at Paris VIII University and in musicology at the CNSMDP, his interest in theater and the crossover with musical forms led him to work since 2011 with the theater ensemble Eventuel Hérisson Bleu, on their last two creations. He is also invited as a choirmaster for Emmanuelle Cordoliani's theater class at the CNSMDP, on their research residencies at the Royaumont Abbey, in recitals of melodies or opera productions, and since 2016 has been in charge of musical direction, with Fiona Monbet, from the company dedicated to the lyrical creation Miroirs Etendus. Their latest production, an adaptation of Berlioz's The Damnation of Faust, will be premiered in December 2017 at the Enghien Arts Center, and presented at the Opéra de Rouen, at the National Scene of Valenciennes "Le Phénix", at the Théâtre de Atheneum ...
Keyboard (music) · Music theory lessons · Piano
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name’s Nadege and I’m a young music teacher from Paris specialising in voice. My maternal languages are English, French and Spanish, and therefore I'm fully prepared to teach in any of the 3. Having taught English, Spanish and French languages and music separately in Paris, I’m now combining the three and offering private tuition for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and for all ages in any of the above languages. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to combine learning a language with the joy of learning to sing, and I cater to teach those with no experience in the language or music, as well as those who’d like to perfect their conversational abilitied and/or their singing. All my lessons are in the comfort of your own home. I currently work in several primary schools in Paris as a choral conductor, as well as teaching privately. I offer lessons in operatic and classical singing, as well as all other styles depending on what the student enjoys and prefers. The main goal of the lessons is that the student enjoys learning how to sing and making music. I recently graduated from the Cardiff University School of Music and the Paris 8 University as well, and have received my Bachelor of Music qualification two years ago from both these institutions. I currently study at the Maurice Ravel Conservatoire in Paris. My CV is available on request. I generally teach on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons, and on week day afternoons/evenings. I hope to hear from you all soon, Nadège
Music theory lessons · Children's music · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: I am an eclectic and curious musician, before any contrabassist. I am also a composer and arranger. After a master of sociology I make the decision to train myself professionally; I return simultaneously to the conservatory of Agen in jazz and conservatory of Bordeaux in classical to learn bass. Then, in 2014, I confirm a National Superior Professional Musician Diploma at the Pole Supérieur Paris Boulogne Billancourt through the training at the Didier Lockwood Music Center. I was trained retrospectively by Jean-Paul Macé, Kent Carter, Gilles Naturel, Marc-Michel Lebevillon, Cristian Diaz, Jean Michel Charbonel, Chris Jennings, Cristophe Dal-sasso, and Carine Bonnefoy (for writing). All these people have nourished my love and passion for music, which remains for me a long way to explore in search of new knowledge. It is the diversity of cultures and the wealth of knowledge that drives me to continue to study everything within my reach. I'm interested in jazz, classical music, Indian music, rock and electronic music ... I hate taboos and separations between the musical worlds and I think that everyone wins to share their knowledge and their modes of operation. My way of thinking about learning Music: I prefer to stay on a principle of pleasure and sharing specific to music. I find it important to adapt to feed the motivation of the student, especially for young people with whom it is very important to have a fun approach. Too many students leave demotivated classes of music schools or conservatory; that I practiced for 5 years (since despite my criticisms I still have a prize of jazz conservatory and I followed the training to obtain the DE of jazz which is a diploma of pedagogy). This involves learning the mechanisms based on improvisation, understanding chords, rhythm and melody. Regarding the repertoire I am based on the culture of the students, after all they are the main concerned! So the choices of the pieces depend on the desires and the tastes. The mode of learning depends on the musical style approached, for example I will not make music theory to someone who wants to play the AC / DC (unless he wishes) conversely a person who wants to address jazz can hardly do without notions about harmony. The purpose of this approach is to develop the independence of the student. The teacher is there to accompany the student at the beginning; he must not become a guardian who can sometimes be transformed over the years into a crutch! This is my way of seeing pedagogy!
