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40 social studies teachers in Harenkarspel

Courses: College/Business Mathematics, Introductory Statistics, Financial Management, Quantitative Methods and Accounting. For students pursuing higher education/ undergraduate studies at universities in areas such as Economics, accounting and other business related fields. College / Business Mathematics The tutorial sessions are structured to assist students master elementary mathematics / mathematical concepts, for persons pursuing business undergraduate study and who are required to study mathematical models in areas such as economics and the management sciences. Introductory Statistics The classes / tutorial sessions are designed to enable undergraduate students gain mastery of different concepts in relation to descriptive and inferential statistics and provide a solid foundation for further studies in research methods. Financial Management The tutorial sessions are designed to allow students at undergraduate level studying finance courses understand / master underlying concepts that form foundations in the theoretical framework of financial management. Quantitative Methods The tutorial sessions / classes are structured to enable undergraduate level business / management students gain a good understanding of introductory concepts to mathematical models and statistical analyzes that are used in quantitative techniques for business decision-making. Accounting Tutorials are geared towards students pursuing undergraduate level financial / managerial accounting courses enabling them to master the underlying concepts for advanced study in the area of accounting. Information on course / subject area topics to be taught, will be provided by lecturer.
Business accounting · Business administration · Social studies
Social studies · Nursing · Humanities
Dear High School Student, Graduate of an Economic and Social Baccalaureate in 2016 at the Leonardo da Vinci high school in Levallois-Perret, enriched with solid knowledge in the teaching of Economics and Social Sciences of the high school through a year of experience and follow-up About fifty students in Economics and Social Sciences on Superprof, I am able to provide you with quality and insightful courses in Economics and Social Sciences. I propose courses in Economical and Social Sciences instructive and enriched so that your progress in the discipline is quickly noticed. Thanks to my private lessons, you will have the best editorial methodology because it will be clever, rigorous and precise. The course carefully prepared by myself will be very clear, enriching and interesting for you to learn in the best conditions. By an interactional course, your curiosity and your reflection will be pushed to the maximum so that you carry a great interest in the economy and the sociology of the program of Premiere ES or Terminale ES with one single objective: your success in Economic and Social Sciences . I will bring you the will to have as well as learning techniques so that you have the best efficiency and the best productivity during revisions. My availability is reliable so that you can contact me when you need it at any time (7/7 and 24/24) to ask me questions in various topics or to be well advised by email or telephone interview in Economics and Social until your examination. My work methodology is unique and adapted to your needs by running my courses based on a theoretical-practical method. Three proposals for a working method will be proposed to you at the beginning of the session. I will be your coach so that you overcome your difficulties. Progress will be visible from the first class. My classes are personalized, by a training with exercises or subjects trays prepared by myself to guarantee your success in Economic and Social Sciences. I contributed to the success of several students including (Léo) in June 2018 in the test of Economics and Social Sciences at the ES baccalaureate who obtained the score of twenty out of twenty, by a good coaching. Customized support will be provided by the delivery of a structured course, accurate and simple, by methodological teaching aids rigorously designed by myself and additional knowledge of economic and sociological themes related to all chapters of the the 2018-2019 National Education Program of Première ES or Terminale ES of Economics and Social Sciences so that your understanding, your economic and sociological reflexivity and your success in Economic and Social Sciences are at the rendezvous. I offer quality service, which is rare nowadays and advantageous because I will receive you as a true customer from the beginning to the end. " The client is king " An impeccable accompaniment as well as a follow-up with yourself will be carried out so that you reach the excellence to see the perfection in Economic and Social Sciences.
Sociology · Social studies · Economics for students
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Mathematics and Science Tutor in Den Bosch (Netherlands) ('s-Hertogenbosch)
Our 7 year old son has had several lessons so far with Arif, and we have had a an excellent experience. We have been sharing the computer screen (using Zoom) with Arif as our son works through problems on Khan Academy. Arif has shown a lot of patience and a willingness to try and try again when our son is having trouble understanding a concept. The lessons have helped to motivate our son, and we are grateful to Arif for his help.
Review by RAYMOND
Classical and modern violin lessons. Musical language lessons. (Groningen)
the lessons are really helpful. I think Sara knows what she is doing and what to pay attention to, so I am sure that she can help me to improve my violin playing in the future!
Review by LEONARD