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Recently Posted Private Classes

Accompagnement scolaire 1er et second degrés Math et Français
Bonjour, Je travaille depuis 30 ans avec des enfants, des adolescents, des adultes. Je dispose d'une boite à outils variée. Chaque personne est différente. Et il faut trouver la manière qui sera la plus confortable pour elle. Cela demande donc beaucoup d'écoute. Et c'est ce qui me passionne. Trouver la clé, propre à chacun, qui va déclencher la compréhension, puis la mémorisation d'une connaissance.

Jessica Daniela Peneda
French for all ages, spelling, conjugation
French lessons for all ages (spelling, conjugation, syntax) for young people/gymnasians/people whose mother tongue is not French. I give the course in French, however it is possible for me to give it in Portuguese, Italian or French.

Shekaina Glory
French and Portuguese tutoring class.Français facile.
Join our French and Portuguese class to embark on a linguistic journey through two of the world's most beautiful and expressive languages. Our class is designed for beginners and intermediate to expert learners, and will cover the fundamentals of both languages, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. In French, we'll explore the melodic sounds and romantic expressions of the language of love, while in Portuguese, we'll discover the rhythmic cadence and vibrant culture of Portugal and beyond. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and real-life conversations, you'll gain a deeper understanding of both languages and cultures, and develop the skills to communicate confidently and effectively. Whether you're interested in travel, culture, or simply want to challenge yourself, our French and Portuguese class is the perfect place to start your language learning adventure!"

Piano and music lessons for beginners all ages and levels welcome.
Any young person who wants to learn to play the piano/ singing lessons can get in touch. I currently have a digital piano but can travel within the Oxford area. Previously sing on a regular basis and also taught basic music lessons on the piano prior to moving to Oxford. Mobile no: 07774815137.

Débuter ou se perfectionner dans les domaines de l'art plastique et de l'art appliqué
Bonjour, À la suite d’études artistiques, notamment aux Beaux-arts de Paris, j'enseigne depuis 13 ans l'art plastique dans une école d'arts appliqués. Je souhaite développer mon expérience pédagogique en accompagnement de nouveaux étudiants désirant débuter ou se perfectionner dans les domaines de l'art (volume, sculpture, dessin, collage, photographie...). Je serais ravi de mettre en application mes connaissances et de partager une partie de ce que ma pratique m’a apportée.

Art Teacher, Oil pastel Water colouring, Drawing, Sketching, acrylic painting, Portrait sketching, Oil painting
I have 7 years of experience as Art Teacher and artist. Introduction to Painting Mediums in Art Education * Oil pastels, Sketching strokes, Watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, Techniques and Applications * Incorporating Traditional Paints in Modern Art Education I can teach the students to cultivate a deeper understanding of painting material and techniques I can provide a richer understanding of what painting is as students develop a truly positive learning experience.

Piano lessons with experienced Maestro: Join me :)
As a piano Maestro, who graduated with top grades from the Tchaikovsky conservatory in Italy ( and has attended advanced masterclasses, I offer piano lessons tailored to your level and goals. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, my lessons are designed to help you improve your technique, understand music theory, and develop your performance skills. If you want, I can also guide you though a rigorous conservatory study-plan :) Join me for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience that will enhance your piano playing abilities!

A Realistic Sketching Course (You Can Start with Just One Pencil)
Welcome to "A Realistic Sketching Course You Can Start with Just One Pencil"! This course is designed for artists of all levels who are eager to develop their realistic drawing skills using minimal supplies. With just a single pencil, you'll learn essential techniques to create detailed and lifelike sketches. Our lessons cover fundamental principles such as shading, perspective, and texture, enabling you to transform simple lines into stunning, realistic artwork. Join us and discover the incredible potential of your creativity, starting with the basics and building towards mastery.

Mathematics in All Levels for Preferably Kids English
I'm an Electronic Engineering graduate and I'm currently pursuing my Master's at Prague. I would love to teach Czech kids, mathematics in all levels, which I babysitted and taught other kids before. I have a high level of knowledge in numerical analysis, math problems, trigonometry and linear algebra.

Learn the basics of Dutch from a Dutch person!
I moved to Toulouse in 2022. Basically, I am an artist (filmmaker, photographer, writer). I have a great love for languages. My mother tongue is Dutch. With years of teaching experience, I would like to help you better master this difficult, but beautiful, language! We work in a calm and inviting way through immersion. It's a little difficult at first; but you will see that you will quickly lay the foundations that will allow you to continue to learn and grow. Of course, I adapt to your wishes.