Music theory lessons · Guitar · Double bass
Trusted teacher: Tired of always consuming the same industrial beers with aseptic taste or of having to disburse a fortune for a craft beer? Do you want to learn how to produce the beer of your dreams with your own hands? You also want to perfect your knowledge in the different styles of beer and develop your ability to distinguish the different flavors of beer? Graduate of the DU in brewery operator of La Rochelle and brewer at home, I can help you! I- Beer Brewing Course I define in advance with you the number of hours you want to follow to learn how to brew. I adapt the course content to the time available. During the course we will discover the different ingredients of the beer and in what ways they influence the taste of the finished product, then we will look at the different stages of brewing: malting, brewing (interest in the transformation process of starch into Fermentable sugars), filtration, boiling and hopping, primary fermentation, custody and secondary fermentation, bottling. NB: This course is not intended to teach how to set up a brewing installation at home. Although general advice can be given as to the installation itself (different types of tanks, usable materials, etc.), the course focuses mainly on the brewing of the beer itself and The tasting of the finished product. II- Beer tasting courses For the tasting courses, I propose different modules of 2 hours each time. 5 to 7 beers will be tasted for each module (beers provided by me): - Discovery of beer and its aromas (history of beer, manufacturing process, beer in the world, tasting of different beer styles); - Brown beers; - Christmas beers; - Beer in France / Germany / Belgium / United Kingdom / United States / Canada.
Beer brewing
Batteur pro est disponible pour des leçons privées. Tous les styles de musique!!!! Videos - - PROMO - - DRUM SOLO - - LATIN TIME - - FREE DRUMMING - - JAZZ TIME - - DOUBLE PEDAL Jazz/world Rock/Metal My projects Passionate about percussion since the age of 6, Francesco Marzetti begins taking drum class at the age of 14. His first teacher is Vittorio Marinoni, then replaced by Stefano Bertoli. During the last few years, he plays in several Rock / Metal / Progressive groups in the area of Bergamo (Italy), improving different techniques and refining double pedal skills. Thanks to his mentor Stefano Bertoli, Francesco continues his studies and plays in various Funk/Latin/Fusion/Jazz groups. He also attends jazz music classes held by Tino Tracanna, Stefano Bertoli and Attilio Zanchi, as well as Sandro Gibellini and Sergio Orlandi, where he has the opportunity to improve his improvisation techniques and styles. His meetings with the Mexican artist Israel Varela and his passion for Latin Music, leads him to a full and complete understanding of the language of this specific music genre. Thanks to Maxx Furian, he also has the opportunity to refine his technique. Francesco is now working in cooperation with several groups, playing live music: Mind the Gap (Metalcore), Acid Frogs (Acid Jazz, Drum ‘n Bass, Electronic Music) and Latina Turner (Latin Jazz) as well as LigaStory (a cover tribute band to Luciano Ligabue, where he occasionally plays live with Max Cottafavi e Federico Poggipollini). He works as an independent teacher in Suonintorno School in Gorle, Bergamo (Italy). Recording studio collaboration with emerging artists allows Francesco to refine his studio techniques and sounds.
Jazz music · Drums
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Cours de chant tous styles et de français par professeure diplômée (Asnières-sur-Seine)
Profitant du peu de temps libre que m'ont laissé mes études, j'ai voulu avoir un aperçu de ce à quoi ressemblait un cours lyrique, et je n'ai pas été déçue ! Le contact avec Lauriane a été très bon, l'initiation très plaisante, instructive et intéressante ! Je recommande sans hésiter !
Review by EVA
Cours de Musique, Contrebasse, Guitare, harmonie, arrangement. (Montreuil-sur-Mer)
Très bon professeur, ambiance décontractée avec quelqu'un de très à l'écoute.
Review by ROMAIN
Cours particuliers en maths-français-anglais-histoire (Paris)
Excellent teacher. Very pleased.
Review by SIMON