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Recently Posted Private Classes

TOURING ENGLISH, DUTCH, homework primary school / 1st grade Secondary education
Tutoring from a former lawyer and experienced private teacher for adults and children. Learn in a relaxed atmosphere! Lesson in Dutch style. I will help you with English, Dutch or your homework for primary school or 1st grade of secondary school. Learning becomes fun! Online or in Brasschaat.

General English, Business English, Science for Primary school
With my extensive teaching experience spanning 13 years in elementary and secondary schools, vocational colleges, and both online and onsite settings for adult learners, coupled with my background in Business Administration as a graduate of Marmara University, I believe I bring a valuable skill set to my students. Furthermore, I have a proven track record of teaching Business courses to adults, both in collegiate and online environments. My years of experience in this capacity have equipped me with the necessary pedagogical techniques to engage and inspire adult learners, fostering an environment conducive to their academic and professional growth. In addition to teaching in various educational settings, I have actively engaged in online teaching since 2020, enabling me to adapt and excel in virtual learning environments. Over my 13 years of experience, I have refined my instructional skills, and my neutral and clear North American accent enhances the clarity and authenticity of my language delivery. Currently, I am privileged to serve as a faculty member at Thammasat University, a reputable institution in Thailand, where I have been teaching for the past five years. My tenure at the university has further developed my pedagogical expertise and provided valuable insights into creating conducive and interactive learning environments.


Salsa footwork & styling | beginners Salsa LA/New York
Salsa - women's footwork and styling (on1 LA style or On2 New York style) beginner Salsa partnerwork lessons (on1) Gain dance floor confidence and the ability to dance solo or improve your musicality with your partner. Learn online or in person at home.

Maria Augusta
Pilates Mat y Yoga flow. Clases Online personalizadas y a domicilio.
Soy instructora personal de Pilates mat y de Reformer con certificación en la ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina. Con experiencia de 8 años en estudio propio con clases de Pilates fusión Yoga que incluyen rehabilitación, dirigido a todos los niveles y condición física.

English for Second Language Learners (General and Business)
English is a universal language that is used across all nations. As an educator, you will need to be able to communicate with colleagues, classmates, family, and business partners. You will also need to connect with people across various cultures. I've designed this course as a practical guide to learning English. Together, we will notice ways to express ourselves, talk about our routines, jobs, holidays, and so on. Above all, we will learn how to use them in our daily life.

EREPS 3 graduate and experienced in sports and nutrition, I care about the physical and mental well-being of my clients.
Are you a beginner in sport and would you like personalized support to achieve your goals? Coach Pope implements for you a sports and food program Several options are available to you⬇️ -muscle strengthening -weightloss -muscle gain -fitness individual and private sessions I offer you real mental support in order to establish discipline, maintain motivation and create a sporting routine. I am by your side throughout the process.

Graduate of the Haute Ecole de Musique gives private lessons in double bass and electric bass in Lausanne
I offer double bass and electric bass lessons in Lausanne, at my home or at the student's home. Do you want to acquire solid technical foundations as well as a good working method? This course is made for you! I also cover all the necessary musical theory according to the needs and desires of the student (music theory, ear development, reading scores, etc.).

Private English lessons: All profiles, all levels
I provide my English skills (Cambridge level C1 certification) to offer a course adapted to each profile, at each level, ranging from novice to advanced, for both academic and personal needs. I am not a professional teacher, but very patient and attentive! Contact me to discuss the location and nature of the courses (at my place, at your place, by video). Looking forward to teaching you!

Oriental Percussion Classes: Tombak, Daf, Dayereh, Derbouka, frame drums
Hello everyone, I offer Oriental and digital percussion lessons for all levels. I can offer you training around the Persian Tombak, the Iranian Daf, the Dayereh, the Derbouka or the Frame Drums. I support you as best I can in your learning and I pass on to you everything I have received from my different masters over the last 20 years. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss

Piano lessons for children and adults from HKB Student
Piano lessons in English, German and Turkish. A teaching program consisting of solfeggio at the basic level, classical music pieces and pop music pieces on request. Solfege is taught for the first 15 minutes of class until a basic level of solfege knowledge is acquired. The lessons last 45 minutes and can be held once or twice a week depending on your preference: )