Academic support for English, helps to learn the language.
Étudiante offers English lessons and academic support for children, adolescents and adults. I can help you with your homework, teach you English step by step, and even give you some tips for learning the language. I give lessons mainly via Skype or Discord.

French foreign language or high school level (6th grade)
(English below) French lessons for all levels, foreign language or school level. Work on written, oral expression, reading and listening. Fle, French for adults, School I offer personalized lessons adapted to the student's level and desired objectives. I mix playful and fun exercises, focusing my lessons on the student's interests, and more demanding repetition exercises (grammar, spelling, etc.). After the first lesson, we develop a plan together with tiered objectives. I am a Belgian university student in European studies (KUL). For 2 years I was a private French teacher for around fifteen students in an international school. I have always loved French, whether through literature (from Camus to Bottero) or writing articles for different university/school journals. What motivates me as a teacher/tutor is building relationships with my students and being proud of their progress and victories with them. --- French lessons for all levels, foreign language or secondary school level. Work on written and oral expression, reading and listening. I offer personalized lessons adapted to the student's level and objectives. I combine playful and fun exercises, focusing on the student's interests, with more demanding repetition exercises (grammar, spelling, etc.). After the first lesson, we work out a plan together with step-by-step objectives. I am a Belgian university student in European Studies (KUL). For 2 years I was a French tutor for around fifteen students in an international school. I've always loved French, whether through literature (from Camus to Bottero) or writing articles for various university/school newspapers. What motivates me as a teacher/tutor is building relationships with my students and being proud with them of their progress and victories.

English tutoring for all levels
I offer English lessons, a language that I use on a daily basis and where I have a C1 level. If you are interested in developing your level of English, you can do it with me. Whether in terms of grammar, exercises or discussion formats, I offer you a wide range of possibilities to progress as quickly as possible. I am a very good teacher and I have several experiences teaching children of all ages.

