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Recently Posted Private Classes

Computer science / computer lessons for all age groups
I have extensive knowledge and experience in the ICT sector in business and am therefore well grounded in both practical and theoretical terms I teach Computer Science in the lower and upper classes, so VMBO, HAVO, VWO and MBO. This can be on-line (ie remotely) or face-en-face

Khatchik Berg
Arithmetic and mathematics for primary school pupils
Is your child in primary school and does maths require tutoring? Does he think math is stupid? Turn me on! With fun and funny tricks and mnemonics, your child will quickly change his mind. Creating a good pedagogical climate and building a rich learning environment has always been my goal. I stimulate the students to autonomously discover themselves, to discuss together, to experience and to come to conclusions. My job is not to fill a barrel, but to light a fire. I am also constantly working to keep all students in the zone of closest development. In this way I constantly promote their development and growth.

Conversational English, essay writing and proofreading
Conversational English classes where you can practise with a native speaker. I can help you with fluency and articulation through call, video or in-person conversations. We can focus on different areas that you would like to improve in. I can also offer to proofread and help with English essays, reading and writing.

Electric Bass Lessons (Pop, Blues, Rock Funk & Jazz)
My name is Minas. I've worked as a professional musician since I finished high school, playing live with bands of different genres and recording original music with several groups. I've also toured with my band in Greece, northern Europe and the UK several times. I studied in a music high school and then continued with double bass classes in a local concervatory and then in the State Conservatory before moving to the Netherlands to continue my studies on electric bass. Here I continue to play in two bands, composing and recording original material. When teaching electric bass, my main target is for the student to understand the philosophy behind the bass and its role in a band. Certain techniques are explored and we focus on harmony, creating bass lines and playing solo. The lessons plan is shaped depending on the student's needs and interests.

Mathematics and Statistics at High School, University, and Standardised Test Level
I have over 4 years of experience tutoring Mathematics and Statistics at various levels - from grade 7 up to Masters level. I have tutored topics such as calculus, real analysis, numerical methods, linear algebra, and many more. I also have experience in tutoring for SATs, and have taken the general GRE myself (98th, 94th, and 82nd percentile for verbal, quantitative and writing sections respectively). I do my best to ensure that students feel comfortable and are unafraid to ask any questions that they may have. I like to focus on students' understanding, rather than just being able to answer exam or test questions, but do provide tips for test-taking.

Apprendre le Français: Mastering French at a conversational level
In my classes you get to learn and master your french through interactive activities including quizzes, discussions and analysis of texts, songs, and video content. You'll get to improve your french by engaging in discussion with me about themes that relate to the culture of french speaking countries, and also themes you might want to suggest. The aim is to get you to speak french at a conversational level so you can make your way through your holidays in french speaking countries, or with your french speaking friends or colleagues.

Vocal and/or piano lesson for beginners; Basic Music Theory
I'm a vocal jazz student at Conservatory and I can teach basics of piano and vocal skills for beginners :) My lessons focus on developing basic skills on piano and singing but also having fun and exploring the world of music. I also try to touch some ground with music theory if that's what interest you! Maybe you're already in music school, so I can always help you with homework etc. :)

Music & French horn: just for fun or preparation for the entrance examination - Conservatorium
Learn how to read a music score. Improve your musical knowledge. Train your ear. Learn how to compose. Find out how to improvise. Learn about the history of music from its beginnings to the present day. Learn how to play the French horn or improve your level. Read een muziekblad lezen. Verbeter uw muzikale kennis. Train je oor. Read make up. Ontdek hoe je kunt improviseren. Read meer over de geschiedenis van muziek vanaf het begin tot heden. Read hoorn spelen of verbeter uw niveau. Learn to read a music sheet. Improve your musical knowledge. Train your ear. Learn to compose. Find out how to improvise. Learn about the history of music from its beginnings to the present day. Learn to play the horn or improve your level.

Composition, Arrangement, music theory and ear training
A few topics are suggested for the interested students, Composition: have you always been interested in writing your own music or do you have a band and you want to write music for them? No matter you are a pop musician or a classical musician, During these lessons we will go through the everything you need from the basics till advanced such as, For pop artists: how to make interesting harmonies, instrumentation, how to write music for your songs, how to make interesting vocal lines, how to communicate through scores and etc. For classical composers: Instrumentation, orchestration, form, harmony, how to start, how to develop an idea, how to write it down, how to write from a very small ensemble or solo till a big orchestra, how to make a professional layout and etc. If you would like to enter a conservatory this course is highly recommended Arrangement: Are you interested in making arrangements for your own instrument or for your band? During this course you will learn how to make your arrangements sound unique and interesting, pleasing for performers and beautiful for audience, where to start, how to make a good balance, instrumentation, orchestration, Harmony and etc. Music theory and ear training: Would you like to have a better understanding of music? Would you like to be able to analyse music while listening? Would you like to develop your skills such as rhythm and solfeggio in the direction of becoming a strong musician with strong hearing skills? During this course we tackle all the matters you need such as melodic solefeggio, rhythms, dictations, harmonic hearing, formal analysis and such as. after finishing the course you can be a confident musician about your musical skills.

