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French lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced

Dear students! Being a native French speaker, I would be more then happy to share with you my knowledge about French language and culture. Depending on your expectations, I can easily adapt to your needs and focus on your priorities (conversation, or grammar, or French culture, or anything else). I will do my best to make this course as enjoyable as possible so you can keep your motivation in learning French!
Courses can be done face to face or by Skype.


At teacher's location: Weissenbruchstraat, 2596 GD Den Haag, Pays-Bas
At student's location: Around Duinzigt, Netherlands
Online via webcam

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French for adults, Fsl, School


Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

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French, English, Russian

About Me

I am originally from the South of France, where the sun in shining and the sea is warm. I love my country, its culture, traditions, and people. But I also like traveling, discovering new landscapes, having new impressions, and meeting a variety of people.
I received a lot from those traveling, and now, I would be very happy to make people traveling to France during our lessons.


I graduated with a Master in Environment and Sustainable Development in Montreal. I was always really sensitive about ecological and social issues, and hoped, with these studies, to have a positive impact on the society and our environment.

Experience / Qualifications

I recently came back from a four-month trip in Georgia, Caucasus, where I volunteered in farms, hostels and restaurants in different corners of Georgia, in order to better discover the country, the culture, people, and learn from life.
Before that, aware of the climate changes and ecological issues, I joined the Zero Waste Association in Montreal in order to help organizing the first zero waste festival on the American continent. Recruitment, training and management of 100 volunteers were my main tasks before and during the festival.

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I think Fanny is a very good teacher and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn French. She is always well-prepared and is genuinely invested in your progress.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Learn to speak French fluently
EN Hello, I am a Belgian student doing a sabbatical year to improve my Dutch level (I am currently B2). So I know what it is to want to learn a language. I love teaching the beauties of the French language to people who are interested in it. The course I will give will be malleable (depending on what the person is looking for) but I personally find that once the basics are acquired, the best is to talk as much as possible! And that's great because I love talking! NL Hoi, ik ben een Belgische student die en een tussenjaar zit om mijn Nederlands te verbeteren (tegenwoordig heb ik een B2 level). From Ik weet wat I go to als jij een taal wilt leren. Ik hou van frans leren in ervaringen puts mensen te delen. From the curriculum die ik ga geven, zal heel flexibel zijn (Dat hangt er van af wat je wilt) maar ik vind dat het belangrijkste (na het leren van de basis) is gewoon praten! Ik zou graag willen dat jij frans kan leren door veel plezier te hebben. ENG Hi, I'm a Belgian student who does not know what to do. So I know how to learn foreign languages. I love teaching French in sharing my culture. The course that I'm going to be really modulated I think that the most important thing is to speak a lot!

Native French tutor for beginner to advanced students
I am a native French lady and I love to share my language to anyone who would like to learn it. I can support students from a beginner to advanced level. I am from France and I am aware that French language is not easy but it is very beautiful and I can promise to give you all the tool to handle well this language.

French Classes, Beginners to Advanced, with Native Speaker
I am a native French speaker with some experience in teaching French. I adapt to the student's needs and ambitions to propose flexible or intensive classes, for absolute beginners to advanced levels. I usually assign some homework after every lesson and will provide regular feedback on the progresses made. I am used to working with both adults and children. One to one or two people classes.

French tutor , native french speaker, Gratuated French littérature baccalaureate
French isn't an easy language. However, I have no words to describe what a beautiful language it is! I am french, and I am really passionate about this language. I graduated from a french literature baccalaureate and I would love to share my passion with you . I love working with children, but I am also really motivated to teach teenagers . you can contact me if you're interested and i ll give you an answer as fast as possible (I talk french and english only)

Learn or improve your French in a relaxed and creative way
Looking for a native French speaker to teach you or help you improve your French in a relaxed and easy manner? I am passionate about teaching in a creative way. I gave school support in French to students in High School for several years. I prefer to teach face to face, but I am also available on skype.

