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Trusted teacher: I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and currently I work as a post-doc researcher in aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft. I have ample experience in teaching all the courses related to Engineering such as mathematics (algebra, probability, calculus, differential equations, and advanced engineering mathematics), Mechanical engineering courses (Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of materials, Mechanical design, control, vibration, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Engineering drawing, etc), Physics (mechanics, electricity, light, waves, etc), CAD/CAM software (Autocad, Solidworks), and Mechanical design packages (ANSYS, ABAQUS, MATLAB, LS-DYNA). Not all the teachers are good at teaching Engineering and Mathematics courses and informing the students about the importance of what they are learning. That is why mathematical based engineering courses (such as Statics or Strength of Materials) are mostly boring for the students. The other problem that many students have with courses with strong mathematical background is that their mathematical basis is weak and therefore they cannot follow the course. I usually try to start my course from the basics and therefore actively engage as many students as possible in the class (even the weak ones). I also usually try to inform the students about the importance of what they are learning in the class by giving them some examples. This makes them more inspired and interested into what they are learning. If you have extra questions before starting a class, don't hesitate to ask me :)
Math · Mechanical engineering · Physics
Trusted teacher: Training: Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering | INSA Lyon September 2019- January 2023 ➢ Design, analysis of mechanical systems and sizing of machine elements ➢ Manufacturing processes and shaping for the design ➢ Dynamics of Mechanical Systems ➢ Mechanics of deformable solids ➢ Fluid mechanics ➢ Science and Engineering of Structural Materials ➢ Mathematics and Finite Element Method Bachelor of Science for Engineers | University of Aix Marseille September 2017- June 2019 ➢ Mechanical Engineering Stream ➢ Very Good Mention, Major de Promo Master Degree in Engineering | FIGURE Network September 2017- June 2019 ➢ Business management ➢ Management ➢ Economy Computer and Internet Certificate | University of Aix Marseille September 2017- June 2018 SCIENTIFIC Baccalaureate Diploma July 2017 ➢ Mention Good Experiences: Project Manager Engineer in accidentology | Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Since February 2021 ➢ Use a test database (subsystem and with complete vehicle) in order to improve and standardize the specifications between Renault and Nissan ➢ Define and capitalize the transfer functions between subsystem tests (test catapult "on seat) and vehicle synthesis tests (ie crash test on car) Active Member | PromoGM Association Since September 2019 ➢ Presentation of the department in different universities Employee | Google USA October 2018 ➢ Reader and assistant for the GOOGLE CLOUD test in English Languages: ➢ French: Bilingual ➢ Arabic: Bilingual ➢ English: Fluent (B2) ➢ German: Beginner (A2) ➢ Spanish: Beginner (A1) Skills: ➢Mechanics: AutoCad: 2D drawing, design mechanics, technical drawings SolidWorks, Catia, NX, Adams: CAD Rdrm6: bending, torsion…. Use of: 3D printer, Micro-milling machine, Micro-lathe, Parallel lathe, Universal milling machine ➢Electronics: Mplab: integrated development Isis, KiCad: draw circuits, print them and do their simulation. Micropascal: programmable controller and control of automatons. ➢ Computing: Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...) MATLAB: Programming language and environment. Programming languages: Pascal, Arduino, C, html Photoshop: image processing
Physics · Math · Mechanical engineering
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Tutor for Math, Physics, and Mechanical/Material Engineering courses (The Hague)
Reza helped me prepare for the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Physics Academic Test, revising and brushing up on my physics knowledge. Thanks to his assistance, I was able to pass the selection procedure with flying colours!
Review by ALEX
TUDelft Aerospace Engineering Bachelor Entry Exam and further preparation
Michał was very well prepared and extremely thorough with his teaching. He found a great balance between learning theory and taking time to apply the theory. Overall, an enjoyable experience.
Review by SHREYAS
Physics, Maths, mechanical engineering and electronics engineering (Kadoelen)
Thank you - great first session!
Review by HEIDI