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English ESL Tutoring & Support Groups for International Women

Each class is personalized so that you are getting what you need and want from each lesson. We'll start off by reading something you're interested in. If you love reading books in your native language and would like to expand your passion to include English literature, look no further. If you simply want to better understand the global internet sphere, you're in luck.

We'll discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary and the literal meaning of the text. We'll continue to deepen your understanding of the reading. You'll be able to practice your command of English far beyond small talk. If necessary, we will do grammar drills and pronunciation drills.

Our goal is to get you having deep discussions about matters of the heart in English so you feel no language limitations at all here in the U.S. We'll practice your conversation skills with critical thinking exercises, personal exploration challenges and writing sessions with editing that seek to engage your mind, heart and soul.

We will help you refine your conversation, discussion, and writing abilities so that you are competent in communicating on all fronts. It is our hope that ESL is becomes a medium for even infinite personal growth and expansion. For this reason, each class is 2 hours long.


Other Notes:

We are conveniently located an 8 minute walk from the Fort Hamilton Parkway Station on the D line, and a 15 minute walk from the Church Avenue Station on the F line. Please take public transit or Uber, as parking is difficult around here.

Extra information

You are welcome to suggest or bring materials that interest you to study. We learn best when we have a personal investment in the material and it's relevant to our actual lives. Suggestions beyond typical textbooks and workbooks include novels, newspapers, magazines, internet publications, blog posts, Youtube clips, the comments section of said clips and posts, etc.


At teacher's location: 4019 h Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA

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General info


English as a second language (esl), English for adults, School


Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



90 minutes
120 minutes

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About Me

Over the course of my ESL teaching career, I have had the good fortune to watch many of my students go from 5 to 500 km/h in a very short time. This is the kind of mileage that cannot be attained solely through drilling, cognition, or even willpower. I have experienced the difference between a classroom that is perfunctorily listening to me with their minds, and students who are uninhibitedly listening with their hearts. When students understand that there is more to language than just grammar and memorization, they are almost always driven to surmount the technicalities to unlock what is spoken and written between the lines. When students can see reflections of themselves and their own memories and experiences in every new word presented, in every story we study, in each novel we analyze, in all concepts we examine, doors get flung wide open. Every facet of their learning experience starts to flow with greater momentum.

It begins with Seeing things in my students that perhaps nobody has ever recognized in them before, and letting them know in no uncertain terms that these qualities are special and worthy. Where words fail, there are other vehicles. The highest form of communication is not language, but Presence. A keystone for effectively teaching any language is embracing its massive global importance with simultaneous appreciation for where it’s not important at all.

I recognize the beauty of my students’ mistakes, the sincerity of their efforts, the value of their inquiries, the potency of their opinions, the grace in their conclusions, the dexterity in their discoveries. I use humor and play to spotlight the common threads that connect us all, like for example there’s a small part of all of us that wants to stay in bed on a cold winter morning or completely lose our minds when subjected to excessive triggers: They know that I know that they know that I know. Deep empathy delivered with a lightness of touch is the timeless foundation for unrelenting growth, the universal pursuit of knowledge and consummate self-actualization.


• University of Colorado at Boulder - Bachelor of Arts - May 2005
Major in Fine Arts with emphasis in Digital Writing • Minor in Environmental Biology
• TEFL 120-Hour Master Certification
• Healing Spirits Massage Training Program - October 2010
Holistic Communication: the practice of broadly recognizing what a student wants, needs, benefits from and struggles with, and orienting their learning experience accordingly. Through my education and lifetime commitment to advancement, I am adept at perceiving a student’s many layers, from how they present themselves outwardly to what is actually true within. The key concepts of personal ethics and personal boundaries are powerful tools which I use to facilitate students’ transformation from the superficially engaged to the holistically immersed.

