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Trusted teacher: I am a native speaker of Greek. I graduated from a Greek high school and, later, the University of Athens where I attended courses in pedagogics, psychology and linguistics. During our lessons I'll help you develop your skills (oral/written, and not only). I'll also try to help you improve your pronunciation and spelling. I assign homework and after I receive it, correct it thoroughly additionally providing a lot of remarks/examples if they are necessary. I worked at a language centre between 2009-2016 where I was a director of studies and taught mainly English as a foreign/second language. Since 2005, when I first started teaching Greek, I have taught children and adults on a variety of language proficiency levels, mainly individually. I constantly seek progress, meaning that I study further through reading books/articles concerning didactics/methodology and learning difficulties (chiefly dyslexia), observing other teachers as well as attending seminars (on-line or face-to-face). During my lessons I use : - Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger to connect with you, - Google Docs to keep notes, which you can check at any time and they are yours to keep, - sketch board me to make mind maps to show connections between ideas, etc. - books, PPP, word docs, diagrams, pics, etc. - pronunciation/spelling/grammar games, - authentic materials taken from websites. I adore my profession and desire each and every one of my students be satisfied with the lesson. That's why I make sure the atmosphere is stress-free and nice. I also want my lessons to be as effective and close to real life needs as possible. Therefore, I make sure they are well-prepared, although they can be altered at any point, should such an opportunity arise. I like explaining things in a variety of ways as well as make use of dictionaries, diagrams, etc. When it comes to students who want to obtain certificates, I am very demanding. What can I teach? - I would love to help you improve/develop all language skills (speaking/writing-listening/reading + grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation), - I would love to help you prepare for state certificates such as: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. - I would love to help you with homework and assignments (literature, history) from school and university (but please contact me about that IN ADVANCE). Regarding Ancient Greek, I can help you with commentaries / translations / grammar / syntax : - Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, - Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles, Sappho, - Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon.
World history · Ancient greek · Greek
Trusted teacher: Ability to pay me in check employment service (CESU) to enjoy a tax benefit when you pay your courses. Contact me for more information on this device of the URSSAF. Special teacher and lecturer at Lycée Edgar Poe (Paris 9th), I offer courses in French, History and Philosophy College to License and methodological support to enable students to better understand their schooling and improve their editorial and reflexive abilities. Through the study of these subjects, it is a matter of constructing a course adapted to the needs and personality of the student with a long-term vision in order to give adolescents and young adults all the keys to pursue an ambitious schooling and in accordance with their professional desires. Three years of preparatory literary class and then a master's degree in Theater and other Arts at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle and the ENS of Ulm allowed me to acquire a solid knowledge of the Humanities as well as a rigor of work and a methodology that I share today with my students. Moreover, I did a professional training of actress in international school (School Jacques Lecoq) thanks to which I can not only make my class alive and interactive but also "coach" my students for oral. My method is based on a psychological approach to teaching in order to deconstruct mechanisms that prevent the student from achieving his true potential and to establish a healthy and even enthusiastic relationship to the subjects. It is not a question of delivering a cold course which lacks pedagogy but rather of opening a dialogue with the student in order to constantly adapt the work to his feelings and his difficulties to overcome them. Thus, they can understand their interest in the subject, the importance of a good general culture and a good expression, indispensable in any field. The study of one or more of my subjects then has a decisive and very beneficial impact on the whole schooling. My offer includes four major areas: weekly course, intensive courses during the holidays (recovery of prior learning and / or preparation for exams type patent, bachelor, partial), pure methodology and support in the development of post-bac choices (writing letters motivation, choice of establishments, preparation for interviews, etc ...). On the basis of this offer, it is together that we build a personalized program during a preliminary interview. I intervene in Paris and in the suburbs.
French · Philosophy · World history
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French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Paris)
If you like to exchange different cultural and moral perspectives while also learning about the history of the language you are learning with Fawzi, he's the guy. He will explain anything that you have difficulties in understanding of the particular language you are learning with him step-by-step in a clear way.
Review by RISA
French lessons and help with homework / university classes with FUN and passion
Justyna is a great teacher! She's very good at being efficient with the class time we have and explains everything very clearly. She's quick to respond to messages and very organized. I definitely recommend working with her!
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Very nice teacher, Candice is very kind and friendly.
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