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Trusted teacher: I study sports science and English as a teacher at the Humboldt University in Berlin and am currently writing my bachelor thesis. I offer English lessons as well as sports theory or practice from primary school to high school. I rather give German classes to elementary school students. For all subjects I would very much like to offer my help with exam preparation or homework. In English I would like to work with my student on tasks that improve vocabulary and grammatical understanding. I would also show how important it is to be able to speak English today, but also to bring up the history of the English language and its worldwide distribution to today's world language. Furthermore, I find it important to read texts together, analyze them and discuss the given topics in English, provided that the level of the students is sufficient. I give German classes mainly to elementary school students. Similar to English, I would support my students with their homework, prepare exams, try to enrich the vocabulary or also an understanding of the grammar. I am available as a teacher for sports theory but also for sports practice. I am writing my bachelor thesis in sports science. This offer may be more attractive for the upper level and the preparation for the Abitur exam in sports as well as for students at a sports school. For example, I would also meet the students on the sports field and practice the disciplines of athletics or gymnastics (in both sports I had a 1.7 in my practical exams at the HU).
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I am a qualified fitness coach in Hong Kong and have obtained the Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Certificate of Coaching (Level 2). I have worked in a fitness and wellness club in Hong Kong as a trainer for six years before I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my Physiotherapy degree at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Currently I am in my final year. I completed my four-month internship at Fitter Club Utrecht in January 2020, in which I provided trainings to individual clients and groups. For the comprehensive online coaching session, you will find everything you need. The tailor-made training programme will be set up before the first session, according to the goal and expectation of the client. The programme will be planned based on criteria such as: • Strength • Power • Hypertrophy • Muscular endurance • Weight loss • Low/High impact cardio • Yoga/Pilates • Rehabilitation The session will be fun and effective. The exercises could be different in every session, so you would not get bored with a repetitive routine. Most importantly, all your muscles will be activated and developed evenly. During the session, there will be clear and step-by-step demonstrations of each exercise at different angles, followed by detailed explanations. Then, I will monitor the movement carefully, giving supportive advice and hearing needs. The human body structure is complicated, yet it could be explained in an interesting way. I like to share my knowledge about physiotherapy with my clients in daily-life words, so they can understand better how the mechanism works but will not get frustrated with theories. “Why the knees should not be bended over the toes while doing squats?” “What is the difference between the Bicep curls and the Hammer curls?” These myths (or any special/rare questions) will be busted for you! Beside the exercises, more things can be covered: • Advice on choosing the suitable equipment • Alternative choices for equipment • Recommendations for the outfit • Safety precautions • Book recommendations The classes can be conducted in English or Chinese, the schedule can be flexibly arranged and the classes can be individual or in groups. Music can be put on according to clients’ needs, you just have to smile and shake your body! “Kenneth is a great personal trainer who is skillful, patient, professional and a nice guy as well. I highly recommend him as your online coach!” - Wibo “Kenneth is a personable personal trainer. He puts you in the spotlight. Kenneth is really focused on you performing with correct movement. I’ve experienced him coming back on an exercise from the week before: he looked things up, asked around; and came to the conclusion the start position had to be a little bit different. That’s what I like: he really gets into it. You are training performing at your best and getting the most results possible; that’s his focus. And he approaches it scientifically. Next to that: he is open and easy to talk to. He is an all-rounded nice guy, who gets things done.” -Joeri
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