Experience / Qualifications

• Bell Language School - Brooklyn, NY - English Teacher - 11/2018 - present
• Grammar instruction and positive mindset coaching for for adult students
• Polana Private Academy - Seoul, Cheongdam - English Teacher - 03/2015 - present
• 40 hrs/wk, 27-30 teaching hrs/wk, grades 1-8, small groups, various fluency levels:
• Literature-focused, critical analysis in discussion and writing.
• Foundations in vocabulary, oral presentation, creative writing, test prep, textbook drills,
non-fiction, listening, grammar and conversation.
• Exploration of literary and film themes, metaphors and their pertinence to real life.
• Guidance in finding value and personal relevance in all sides of any issue.
• Introduction of cognitive tools to make connections between ideas that seem unrelated
to the average observer. Encouragement of audacity to know that this ability is
the very cornerstone of wisdom and one’s capacity to serve the community.
• Cultivation of space for wild, uninhibited creativity that paradoxically heightens
students’ understanding and acceptance of appropriate boundaries and rules.
• Expansion of general and subtle language comprehension through characterization
and role play with stuffed animals.
• Establishment of a learning environment that is simultaneously academically
stringent and intentionally playful. Development of students’ ability to balance both polarities within them: Focus begets Freedom, and Freedom begets Focus.
• Continuous innovation of new ways to effectively manage classroom behavior and
sustain students’ motivation and morale.
• Encouragement of group collaboration where students learn interpersonal skills and
how to harness individual strengths to benefit the whole.
• Equal, if not greater, recognition of students’ ability to work independently, follow their own instincts, and take personal initiative.
• Valuation of not only good leadership and active output, but the need to balance it with
being a deep listener and effective receiver in all situations.
• Consistent celebration of students’ academic, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral
• Acknowledgment of every student’s humanity, that we are not robots, that errors are
valuable learning experiences. Coaching in how to override any preexisting shame patterns to access those lessons.
• Research and development of curriculum materials for all levels and grades, including
vocab quizzes, powerpoint presentations, grammar exercises, comprehension
questions, critical thinking questions, and essay topics.
• Tactical selection and composition of example scenarios, photos, videos, etc. to meet
students at their level of comprehension while also broadening their awareness
with contemporary interpretations of concepts they’re already familiar with.
• Verbling - Online English Teacher - 8/2014 - 2/2016
• FT/PT, 550+ total teaching hours, up to 30 hrs/wk on the Google Hangouts platform.
• Small groups of up to 10 students and individual tutoring.
• Instruction for adults and a few teens of all ages from almost every country in the world, with beginner to nearly native levels of fluency, in almost every profession, from almost all walks of life, with every goal for their studies imaginable.
• Exercise of tremendous freedom to design our curriculums, evolve our teaching styles
and attract students aligned with our individual approaches.
• Guided conversation classes centered on social, philosophical and spiritual
topics inspired by reading articles and novels passages together and the sharing
of personal experiences.
• Tutoring in resume building, business English and other day-to-day exchanges.
• Editing and creative writing workshops.
• Drilling in grammar, personalized pronunciation and intonation coaching.

• Symphonic Massage: Business Owner, Certified Bodywork Practitioner 11/2010 - 6/2014
• Bodywork Bistro: Certified Bodywork Practitioner 1/2011 - 6/2014
• Vertical Fusion Studio: Pole Dance Instructor 6/2011 - 4/2014
• Residential Supervisor, Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado 5/2008 - 10/2009
Supervised group therapy for adolescent psychiatric hospital patients.
• Residential Supervisor, Boulder Mental Health Partners 2/2006 - 12/2010
Supervised group therapy for adult mental health clients.
• Residential Wilderness Camp Counselor, Tanager Lodge 6/2002 - 8/2002
Supervised, cared for and coached children in sports, crafts and wilderness survival.

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10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00    
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00    
12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00  Wednesday at 12:00  Thursday at 12:00  Friday at 12:00    
13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00  Wednesday at 13:00  Thursday at 13:00  Friday at 13:00    
14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00    
15  Monday at 15:00  Tuesday at 15:00  Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00    
23  Monday at 23:00  Tuesday at 23:00  Wednesday at 23:00  Thursday at 23:00  Friday at 23:00    
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  • Instructor since January 2019

Availability of a typical week

10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00    
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00    
12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00  Wednesday at 12:00  Thursday at 12:00  Friday at 12:00    
13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00  Wednesday at 13:00  Thursday at 13:00  Friday at 13:00    
14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00    
15  Monday at 15:00  Tuesday at 15:00  Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00    
23  Monday at 23:00  Tuesday at 23:00  Wednesday at 23:00  Thursday at 23:00  Friday at 23:00    
from $33At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.