Singing lessons / Zangles (general or with focus on music theatre, classical and 'kleinkunst')
(For Dutch scroll down) Feel the urge to spread your musical talents outside of the bathroom? Bored with watching Netflix and looking for a new hobby? Or do you want to become a professional, and need help preparing for auditions? Good news! Coming December I will start giving individual singing lessons! Who I am? Hi! My name is Jobbe. Once upon a time, I was an aspiring academic, but longing for a more creative way to share my voice I started singing and quite I recently graduated form the Master of Music program direction Music Theatre. I know how arduous the artistic journey can be yet, we take it none the less, because we are all striving for this little moment of magic that arises when everything falls into place. For me, I saw this happening many times during a performance but also in coaching others and it gives me chills every time. And I would be honoured to help you pass on this little spark of magic to others! As I am only just starting with these individual lessons for a limited time they are available. From the technique and theory of singing to performative qualities and coaching, I can help! Together we can work to get your singing to the next level! So feel free to send me a message and I hope to hear from you soon! Wil je nu ook wel eens buiten de douche wil zingen? Zoek je een nieuwe hobby in deze tijden. Wil je verder in het vak? Dat treft want ik heb tijden beschikbaar om zanglessen te geven. Wie ben ik? Ik ben Jobbe, aangenaam! Recent afgestudeerd aan het conservatorium in tilburg in een Master of Music richting muziek theater. Mijn eigen focus ligt op musical, klassiek en kleinkunst repertoire, maar ik kan ook op andere genres coachen. Van techniek en theorie tot performance, alle facetten van het zangvak kan ik je bij helpen. Samen kunnen we werken om je zangkunsten naar een nieuw niveau te tillen! Dus schroom niet en stuur me vooral een berichtje! Hopelijk tot snel!

Aprende español en Ámsterdam. (Learn Spanish in Amsterdam)
Hi! I'm Lidia and I'm from Spain. I've been teaching music since 5 years ago and and I have taught both children and adults. I'm interested in continue giving lessons. Spanish is one of the most speaked languages and it's very beautiful to learn it. Don't be shy and take the opportunity of learn from one native speaker. We can practice for improve your conversation, your level... Is up to you the way we take. It's possible to have online lessons if you're interested or you can't come. If you're interested, I could exchange Spanish or Catalan lessons for Dutch lessons or any other.

Spanish Speaking Lessons-From Beginner to Advanced Level
Hello everyone, I have spoken 3 foreign languages ​​and I am literally an expert in learning it. In this opportunity, I will not only help you improve your Spanish skills, but I will also share my experiences on how to do it. However, I would be more than happy to share my Latin American experiences that will surely inspire you to want to learn this beautiful language with different dialectics. Hola a todos, He hablado 3 idiomas extranjeros y literalmente soy experto en aprenderlo. En esta oportunidad, no solo te ayudaré a mejorar tu habilidad en español, sino que también compartiré mis experiencias sobre cómo hacerlo. Sin embargo, estaría más que feliz de compartir mis experiencias latinoamericanas que seguramente te inspirarán a querer aprender este hermoso idioma con diferentes dialécticas.

Natuurkunde 2e, 3e, 4e en 5e klas van mavo, havo en vwo bijles en begeleiding
Heb je moeite met Natuurkunde op de middelbare school? Heb je hulp nodig bij het maken van je Natuurkunde sommen of het begrijpen van de stof? Dan kan ik je helpen zit je op de MAVO, HAVO of op het VWO kan ik je helpen met natuurkunde. Stuur me gerust een bericht als je een vraag hebt! Met vriendelijke groetjes, Valerie

Practicing English language skills (reading, writing, speaking)
Hey, curious learner! English is an important subject in all secondary schools. When learning it is difficult, I am here for you. English is my passion and I am currently in the second year of the study English language and culture at Utrecht University. I would like to help you in any area. Reading is always a big part (also for the final exam). But maybe you have a hard time during speaking tests ... In short, together we make a planning and make sure you feel comfortable enough to use the English language. I think it is important for a student that there is clarity and clarity. That is often one of the reasons why learning a language is difficult. Learning words is not a part of these lessons, but rather practicing difficult parts and connecting them with other language areas. Hope to see you soon!

Violin and music theory lessons for students of all ages!
Would you like to learn violin in a fun and relaxed atmosphere? My name is Gabriela, I have 12 years of experience as a performing violinist and started with my teaching practice 3 years ago. Music is a wonderful way of bringing joy and people together. My goal is to give you the tools to share it with the people around you. In this class you will learn the basics of violin technique such as the correct body posture, violin hold and the grip of the bow. In combination with violin, a introduction to music theory will also be taught! A personalized plan can be made for each student according to their own musical taste, this could range from classical, film, folk, pop music and others. Students of all ages are welcomed!

