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Trusted teacher: Welcome to my Unique Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program, where I will help you find peace, balance, and a renewed sense of well-being. My goal is to assist you in overcoming stress, anxiety, and panic attacks so that you can lead a happier and more fulfilling life. My coaching approach is unique and rooted in the belief that true healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore It's a perfect blend of Ancient and Modern practices to help you achieve your desired results. I understand that stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can be overwhelming and impact various aspects of your life. That's why I take a comprehensive and personalized approach to address the root causes and provide effective solutions. During our coaching sessions, I will carefully listen to your unique challenges and experiences, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share your feelings openly. *****Key features of our Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program: >> Personalized Assessment: Thorough assessment of your current health, lifestyle, and stress triggers to identify the specific areas that need attention. >> Tailored Action Plan: Based on the assessment, we will co-create a personalized action plan for you. This plan will include various holistic approaches, such as yoga, meditation, NLP, CBT, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, nutrition, exercise, and self-care routines. >> Stress Reduction Techniques: You will learn practical techniques to manage stress and anxiety effectively. These tools will empower you to handle challenging situations with calmness and clarity. >> Addressing Root Causes: My unique coaching methods focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of your stress and anxiety. By exploring underlying factors, I can better guide you toward sustainable healing. >> Building Resilience: My coaching is not just about reducing stress temporarily; I aim to help you build resilience and coping strategies to face future challenges confidently. >> Support and Accountability: Throughout the coaching process, I will provide continuous support and hold you accountable for implementing the changes needed to improve your well-being. >> Positive Mindset Cultivation: We'll work on cultivating a positive and empowered mindset, promoting self-compassion, and fostering a sense of self-awareness. >> Holistic Approach: My coaching takes into account your physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual alignment to achieve a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. My Unique Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program is suitable for anyone seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Whether you're struggling with everyday stressors, facing significant life changes, or dealing with recurring anxiety, my coaching will provide you with practical tools to manage your emotions and regain control over your life. Remember, you don't have to face stress and anxiety alone. I am here to support and guide you on your path to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Take the first step towards a brighter future by enrolling in my unique Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program today. Together, we can build a foundation for long-lasting well-being and happiness. ***PLEASE NOTE*** - I only work with serious people who are genuinely looking for solutions. - Don't join if you are looking for quick fixes, magic, or temporary cure.
Life coaching · Yoga · Nutrition
Trusted teacher: ¿Por qué la movilidad pélvica es importante? 🔆La movilidad pélvica es imprescindible para satisfacer las necesidades funcionales diarias más simples como puede ser caminar o subir escaleras. La pelvis es el centro de gravedad y el complejo óseo más grande del cuerpo humano. Es un punto de inserción de fuertes músculos: que conforman las cadenas musculares que tiene como punto de anclaje la pelvis. El acortamiento o sobre entrenamiento de algunas de ellas, por posturas o gesto deportivo, puede generar un desajuste en el sistema de tensegridad de la cintura pélvica y muchos problemas locales y adyacentes, desde descompensaciones musculares, dolor, problemas de salud a nivel visceral y muchos otros aspectos que no se tienen en cuenta 🧐 ✅Tienes que cuidar que tu pelvis esté en posición neutra, alineada en todo momento y en cualquier actividad que realices para que tu cuerpo no tome posturas erróneas por defecto y evitar tener problemas en su movilidad y en consecuencia otras disfunciones derivadas, como hernias, lumbalgias, problemas de suelo pélvico, etcétera. 📌El programa tiene como objetivo el trabajo de fortalecimiento, estiramiento y puesta en tensión de las cadenas musculares y el trabajo analítico del complejo de abductores, aductores, extensores y pelvitrocanterios. Todos estos elementos miofasciales determinan la posición pelviana y, al hacerlo, crean o limitan la libertad de la pelvis teniendo incidencia en los miembros inferiores y superiores. 🤗 Claro que no vamos a dejar de lado el resto del cuerpo❗️❗️😅 El abordaje del entrenamiento será individualizado, luego de una valoración corporal general y analítica. Basta ya de tantas molestias, dolores, libera las fascia superficial y profunda y revitaliza tu centro de energía. 🥰