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English for professionals (refresher, fluency, conversation ...)
I offer you my services to make you truly performant oral / written in English. If you must use English as part of your professional activity and you do not feel comfortable ... If you're tired of being spotted right away like French ... If you do not know still not when to use the present perfect / the preterite .... I am here to help you. * Training linguist and author of textbook as such. => I am not a student in L1 who had a good grade in the Baccalaureate. I am a practicing, qualified teacher and holder of National Education. Teaching can not be improvised. This is something I feel I do well with 23 years of experience. I remind parents that to have 10/20 to the Baccalaureate, just have the level A2 (which is theoretically expected at the end of 3rd) so I let you imagine the despair of engineering students who must get at least 750 to the TOEIC! It's the equivalent of level B2!) * Daily monitoring possible via internet. * Each course gives rise to a detailed report. * In-depth knowledge of the European Framework. (A1 => C2) * Work of language activities. * Specialized in "phonology": intonation, word accent, links ... The grammar of the oral. * Adaptation to all levels: => College - High school: beginner, false beginner ... => Post-baccalaureate: TOEIC preparation, TOEFL, iELTS, Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced Certificate. => Oral and writings of the grandes écoles such as ENA => Oral and written business schools (Tremplin-Passerelle ...) => Engineering school: preparation for TOIEC.

ENGLISH all levels, all ages - Bordeaux and surroundings.
Trainer profession, bilingual, I lived more than 18 years in the British Isles where I taught. I teach English and / or French, TOFEL, TOEIC, BULATS, Trinity Cambridge Exams, etc. All levels, all ages! I also offer tutoring for your children in the comfort of your home! Telephone and videoconferencing classes also available. Teaching English and French, FLE to an audience of all nationalities. More than 18 years of experience in training and teaching. Holder of a license and perfectly bilingual. Open-minded, enthusiastic, sociable, responsible and very pedagogue. Great experience in Cambridge Trinity KET examinations, PET, FCE, Advanced, CELTA titles such as BULAT, TOFEL, TOEIC, etc. Graduate from Cambridge University in Advanced English and English / French Translation. I move to Bordeaux and surroundings (30 km around). See you soon! See you soon !

Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French
Hello, I offer courses for preparation of internship interviews for students of BTS Commercial, correction of students at the terminal level, preparation for the oral exam, Spanish classes and conferences on different concepts, school support for children, help with homework, grammar, vocabulary, writing, composition, conversation. Methodology according to the personality and needs of the students. Thank you Jenny

Learn English for all levels of experience from 'Hello' to 'Goodbye' and everything in-between
Hello, my name is Jack, a native English speaker originally from Manchester, England. I have experience teaching English as a second language both online to students in China.And in schools in Italy. I have a diploma in International Business Management from Northumbria University, and studied abroad in Sweden and Portugal and therefore know how important and daunting learning a language can be. I specialise in teaching English as a second language. My aim is to be the lessons fun and engaging. Depending on what you want to learn we can focus on grammar, sentence structure, building vocabulary of a particular topic or start at the basics learning phonics. If you would like support and tutoring on homework or topics you are studying in school I can support students with this and help them achieve in school. I can also teach Business English and help you prepare for a presentation or interview or help with your studies. My class would be perfect for either adults or children wanting to improve their oral and written English skills. Each class will be personalised to your needs and abilities with the first class used to evaluate your level and how we can best use further classes to improve your abilities and see results.

Spanish tuition: Language and communication
I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I teach Spanish: language, oral and written communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice.

American Native English Teacher - English Lessons for Children and Teenagers
Hello Students! My name is Sandra. I am a native English speaker from New York State. I have a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades 1-6) from State University of New York at Fredonia. I have been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to children ages 3-16 for 3 years. I also have experience teaching English to a group of adults, and 3 years of experience working in elementary schools in New York and international schools in Serbia. I can provide classes to children and teenagers. I can help with improvement of speaking, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing, grammar, etc. My aim is to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for my students. Assessments, progress reports, and additional homework can be provided to my students. For children or teenagers who need a tutor, I am available to help with test preparation, studying, homework, or further advancement in English. Vital learning tools I regularly use in my classroom for children include educational games, activities, songs, and storybooks. Visuals and interactive hands-on learning are important to encourage students to engage and actively participate in their learning. For children, each lesson is aimed towards learning a topic such as food, animals, sports, emotions, and more. I provide the learning activities for class such as the worksheets and games created by me. I incorporate reward charts with stickers and positive reinforcement as well. Based on my experience, I have learned to adjust my teaching style based on different students' needs, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities. I hope you can join my English lessons! I can provide my resume or reference letters if requested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Native Speaker: Business/General English: (Writing, Grammar, Speaking)
-Want to improve your English? Need help with an English homework assignment? Do you need to brush up your business/conversational English? If you are looking to improve your English in the professional field, or need help improving your general English, or help with your English class in school, I'd be happy to help! -I have experience teaching Business English and Conversational English with student levels ranging from beginners to advanced. Depending on the student's level, I may either recommend a course book or prepare a designated lesson plan tailored towards your need. -Furthermore, as a native speaker, I have a wide range of experience able to help you, or your child get to the level you want!