Learn the French language. Private lessons in French all levels
School teacher and teacher of FLE since 2008, having worked mainly abroad in the network of French international institutions or private high schools, I wish to use my rich and successful experience with a public of children, children and teens and adults eager to learn the French language and discover French culture. My method is simple and guarantees rapid progress: a lot of speaking by approaching a grammatical notion and integrating elements of phonetics and articulation, exercises of reinvestment in writing, various tools (authentic texts, videos, images to generate speech, dialogues, role plays ...) and progressive programming. I adapt my teaching to the needs of the learner, offering an individualized pedagogy. I am patient, caring, enthusiastic and the working atmosphere is studious but relaxed. I attach great importance to the relationship with my students and do not hesitate to question me if necessary.

Native French giving French lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced
I love my language, and would be happy to teach it to people who wants to learn it. I can adapt easily to the needs of each student, and do everything I can to make the course fun for you in order to keep your motivation in learning. According to your availability, we can do courses face to face or by skype. According to your level, I prefer teach the class in French, as I think it is more efficient for you. But if you are a beginner, I will do it first in English.

French classes and conversation for all level and age!
Salut! If you are looking for a motivational and enthusiastic French teacher, or for someone to have a conversation with in French, do homework or anything else I could help with, you're on the right add! I'm Adrien, native French studying a masters of law in Leiden/The Hague this year. I have 4 years of experience in giving French lessons for all levels, both to French and German students, to a wide range of people, from the primary school child struggling with his homework to the retired man who wants to improve his skills in a language I consider as one of the most beautiful in the world! Hope to hear from you soon, would be my pleasure to help you out! Adrien

French Lessons (Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronouncing, Spelling, Writing)
As a French native speaker I would be keen to teach French to young pupils and students. I can either help with French grammar, vocabulary, writing, spelling or pronouncing. For every class I will prepare exercises and during each lesson we will go over the exercises and solve them together. Since I have specialized in French literature in secondary school, I can also help with the methodology and structure of writing essays in French.

French lessons (any level) with a native - Cours de français
Hello ! I am a native French speaker (also fluent in English), with 5 years of teaching experience. I have a bachelor in French Litterature, and I have gave lessons to students (preparation for the baccalauréat) and to foreigners. I will adapt myself to any profile ! - French Litterature and culture - Reading and comprehension of extracts of novels, poetry, newspaper articles, ... - Grammar, syntax - Orthograph exercices (such as dictation) - Learn new vocabulary - Speaking : discussion, good pronunciation, intonation, reading aloud, ...

French lessons with native speaker, all levels, school support
Hello ! I am a french student from Avignon. I offer private french lessons in The Hague, whatever your objectives are and who you are ! For beginners or advanced, practice or school support, I will adapt my methods to your needs to give you a nice french experience !

Conversation classes in English and / or in French
I propose conversation classes for those who wish to improve their speaking skills in French or English, and become more fluent in one of these language. I believe that through speaking one can improve their fluidity in one language very efficiently! I am a native French speaker and study in English at the University.

French lessons given by a native french student in The Hague and Delft
Hello ! Hallo ! Bonjour ! I am a french student studying in the Hague. I have a lot of free time this year so I would like to use it to teach french to those who would like to discover the culture ! We can choose together what are the goals, for example: communicate with basics, making correct sentences to have a conversation, or specific vocabulary ! (For marketing, school, and other themes !) I can move to your place to give the class, but still can talk about it, I am flexible. Don't hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to meet you ! A bientôt !

Violin lesson, French lesson
I already have experience with teaching violin from young to older. I have been playing the violin for 13 years now and I am currently studying at Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatory. I like to share my passion with others and hopefully learn a lot from me. My goal is to challenge the student and be really motivated to improve. I live in The Hague myself. My violin training: 2005 Music School Rotterdam 2006 Hellendaal Institute, teacher Oktje Lambermont, Conservatory Rotterdam. Pupil Hellendaal Youth Orchestra 2007-2011 Beijing Conservatory, teacher Jan Tao. Pupil International Youth Orchestra Beijing, China 2011-2017 Royal Conservatory The Hague, School for Young Talent, teacher Kerstin Hoelen. Pupil of the Svjt. From 09.2011 externally and from 09.2014 internally until 08.2017 2017 lesson from Fernand Iaciu, Conservatory Lille I speak fluently Dutch, French and English. I hope to see you soon !

French and English Classes
Hi, I'm a French/American expat living in the Hague. I can offer French and English lessons for people willing to learn. I can do conversational French and written French.