You will become a Franco-Korean! (TOPIK, conversation, writing, K-pop, K-drama)
Would you like to speak like a Korean? Personally, I speak Korean, English, French and Spanish fluently, all at a professional level. As a pure Korean and having obtained the C2 certificate in French after six years of study, I admit that the best way to learn a language is to continue without tiring. You will have precise corrections and impeccable pronunciations from the ground up with me! It's not just a course but a joyful moment to get to know the Korean language and culture as best as possible! It's not just a course, but a joyful moment to discover the Korean language and culture at its best! 1) Course content according to your own interests (TOPIK, conversation, writing, business, K-pop, K-drama, Korean cuisine). 2) Mastery of multiple registers of language (from very formal business language to slang used by young people). 3) A comprehensive understanding of Korean culture (history, politics, economics). I am South Korean, currently a first year master's student in the Grande Ecole program at HEC Paris. Before joining HEC, I worked for two years in the M&A team at Kim & Chang, the largest law firm in Korea. I obtained a double degree in French language and literature as well as economics at Ewha Women's University. I have taught Korean, English and French, and also have experience in translation and simultaneous interpretation. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have!

🎹 Cours Particuliers de Piano pour Débutants / Amateurs
Étudiante en L2 de LEMA à La Sorbonne, j'ai commencé le piano à 6 ans et ai suivi une formation en conservatoire jusqu'à mes 18 ans. Diplômée du second cycle de piano et du cycle supérieur de solfège, je propose des cours adaptés aux débutants afin qu'il s'initient au piano ou s'y perfectionnent.

Cours de piano (pour des débutants/intermédiaires)
Ayant eu un apprentissage en conservatoire depuis 16 ans et donnant quelques cours de piano depuis 2 ans, j'aimerais continuer à partager cette passion à celles et ceux qui voudraient apprendre à jouer du piano (ou continuer leur apprentissage). Les cours de piano peuvent également être accompagnés de cours de solfège (notamment pour les débutants) pour commencer à apprendre les notes !

English language and Biology. Learn English and Biology in a fun way through flash cards, mind maps, flowcharts, worksheets, games etc
Hello there, If you are looking for learning English and Biology in an easy and fun way then search no more ! I am here at your service. Let's learn through an interactive way. And fear not of mistakes !! I am a graduate in Education(Bachelor of Education) and a postgraduate in Science(Master's in Microbiology). I have worked as a teacher for 5 years. I have also tutoring (home tuitions)experience of around 8 years. I strongly believe that teaching is effective when catered to the individual needs of the students. I make sure the pupil understands the basics of the subject before proceeding to the higher level. I try my best to keep the course engaging and interesting by different methods of teaching. So let's get started !!

Cours de la langue russe et cours de littérature russes
Le cours de langue russe impliaue la maitrise des compétences rédactionnelles, le développement de la parole orale et écrite à tous les niveaux et pour toutes les catégories d'étudiants:adultes, adolescents et enfants (russophones natifs et étrangtrs). La contenu et la méthodologie du cours sont choisis en fonction de vos objectifs, capacités et envies. Une explication accessible de la grammaire. Une variété de techniaues de mémorisation et d'acquisition de compétences. Un apprentissage en ligne.

Pilates: Private 1-1 (online & in-person, Greater Manchester)
I’m a BASI-certified Mat Pilates teacher from Manchester, UK. I have my own studio on the edge of Salford, where I teach private & duo sessions in person, as well as online classes over Zoom. I also teach group in-person classes in the city centre. I’m deeply passionate about Pilates as a practice. I particularly love working with 1-1 clients over a period of time, so we can work collaboratively to develop their practice. There’s nothing better than helping a long-term client achieve their first Teaser, Open Leg Rocker Jackknife! I see Pilates teaching as a collaboration, and aim to guide people to move and engage with their body in a whole new way. In a typical private 1-1 session, we’ll begin with a chat about your background and aims. From there, we’ll begin to build a programme together that aims to develop your technique in a way that best suits your body. I love working with people from a variety of backgrounds including (but certainly not limited to): - sports people and fitness professionals looking to build complementary strength and mobility - complete beginners wanting to learn the foundations - people with injuries contraindications who want to learn Pilates in a way that can be adapted to their needs - people who have taken group classes but want to take things to the next level - experienced Pilates practitioners looking to practice the advanced work My teaching style is rigorous yet relaxed: through careful cueing, corrections and focus on precision, my aim is to help people move in the most effective way for their body. I like to challenge my clients, but do so in a way that is appropriate to the level of experience. That said, I do all of this low-pressure way, as I believe it should be enjoyable! With my attention solely on you, you can be assured that you’ll receive the right corrections to help you improve at a faster pace than you would in a group setting. My aim is for clients to leave my classes feeling energised, lengthened, stronger and brighter.