aprende a conversar español y entender facil y agradable
Hallo! Ben jij gepassioneerd door Spaans, wil je het leren of wil je jouw niveau naar een volgende stap brengen?☝️ U bent op de juiste plek! 😊🌟 Spaans is een fascinerende taal, gesproken door meer dan 480 miljoen inheemse mensen over de hele wereld en door meer dan 580 miljoen in totaal Het is na het Mandarijn Chinees de meest gesproken taal ter wereld. 🌍🗣️ Ik bied Spaanse lessen aan van niveau A1 tot C2. Mijn lessen zijn ontworpen om dynamisch, leuk en gericht op jouw specifieke behoeften te zijn. Mijn leer is communicatie met visuele hulpmiddelen en is gebaseerd op wat we als kind leren. 👧🧑‍🏫 Hier zijn enkele details: Ervaring en opleiding: Ik geef Spaanse lessen Lesmateriaal omdat mijn onderwijs visueel is en gericht op de communicatie met jou we zullen enkele korte video's hebben🎦 tekeningen 🌼🥘👫 wij zullen commentaar geven Ik zal de bladen voor elke klas voor je maken📄📄 als het de online les is Ik stuur ze naar je e-mailadres 📧 we zullen een test doen om samen je voortgang te zien💯 Communicatieve en persoonlijke aanpak naar jouw doelen 👔👥🏖️💘 Mijn lessen zijn gericht op effectieve communicatie en begrip op een dynamische manier⚡💬🎉 aangepaste tracking: U krijgt continue monitoring en kunt op elk moment al uw vragen oplossen 🔄💬 Enkele dingen waar u rekening mee moet houden voordat u boekt: Klasse mogelijkheden: Ik heb de mogelijkheid om je online lessen💻 te geven, vlakbij mijn huis ☕🏫 en bij jou thuis als er meer dan 2 👥 personen zijn ✋📈Je gaat veel leren en je komt snel in level omhoog Beschikbaarheid: Controleer mijn beschikbaarheid voordat u boekt📅🕐 Vooruit boeking: Reserveer je les minimaal 48 uur van tevoren⏰🙏 Annuleringsbeleid: Annuleer minimaal 40 uur van tevoren om de les te kunnen verzetten🚫 Wacht niet langer met het leren of verbeteren van je Spaans en bereik je doelen. 💪📈 Als je mijn lessen leuk vindt, zal ik je beoordelingen enorm waarderen! 🌟📝Ik kijk ernaar uit om je te helpen op je reis naar het beheersen van het Spaans! 💪🇪🇸 Spaanse lessen van niveau A1 tot C2 over mij Ik ben Colombiaan, ik heb in Spanje gewoond Ik kan je Spaans leren - Spaans uit Spanje en ook uit Zuid-Amerika Laten we uw avontuur in het Spaans onvergetelijk maken! 🚀🎉 Laten we Spaans spreken! 🗣️📚 Opleiding 🌟📝Ik kijk ernaar uit om je te helpen op je reis naar het beheersen van het Spaans! 💪🇪🇸 Spaanse lessen van niveau A1 tot C2 Leer van de eerste les, het leuk maken is mijn stijl! Ervaring/kwalificaties over mij Ik ben Colombiaan, ik heb in Spanje gewoond Ik kan je Spaans leren - Spaans uit Spanje en ook uit Zuid-Amerika Laten we uw avontuur in het Spaans onvergetelijk maken! 🚀🎉 Laten we Spaans spreken! 🗣️📚 ¡Hola! ¿Te apasiona el español ,quieres aprenderlo o quieres llevar tu nivel al siguiente escalón?☝️ ¡Estás en el lugar correcto! 😊🌟 El español es un idioma fascinante, hablado por más de 480 millones de personas nativas en todo el mundo y por más de 580 millones en total Es el segundo idioma más hablado del mundo después del chino mandarín. 🌍🗣️ Ofrezco clases de español desde nivel A1 hasta C2. Mis lecciones están diseñadas para ser dinámicas, divertidas y centradas en tus necesidades específicas. Mi enseñanza es comunicación con ayudas visuales y se basa en el aprendizaje que tenemos cuando somos niños. 👧🧑‍🏫 Aquí tienes algunos detalles: Experiencia y formación: Imparto clases de español Material didáctico al ser mi enseñanza visual y enfocada a comunicarte tendremos algunos vídeos cortos🎦 dibujos 🌼🥘👫 comentaremos te haré las hojas de cada clase📄📄 si es la clase online te las enviaré a tu email 📧 haremos un test para ver tu progreso juntos💯 Enfoque comunicativo y personalizado a tus objetivos 👔👥🏖️💘 mis clases se enfocan en la comunicación efectiva y la comprensión de manera dinámica⚡💬🎉 seguimiento personalizado: obtendrás seguimiento continuo y podrás resolver todas tus dudas en cualquier momento 🔄💬 Algunas cosas a tener en cuenta antes de reservar: Posibilidades de clases: Tengo posibilidades de darte clases online💻 , cerca de mi domicilio ☕🏫 y en tú domicilio si estan más de 2 👥 personas ✋📈 Vas a aprender mucho y subirás de nivel de manera veloz Disponibilidad: consulta mi disponibilidad antes de reservar📅🕐 antelación en la reserva: reserva tú clase con al menos 48 horas de antelación⏰🙏 Política de cancelación: Cancela con al menos 40 horas de antelación para poder reprogramar la clase🚫 No esperes más para aprender o mejorar tu español y alcanzar tus objetivos ¡Con mi ayuda, llegarás muy lejos! 💪📈 si te gustan mis clases ¡agradeceré mucho tus reseñas! 🌟📝¡Estoy deseando ayudarte en tu viaje para dominar el español! 💪🇪🇸 Clases de Español desde nivel A1 a C2 sobre mi soy colombiana vivía en España puedo enseñarte español - castellano de España y también de Suramérica ¡Hagamos que tu aventura en el español sea inolvidable! 🚀🎉 ¡Hablemos Español! 🗣️📚 Formación 🌟📝¡Estoy deseando ayudarte en tu viaje para dominar el español! 💪🇪🇸 Clases de Español desde nivel A1 a C2 aprende desde la primera clase , que sea divertido es mi estilo ! Experiencia / Calificaciones sobre mi soy colombiana vivía en España puedo enseñarte español - castellano de España y también de Suramérica ¡Hagamos que tu aventura en el español sea inolvidable! 🚀🎉 ¡Hablemos Español! 🗣️📚

