Greek for adults lessons in France

Find your perfect private greek for adults tutor in France.
Learn greek for adults with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Greek for adults lessons in France.

Find your perfect private greek for adults tutor in France. Learn greek for adults with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Greek for Adults
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I am a bilingual translator (spoken and written) in English and Spanish that offers private lessons at all levels (beginners, college students, high school students, students and professionals). I adapt my courses according to the desired objective. - If it is a course of support I adapt to the program followed by the school (School or University). - If it is a question of learning English or Spanish from A to Z as a leisure or to strengthen professional skills, I use my personal method. This one is as much based on oral teaching as written, and proved very conclusive with my other students (in particular professionals working in the banking / financial sector). I prefer courses in the language learned in order to immerse yourself in the desired environment and to make you progress quickly in oral as well as in writing. Graduate of a Master of Foreign Languages ​​applied in English / Spanish - Mention translation legal and financial, I transmit my knowledge with a lot of commitment. This commitment has always been positive. However, the results depend not only on the chosen teacher but also on the motivation and involvement of the student himself. It is a point that is very important to me and that I regularly come back to during my classes. Professional experience : - 2010-2013: One-to-one English and Spanish tuition at all levels - 2013: Translation - 2010-2012: Auditor translation consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Training: - 2009-2011: Master of Foreign Languages ​​applied in English / Spanish mention legal and financial translation - La Sorbonne Nouvelle - Mention Bien - 2008-2011: University degree in Modern Greek - La Sorbonne - Grade Very good - 2007-2009: Bachelor of Applied Foreign Languages ​​English / Spanish specialized in Economic and Legal Translation - La Sorbonne Nouvelle - Mention Bien
English · Spanish · Spanish for students · Spanish for adults
Trusted teacher: Special course of history given by a student Bac +3. Baccalauréat Literary with the mention Very well as the mention European. Double license at the Sorbonne Paris IV in history and English. As a student, I intend to give courses every month since mid-June, July and mid-September 2016. I can therefore adapt the time slots of the lessons. During these two and a half months, I am totally available, but I will be less present during the resumption of classes (mid September). Schedules and days to teach will be discussed. I started giving classes two years ago, which allowed me to better organize my teaching and make learning more playful. I adapt to the student, this course can be addressed to a college student in difficulty, a high school student preparing the baccalaureate or even an adult aiming to perfect his historical knowledge. In general, the most difficult in history remains the learning and understanding of the methodology of text analysis (text commentary) and especially of dissertation, two academic exercises that I can make work. I can teach courses about the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries to prepare the baccalaureate, but I can also teach the history of more specific themes. During my double license, I was able to perfect the analysis of certain historical periods or major historical themes. Ancient Period = Ancient Greek, from the Archaic period to the Diadic of Alexander. Modern Period = France in the XVIIIth century and The Europeans and the world, from the XVth to the XVIIIth century. History of Great Britain. History of the United States (from the 17th century) French Politics in the XIXth and XXth centuries. History of the European construction and history of the International System. History of Great Britain and History of the United States.
World history
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apprendre la langue française aux étrangèrs (FLE) (Marseille)
Good approach of teaching. The teacher also provides you with lots of resources. My lesson will be focused on listening and oral, even if she is teaching by the book, she make sure that i learn how normal french people say words, and their culture.
Review by MJ

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