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Recently Posted Private Classes

Native Spanish tutoring for English Speaking Students
As one of the most spoken languages in the world, learning Spanish from an early age can allow children not just to ease into the grammar and spelling but also adapt to correct pronunciation. Being billingual from a personal experience has opened me a tremendous amount of opportunities. From hospitality jobs to work experience abroad. Learning Spanish will also aid in the learning of other languages such as French or Italian. During my IGCSE's, I achieved a Grade of A* (96%), and most of it I attribute to my already fluent level in Spanish. Classes will follow a progressive increase in level and challenge. My first class will be analysing their current level and how easy the student grasps the language, and from there set weekly goals for them to reach. My priority is for them to learn as much as possible the accent and correct pronunciation of the words, followed then by learning of sentence structure.

Sandra Rodriguez
Spanish teacher, reading, speaking and writing. Native.
Hello! Im Sandra, spanish, with a passion for cultures and to help the communication between them. If you search to learn, to improve and to understand spanish im your teacher in the region! We can talk and see your preferences in the first meeting.

Tutoría de francés en toda la ciudad de panamá y el mundo en linea
Ofrezco tutoría de francés de todo los niveles para alumnos de primaria, pre-media, media y para todas las personas interesada en la lengua de "Molière" . Mi metodología consiste en adaptarme a tus objetivos de aprendizaje para ayudarte. En cuanto a los estudiantes, además del apoyo a las tareas, les brindo técnicas y estrategias de pronunciación, la fonética, los verbos (1°, 2° y 3° grupo) entre otros. Para las personas interesadas en el idioma hago un diagnostico para detectar en que nivel debemos empezar y qué debemos reforzar de la compresión oral, escrita que implican (hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir) Te invito a programar tu clase conmigo hablándome por qué quieres aprender el francés.

Language course - English and Dutch (All levels) - Liège center and Webcam
Graduated with a Master's degree in Germanic Languages and Letters from the University of Antwerp, I offer you my services within the framework of language courses, in English and/or Dutch. These courses are individual and centered on the needs of the student, whatever his level. Patience and pleasant learning are what are most important to me when I teach.

LEARN SPANISH WITH ME! :) Learn Spanish with me! :)
Hello! My name is Marina and I am 26 years old. I have come to Monthey a few days ago "for love". I have studied Journalism and I have worked in a Spanish television channel. I have always been passionate about writing; Since I was very little I have participated in an infinity of literature contests. Also, I love cooking and I know English perfectly. If you want to learn English with me, we will do it in a didactic and fun way. Thanks for reading me! Bonjour! Je m'appelle Marina et j'ai 26 ans. I suis arrivé à Monthey il ya quelques jours "par amour". J'ai étudié le journalisme et j'ai travaillé dans une chaine de télévision espagnole. J'ai toujours été passionné par l'écriture; depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai participated à de nombreux littéraires concours. De plus, j'adore cuisiner et je connais parfaitement l'anglais. Si vous voulez apprendre l'anglais avec moi, nous le ferons d'une manière didactique et amusante. Merci de me lire!

Spanish Lessons with a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona
I teach Spanish for all kinds of levels. I'll adapt the class to your needs and to the way you learn best: for example, if you need to learn for a specific test I'll adapt the classes to match the test, or if you learn more through listening then I'll try to make that the main focus. Also, I'll teach vocabulary, grammar and verbs, and also try to familiarize the student with the Spanish culture. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian so I know how to best learn languages.

Cours particuliers de Dessin à Antony et ses environs
Le Dessin est une activité très riche et, il y a beaucoup à découvrir. A travers différents thèmes (drapé, morphologie, nature morte, paysage, perspective, portrait, portrait animalier), et au moyen de différents exercices (croquis rapides, esquisses, études documentaires), je vous propose un enseignement et un accompagnement qui va vous permettre de développer vos capacités : - de perception visuelle - d'attention - de mémorisation - de compréhension - de représentation dans l'espace et d'acquérir : - des techniques spécifiques - des connaissances spécifiques - des savoirs faire spécifiques - des savoirs être Mes élèves, adultes, adolescents et enfants, explorent les sujets d'étude soit d'après le réel, soit d'après documents, et ce, au moyen de différents médiums : Mine de plomb, Fusain, Pierre noire, Sanguine, Sépia. Votre progression se fera en fonction de votre rythme personnel d'apprentissage, de votre disponibilité et de votre entraînement entre les séances, afin d'appliquer ce que vous aurez expérimentez durant votre cours. L'entrainement est en effet important pour pouvoir progresser. ​

Michel Aranda
Clases personalizadas para todos los niveles, estilos y edades. 20 años experiencia.
Me llamo Michel, en mis clases el alumno escoge el tipo de música que quiere aprender: Clásico - Acompañamiento de canciones - Introducción al Flamenco - Músicas Sudamericanas - Aprender a componer una canción - etc.. Valoro las aptitudes características de cada alumno, resaltando la creatividad en el proceso de la enseñanza. Aprenderemos la teoría de lo que vamos abordando, para que el alumno se libere de las ataduras que provoca; tanto el saber tocar algo sin entenderlo, como no poder tocar algo que se entiende. Las clases pueden ser en Francés

Private Spanish lessons. Grammar, vocabulary, conversation.
I have been giving private Spanish lessons for over 10 years. If you want to improve your Spanish, learn this beautiful language or just practice so you don't forget it or expand your vocabulary, you can count on me to help you. I lived 16 years in South America. I give lessons at home but I can also move if it's not too far.