Decoding Legal Chinese: Language for Professionals
This course is primarily designed to assist professionals who need to understand Chinese law, aiming to enhance their proficiency in legal Chinese language and knowledge of Chinese law. The course is taught by practicing lawyers from China, and the language of instruction is Chinese. The course covers the following: If students do not have specific requirements, the main focus of the course will be on learning basic legal Chinese vocabulary and foundational knowledge, as well as providing an overview of the Chinese legal system. If students have specific areas of legal knowledge that they need to understand, the course content can be adjusted accordingly to cover certain specific areas of the Chinese legal system based on the students' specific needs. If students have a need to prepare for the Chinese legal professional qualification examination, specialized coaching can also be provided to meet their requirements.

Learn the Italian language: school learning - free learning
This course is for people who want to learn Italian as well as those who need extra help in their Italian Scholastic course. Italian is my mother tongue. I propose to give the pupil an education adapted to these needs without overburdening him.

Vocal technique lessons in Bale, all levels, all styles.
I am Cécile, a professional singer with a master's degree in singing from the Schola Cantorum in Basel. I offer singing lessons at my home (if you are not afraid of being observed by Sam, my dog, who quietly attends the lessons) or at your home according to your preferences. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, my lessons are suitable for all levels, according to your musical needs and desires. My goal is to help you free your voice by working on breathing, the body, speaking and singing voice, by providing you with tools to develop yourself as best as possible while respecting your rhythm. **** I'm Cécile, a professional singer with a master's degree in singing from the Schola Cantorum in Basel. I offer singing lessons at my home (if you don't mind being observed by Sam, my dog, who wisely attends the lessons) or at your place, according to your preferences. Whether you're a beginner or already have some experience, my lessons are adapted to all levels, according to your musical needs and desires. My aim is to help you free your voice by working on breathing, the body, the spoken and sung voice, giving you the tools to develop yourself to the full while respecting your own rhythm.

FR/EN - Yoga for all! - Inviting Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Classes: Suitable for first timers, intermediates, advanced - Tailored to You.
Hello to everyone! I'm Sophie, a yoga teacher who recently graduated from the Yoga Room Academy in Brussels (200 hours including tax). I am starting to teach formally, but my passion for yoga has been with me for many years, and I have been fortunate to share my teaching with friends, family and in groups. Starting my teaching practice, I am very grateful to be able to share these moments and learn with each new student! My classes and teachings cover Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga - I like to incorporate a little something for everyone. Each style brings its own special touch, but for me the main thing is to create a space where you can move, breathe and just be. With me, yoga will be more than physical postures; we will also delve into meditation, breathing and mindfulness. No need for perfect postures or Instagram-worthy flexibility here, or being the yoga studio stereotype. It is important to me that the courses will reflect you, embracing your unique background, your needs and aspirations. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a total beginner, you are welcomed with open arms, and I will make sure to create an experience tailored to where you are coming from. I emphasize a good relationship with my students, guiding them to connect with their body, rather than doing an exercise class. At the end of each class, I hope that you will have found a moment of well-being, relaxation and relaxation! ------- Hi I'm Sophie, I am a recent graduate yoga teacher from the Yoga Room academy in Brussels, with a 200-hour certification. Though I'm starting formal teaching, my passion for yoga has been a constant companion, and I've been sharing my teaching with friends, family, and groups. As I'm beginning my formal teaching, I'm very humble and grateful to be sharing these moments and learning with every new students! My teaching and classes range from Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga – a little something for everyone. Each style brings its own special treat, but the most important thing is to create a space where you can move, breathe, and simply be. With me, yoga will be more than the physical postures; we'll also delve into meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness. No need for perfect poses or Instagram-worthy flexibility, or being the stereotypical studio yogi. The classes will be about who you are, embracing your unique journey, your needs and aspirations. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a total newbie, you're welcome with open arms, and I'll make sure to create a catered experience for where you're coming from. I prioritize building a relationship with my students and guiding them to connect with their bodies on a deeper level, rather than a simple workout. At the end of each class, I hope students will find a moment of self-care, fun, and relaxation!