Cours particuliers - TOTALE IMMERSION - Pour jeunes ou moins jeunes - AVEC ou SANS notions musicales ou de saxophone. Musicienne expérimentée transmet sa passion du saxophone . Cours particuliers personnalisés et adaptés en fonction de chacun ( temps à consacrer, expérience, souhaits, objectifs, affinités musicales ....) Evolution et progrès très rapides NOUVEAU : Location/achat saxophone

Private Violin Viola lesson for All age in Brussels
Hello! My name is Ryeongrin, and I offer violin and viola lessons. I graduated with a master's degree in violin LUCA arts school with excellent grades and am currently studying viola with outstanding results. With years of experience in both performance and teaching, I am dedicated to helping students reach their full musical potential. I respect each student's individual needs and goals, offering personalized lessons that enhance technical skills, musical expression, and confidence. I cover a wide range of topics, from violin and viola to music theory and interpretation, welcoming students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Join me on a musical journey and unlock your potential! If you're interested in lessons or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you grow musically. Thank you.

Katja Sydnie
Learning German A1-C3, grammar, speaking and spelling, pronunciation, reading and understanding, translation, proofreading, documents
Online learning only!!! Learning German seems to be difficult but if you are Learning about the culture, the grammar and the pronunciation it will be easy to understand and speak the language. From A1 to C2 at any level I will provide a plan for any occasion personalised to your needs to be successful. If it is for holiday travelling abroad or school or business I can provide all for you. Interested in learning the lyrics and the meaning of rammstein also no problem at all. Learning about German culture alongside learning the language. 60% of vocabulary is already the same as the English language and I will teach you how to pronounce these words. I was born in Germany and moved to the UK when I was 30 years old. I grew up bilingual with my German dad and my English mother. Teaching my two daughters both languages with ease. Now I am studying Linguistics in German and English to make it official and to back up my knowledge with a title. Come and join my class.

The Arabic language and its rules, culture and the Moroccan dialect.
Arabic is an important language in this era for communication, work and travel as well, because there are several countries in the world that speak Arabic, so it must be learned. Especially if you think about traveling to Morocco and getting to know its vast and different culture in its different regions. I would be happy to help you learn this wonderful language with joy, as well as discover Moroccan culture and its beauty.

School support/Private lessons for primary and secondary schools - French - Humanities / Economic and social sciences / Maths
Many students need personalized help to make progress in certain subjects. I have the knowledge as well as the teaching skills to enable your child to progress and even, yes it is possible, to enjoy learning. I know how to talk to young people, I am very patient and I have a real desire to help children and young people progress. I can help with the preparation of exams up to the rhetoric level in French and economic and social sciences. For mathematics, I can help up to secondary school. I can also support your child in other subjects since I have followed multidisciplinary studies and have mastered a large number of subjects. I adapt to the needs of each student and offer personalized support to monitor the work carried out and check that the results agree with the educational objectives set at the start of the support work. For each lesson or academic support session I allow one hour of preparation, which explains the hourly rate.

French conversation avec Gilles: don't be lost in translation!
Do you want to practice more spoken French with a native speaker? I'm here to help! You have some basic French skills but feel lost in translation when it comes to everyday life? Having experience in teaching conversational French for more than two years, I have developed more than 50 topics in everyday life for discussion that suit from beginners to advanced level. Throughout the course, you will expand new vocabularies for working and living in Belgium, learn common phrases in different situation and deepen your knowledge of Belgian culture. At the end of each sessions, I will show you where to improve on lexis or pronunciations and explain grammar points if necessary. Disclaimer: my conversation class being based on talking, if you're a true beginner, I would recommend you to start with a dedicated teacher who will start from zero with you.

Aide aux devoirs - Accompagnement individualisé - Méthodologie
Professeure des écoles diplômée et expérimentée en France, je suis dans l'attente d'équivalence pour la Suisse. J'ai enseigné durant 7 ans, de la classe enfantine au primaire et certaines années avec des élèves présentant des troubles autistiques. Je saurai vous aiguiller ou votre enfant lors des apprentissages, consolider ses acquis, lui apprendre de nouvelles méthodologies et lui donner les clés de la réussite. Mon objectif est de consolider ses connaissances, lui (re)donner goût à l'école et aux apprentissages. Je suis convaincue que l'on peut apprendre en s'amusant !