ART - Painting and drawing classes for older adults
Offering hour long Art sessions for older adults who enjoy or have always wanted to enjoy drawing and painting but have never had the time. I offer classes in your own home that are designed to encourage gentle creativity through drawing and painting in a wide range of mediums. You can choose your own subjects, or we can choose them together, and if you want gentle guidance, it’s at hand. I will also introduce and advise you about art materials. You will definitely create beautiful and satisfying artwork at your own pace with a friendly gentle tutor. These sessions are for those who want to spend time gently working one to one with an experienced tutor, and above all, enjoy themselves. If you feel this, is you, and the time is right, please don’t hesitate to contact Tova, an unassuming gentle creative experienced art teacher.

Course of paintings and drawings aqurée oil painting and pastel
Teachers graduated from Fine Arts in Milan give drawing / painting lessons / art school QRegistration is done throughout the year. Each student follows their personal program. The courses are given by an artist-painter with a degree in Fine Arts. 1 - Oil painting 2- watercolor 3- Drawing 4- Academic Drawing 5- The Children's Course

Music Education: Saxophone Academy by Dimitri (Independent)
Dear, Do you want to discover the saxophone? Improve yourself? Play the songs you like to hear? Dimitri Iulita awaits you for fun, personalized and progressive lessons! All ages, levels and musical styles are welcome. Technical work on the instrument, deciphering and setting up the repertoire ... Dimitri works throughout the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region! For any other information and / or reservation, Dimitri is also at your entire disposal via the Apprentus private messaging service, once your reservation has been confirmed! See you soon in music!

Nouta Albert
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French, English, Science
I have experience in tutoring Maths, Physics and Chemistry to advance level students, but i can tutor Maths and Physics too at bachelor level. I like using demonstrations with practical examples to ease understanding in my classes and i always try to explain complex things in simple terms.. Also, i believe practice makes perfect, so i always give assignments to my students that can help them to practice what has been thought. Been fluent in both English and French, i can tutor any of these laguages.

Sports Coaching Course - Fitness and Strengthening
Creation of a personalized exercise list based on the client. Possibility of continuous follow-up with regular lessons (2 to 3 times a week) The progress of the course is done by a stretching session so as not to injure yourself during the course. The course can be done with music in order to create a more convivial and lively atmosphere. Intensive course to get quick results. A real motivation of the person is necessary for this course. If the person trusts me I will not let you down until the desired result.

Learn Turkish : Private Language Course for Every Level
GENERAL TURKISH CLASSES This course includes conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. When you book the lesson, a placement test will be provided. This test makes it easy to see where you might need to focus in order to improve your level. Lessons are private and you will have a personalized lesson plan. • Turkish Beginners A1&A2 : This course is suitable for people who can carry out very basic conversation and above, adults and teenagers. DESCRIPTION: Students are encouraged to speak as much as possible. . Lessons contain a warmer, comprehensive tasks, video or audio clips, discussion questions/concept checking/cool down . Introduction to the simple present tense. . Focus on high-frequency phrases and vocabulary words. . Skills introduction/building - writing, listening, reading, speaking, basic grammar structures, pronunciation, vocabulary. . Controlled and free speaking activity. . Introduction to very basic grammar forms. . Quizzes, games and other fun activities. . Minimal homework tasks. . Working to the needs and strengths of each individual student. • Turkish Intermediate B1: This course includes conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. When you book the lesson, a placement test will be provided. This test makes it easy to see where you might need to focus in order to improve your level. Lessons are private and you will have a personalized lesson plan. This is suited to students who are making a transition from A2. You know the basics, but cannot always use them accurately or can only carry out quite basic conversations. Stronger students at this level can also speak about less familiar topics, but will often speak with long pauses. DESCRIPTION: . Warmer, comprehensive tasks, discussion questions/concept checking . Phonetics . Build fluency and pronunciation using repetition . New vocabulary and A2 revision . Simple grammatical forms . Present, past, future, present continuous . Listening practice to identify plurals, prepositions, verb tenses and more . Speaking practice . Building of writing/spelling level by using dictation, spelling quizzes and mini essays on familiar topics . Homework • Turkish Upper-Intermediate B2: You have progressed a lot since A1/A2 and can talk about a lot of everyday topics very easily. You can handle many difficult topics.The difference between you and a B1 student is that you understand a lot more than you are able to say. If there is a word that you want to say, but you don't know how to, you know how to find a way around it. DESCRIPTION: . Speaking is key . Warm up activities followed by comprehensive tasks . We will work on magazine/newspaper articles intensively, to build reading skills . You will use audio to determine the speaker's mood, intonation, formal, informal . More phonetics . Dictation, exercises, quizzes . Grammar . Making request and complaining . Intensive focus on pronunciation • Turkish Advanced C1&C2 Goals of this level is: -He/she can understand a wide range of more demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning in them. -He/she can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for the right expression. -He/she can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. He/she can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing correct use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices. The lessons will contain a variety or mixtures of the above and more, depending on specific student levels, progress of the course, student progression, length of lessons booked and as yet onforseen issues. TURKISH CONVERSATION CLASSES This course is designed for students who are focused on their speaking skills. I will correct and help you improve your pronunciation and understanding without any pressure in order for you to build up your confidence in speaking this language. We do all of this in context, focussing on the grammar mistakes that you make most often and looking at new vocabulary that you will actually use. Each lesson curates fluency and accuracy by speaking about a different theme. The supporting material and the vocabulary list will be sent as a pdf to the participants. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Organizers reserve the right to remove any member at its sole discretion.