Pilates · Fitness · Yoga
Trusted teacher: Yoga is an amazing tool I discovered over 10 years ago. With the help of yoga you will be able to release tensions and emotions that you have been carrying around with you for years. Subsequently, you will make space for new things to unfold in your body and Life! Don’t watch the process happen on other people but start today. I will guide you with body, mind and spirit into this practice with a lot of asanas. Some women will discover they can leave the medical pill box aside for relieving period cramps for example. Many claim to have found a solution for their anxiety, insomnia or depression. A mindful practice comes from your own input. As a 200 Hour yoga Teacher and 50 hour FlyHighYoga teachr I will be your guide and coach to embark on your journey with a variety of purposes - be it weight loss, toning, relieving stress, controlling emotions, going through a difficult phase in life, curing pain and symptoms, staying in shape, improving flexibility or practicing to become a professional.We will do different asanas in conjunction with the phases of the moon. I am an experienced and certified teacher with over 150 hours in teaching in studios and University facilities. I can teach one on one classes but also groups up to 50 people. My practice is dedicated and adapted to my students. I focus on getting the best out of everyone, mostly having fun and feeling great during and after class. Are you ready for this journey ? (Beginner, intermediate or advanced welcome) Pilates, Barre and other classes available with me on demand.
Yoga · Meditation · Fitness
Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and flowing style of yoga practice characterized by the synchronization of movement with the breath. The term "Vinyasa" comes from the Sanskrit words "vi", which means "in a special way", and "nyasa", which means "to place". In this context, it refers to the conscious and fluid placement of the body in different postures while following a rhythm of breathing. Course Description: The Vinyasa Yoga course is suitable for students of all levels. During the sessions, various sequences and postures will be explored in a practice that focuses on the mind-body connection and the cultivation of mindfulness. Course features: 1. Dynamic flow: The practice of Vinyasa Yoga is characterized by continuous and fluid movement between the postures. A series of movements and transitions are used that allow the practice to feel like a dance, taking the practitioner into a meditative state in motion. 2. Synchronization with the breath: Special attention is paid to conscious breathing and it is synchronized with each movement. Ujjayi breathing, a deep, controlled breathing technique, is commonly used to guide practice and encourage greater concentration and mental calm. 3. Creativity and variation: Each class can be unique, as Vinyasa Yoga instructors have the freedom to create creative and innovative sequences. This allows students to experience different forms of movement and physical challenges in each session. 4. Strength and flexibility: The practice of Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop strength, flexibility and balance in the body. The poses and sequences involve a wide range of movements that work all muscle groups. 5. Focus on Alignment: While creativity in sequencing is encouraged, instructors also make sure to provide clear guidance on proper alignment in each pose to prevent injury and improve practice over time. 6. Relaxation and Meditation: Although the practice can be physically challenging, time is also set aside for relaxation and meditation at the end of the class. This helps integrate the physical benefits with a sense of calm and mental well-being. The Vinyasa Yoga course is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a dynamic and rewarding experience, where they will be able to explore the potential of their body and mind through the harmonious and conscious flow of breath.
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Yoga & Meditation with an International Certified Teacher! (Arnö)
I had my first 90 minute Yoga lesson with Gaurav and it was exactly what i was looking for. He teached me the basic postures included breathing and chanting with a holistic approach. I really felt it was customized to my needs and personalized although online i felt the time flew by and he was carefully observing and teaching me. Very good energy and flow between the sequences. I can only recommend his class and will look forward working with him on my practice.
Japanese class for all levels and ages, for speaking and writing! (Leuven)
Excellent teacher, lessons prepared in advance with relevant material. The course are dynamic too (with different topics proposed). Noriko Sensei asks for feedback (e.g., content & difficulty of the lessons) and listens. Thank you :)
Review by PABLO
Yoga Sessions Online - Ashtang Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yogic Nutrition, Yogic Lifestyle, Spirituality
Dr Pooja
Excellent! Patient, clear, professional. Starts sessions on time and directly begins until the last min. Definitely recommend her!
Review by RO