Course to Improve your English / Improve your French
Professional francophone, having lived 27 years in the USA proposes to help you to improve your English by sessions of practice of the language, a teaching based on the real use of the English and not his traditional teaching (literary and / scholastic) Native French speaking Belgian, having lived in the USA for 27 years can help you with a practical (versus litterary an / or scholastic) improven your Frenmch. Step by step conversations adapted to your points of interest.

Simin Tabassi
Improving your English (grammar, conversation, pronunciation, ...)
I have been teaching English language over the last twelve years. I have also a Master's degree in English language teaching. I teach all necessary skills you need to improve your English. Would you like to improve your English? I am happy to help!

ENGLISH course - become fluent in English, communicate in English without prejudice
Actor of formation having lived abroad (London and Toronto), I love English and I would like everyone to know how to speak it! There is indeed a delay in France with respect to English, which is remembered is spoken worldwide and is the first language of communication! And this comes mainly from the lack of confidence in the oral. That is why with you I will work above all on the ease and the confidence but also on the pronunciation and the rhythm.

English language courses from French to Spanish and from Italian
Effective teaching. Full of trick to be able to better master and better learn a language. A very good follow-up of the student as well as a lot of support and encouragement. The progress of learning depends largely on the student's motivation and the pace at which he feels most comfortable pursuing.

Language teacher (Fr.All.-Ang.-It.) Certified CELTA (Cambridge) with several years of experience abroad.
Hello, I am a language teacher, mainly English. Certified CELTA (from Cambridge), I have 6 years of teaching experience in all age and social categories. Whether for rehearsals or one-off courses, as well as for more regular monitoring, whatever the level, do not hesitate to let me know your needs.

Professional English taught by a Journalist, Native Speaker, and Editor
I am a native American English speaking instructor, editor, and journalist from Florida specializing in teaching, instruction, exam prep, and text correction for a wide range of professionals & students across Belgium. I am available to meet in both the Brussels and Leuven areas. Approaching from a true native's perspective, I instruct and assist with both educational and business English in a multi-faceted nature covering a wide range of areas including comprehension, conversation, grammar, and situational skills, in addition to working on general language skills and accent training. My past & present clients have included: professionals from all four major EU institutions, the Belgian government, the UNHCR, various NGOs, and musicians, journalists, engineers, as well as a variety of other professions in addition to traditional students. I have had over 35+ repeat students on Apprentus (which recently changed their algorithm to only display the last six months). As well, I have can provide extensive help and training with the EPSO, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. I have also written, edited or proofread a variety of academic papers, theses, applications, CVs, and other documents for numerous satisfied academic and professional clients. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life in the United States before completing a master's degree in Political Science and European Politics at KU Leuven. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of English grammar and literature, as well as current and past working experience in journalism (Anti-Competition Law and European Policy at the Policy and Regulatory Report) and both European and American politics. I have no problem meeting anywhere in Brussels or Leuven, or further afield within the region. I also handle correction of text, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting, with weekly and monthly rates possible. My transportation costs are included.

Spanish, English and Italian conversation classes. Latin-American teacher!
Hello everyone! My name is Ignacio but you can call me Nacho (like the Mexican food!). I am 33 years old. I am a native Spanish speaker from Latin-American (Argentina) who has arrived at Tokyo some months ago to do a Master in the Tokyo University. I am willing to teach Spanish, English or Italian to people from all ages. Some years ago, I lived two years in Rome, Italy. It was a fabulous experience! I love to teach different languages, is one of my passions. I am very happy here in Tokyo, every day discovering new places and things to do. Japan is an amazing country and I am fond of Japanese people. I offer conversation classes for English and grammar and conversation for Spanish and Italian. The duration could be 60, 90 or 120 minutes, is up to you. We can arrange to meet in a bar/cafeteria or in my place. I live in Adachi-ku, near Aoi Station (Tsukuba Express Line), but we can arrange to meet in a convenient place for both of us. My hobbies are football (sports in general), movies (Ghibli movies are the best!), traveling and listening jpop or jrock music. Do not hesitate to contact me! Bye!!

English courses for all levels for children and adults
University Teacher (MA) with over 10 years of experience teaching English language, I put at your disposal a know-how and methodologies of learning and teaching innovative and tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to ask for more information.