German as a foreign language - individual courses for adults from CEF A1.1 to C2
I have been teaching German as a foreign language for about 20 years and know lots of methods for learning. I offer the following courses: - Improve your speaking skills - Improve your writing skills - German for business or work as well as for specific topics like Human Resources, marketing, sales, finance, controlling, project management - Individual test preparation for telc German B1, B2, C1 and C2 exams as well as for Goethe Zertifikat B1, B2, C1 and C2 and telc German for medicine B2/C1 We will discuss your wishes and course target on our first meeting and I will check your German skills referring to the CEF.

Reinforcement courses and tutoring for students of all levels from primary to high school
I am a 19-year-old student who had my scientific baccalaureate with honors. I then joined an engineering school before enrolling in a double degree in mathematics and computer science. I already have more than a year of experience in providing home tuition in several areas. My last tutored student being in 2nd at the CNED in addition to taking face-to-face courses in another school trained him in management and computer science. I accompanied him in all of these subjects and gave him the best tools so as not to be overwhelmed by the workload. I would therefore be an asset for the help and accompaniment of your children. Contact me to set a schedule!

Private English Lessons at Home and IELTS Test Preparation
Experienced English teacher offers private lessons at home. 1# School Support: Academic support is very important especially for students in difficulty and also for those who aim for excellence. Improve your understanding of your lessons, get help with homework and prepare well for your exams. 2# General Communication: English for Communication helps you develop language skills for real-life situations. it also helps you develop the confidence to live, travel or work abroad. 3# TOEFL and IELTS preparation Good preparation for the IELTS exam is important to achieve good results. This is why we offer private lessons at home to prepare you well for the exam. 4# Business English Business English helps you develop English communication skills in the office or other business environments to gain the confidence to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. 5# Maintenance Preparation The key to performing well in an interview is preparation. That's why we offer preparation courses for a job interview or a visa in English. Sessions can take place at your home or in a cafe. Don't hesitate to book your first session now.

Séance Kick boxing, Savate (pieds poing) seul ou en groupe
Pour guider et réussir à faire progresser un élève ma méthodologie repose sur 3 piliers fondamentaux : - Le savoir - Le savoir-faire - Le savoir-être ( explication du fonctionnement du corps sans quoi l'élève ne peut pas comprendre l'importance de se reposer ou bien manger) Pour qu'un élève se dépasse je mets un point d'honneur à établir un partenariat et non un contrat qui relègue l'élève au simple rang d'éxécutant Rien ne se fait seul. Pour le coach, il s'agit d'être à l'écoute et de répondre aux attentes en fixant des objectifs dans le but de franchir des palliers et d'avoir des résultats concrets. Pour l'élève, il s'agit d'etre actif dans l'apprentissage,L'engagement, la ténacité et la bonne humeur sont les maîtres mots de la réussite ! Vous avez plus d'excuses pour commencer une activité physique "Qui veut faire quelque chose trouve un moyen Qui ne veut rien faire trouve une excuse!"

Spanish language lessons for school exams or for general interest
Spanish is a language that opens doors to so many cultures, as well as being commonly taught in secondary school. this class can be tailored to your Modern Foreign Language needs, whether it be to pass a school exam, or to just for fun. I have the materials and experience to teach and help you learn as well as to hopefully discover your interest in all things Spanish language.

French student available to give French lessons to all types of students
Hello ! My name is Blanche, I am a French Erasmus student in my last year of study at Cardiff University. My mother tongue is French and I am therefore able to teach this language. All student profiles are welcome, from beginners to advanced! I will adapt my teaching to the student in front of me. I can help them with their homework, fill in gaps or if they want to work on something in particular like grammar, vocabulary or translation there is no problem! As a former private tutor myself, I have met a lot of teachers of all kinds, some very good and some bad. I am not here to stress the student or to overload him with extra work but on the contrary to help him and make him discover a wonderful language!