Oboe-Music Theory-Piano lessons from teaching certificated teacher and oboist in Limburg/Netherlands
Hello! I am Serol, from Istanbul/Turkey. I began my musical training at a very young age. I started to play the piano at age of five and at age of eleven I started my oboe education at the conservatory in Istanbul. I graduated at Istanbul University State Conservatory with first ranking degree. I moved to Netherlands to study my bachelor in oboe at Conservatorium Maastricht and I graduated from there with Distinction. In addition I also graduated from oboe with highest honor degree in London College of Music, with theory of music and piano as my side subjects. I have got the teaching certificate at Conservatorium Maastricht. I attended as teacher to Orlando Samenspel Cursus and gave lectures and masterclasses. Furthermore, I did my internship at Muziekschool Kumulus and gave lessons in there. Beside that I gave a workshop at Bruis Festival as a representer of Muziekschool Kumulus in the same year. I attended to Suzuki Method Teaching Workshop of Müge Eraydın Suzuki Education ABRSM Music School in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently I'm oboe teacher in UWC Maastricht. I performed with various orchestras as oboe soloist, most recently I performed as oboe soloist in a concert tour in multiple cities in the Netherlands. Beside Classical Music, I am also playing in a broad spectrum of genres, e.g. Jazz, Tango, film music etc. Students of every age are welcome to my Oboe Class. I can teach every genre of music such as playing movie music with oboe, playing oboe sonatas and concertos etc.. As an alumni of Conservatorium Maastricht, I am also willing to help students who would like to enter to conservatories and do auditions. ( As extra info: I attended in many oboe masterclasses which given by: Prof.Stefan Schilli, Prof. Emanuel Abbühl, Prof. David Walter, Prof. Jean Louis Capezzali, Prof. Lajos Lencses, Prof. Kai Frömbgen, Prof. Nick Deutsch, Prof. Jozsef Kiss, Prof. Ricardo Lopes, Prof. Marc Schaeferdiek, Prof. Ralph van Daal ; and baroque oboe and baroque music masterclasses given by: George Fritz, Robert de Bree/The Scroll Ensemble (improvisation in baroque music), Sandra Sinsch, Leyla Pinar. )

Piano (Classical, Jazz, Pop etc.) & music theory lessons for all ages/levels
Learning the Piano can be fun, especially when it is designed to meet your individual needs. Lessons are adapted to each student's preferences, based on their orientation and level, from beginners to advanced students. As a graduate classical pianist and also experienced Jazz musician (currently studying Jazz/Pop Piano in HKU), I can help you work your way around a variety of genres and repertoire in order to achieve your personal goals and express yourself through the art of playing the piano.

Languages are a very important tool nowadays! Thats why I am here to either beginning to learn it or improve what you already learnt... I am an International Journalism student majoring in English Literature living in Amsterdam however raised in Dublin Ireland but born in Madrid Spain!! I have been tutoring for 6 years now and have always done it freelanced however last year I taught English in a Language Academy in Madrid and was teaching for IELTS, the TOEFL and TOEIC tests, and the Cambridge English to people of all ages. Some evenings I also taught little kids starting from the age of 4 years old playing games doing arts and crafts at home etc Do not hesitate to contact me for free if you have any questions about anything!!

Piano lessons for all ages by Certified Teacher
Anyone who wants to learn to play the Piano or Keyboard is welcome in your Piano School. The piano lessons are given at my home in Alphen aan den Rijn on a Yamaha grand piano to children and adults ranging in age from 6 to 82 years. There is a keyboard available for keyboard lessons. I have been doing this with great pleasure for years! In addition to learning good piano technique and methodology, I also pay a lot of attention to developing musicality. Many turn out to be able to play more musically than was thought possible! You do not have to know the musical notation in advance, you can easily learn this during the piano lessons or keyboard lessons, so playfully. The piano lessons are adapted to the level and ambition of the students. My goal in general for my students is to get as much out of what is in it as possible in the shortest possible time. Naturally, it is individually adapted to each student's wishes and abilities. All this in a relaxed, positive atmosphere with humor. You can start at any level, from absolute beginner to very advanced. I have a Teaching Musician and Performing Musician (Piano Soloist) diploma at the Conservatory in Enschede and have decades of experience in teaching.

Violin lessons for passionate beginners in Amsterdam or Hilversum
Music brings people together and ensures that creativity is shared and multiplied. My violin lessons are there to better understand the instrument and yourself. The violin will become an extension of you that you can always fall back on. Step by step we will ensure the creation of the most beautiful sounds of you and your violin.

Harp lessons from beginners to advanced students near and around Amsterdam
Ik ben een net afgestudeerde harpiste en ben super enthousiast om mijn kennis de delen met andere leerlingen met een net zo grote liefde voor de harp als ik. Ik heb gestudeerd aan het conservatorium van Brussel, Londen, Milaan, en vervolgens Amsterdam, waar ik nu ook woon. Ook heb ik in Brussel een lerarenopleiding gevolgd, specifiek gericht op het lesgeven in kunstvakken. Hello, I'm Lisa, just graduated and very enthousiastic to share my musical knowledge with you. I have studied at conservatories in Brussels, London, Milan and Amsterdam and additonally followed a teacher diploma degree, so that I am fully qualified as a teacher.