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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn the basics of Dutch from a Dutch person!
I moved to Toulouse in 2022. Basically, I am an artist (filmmaker, photographer, writer). I have a great love for languages. My mother tongue is Dutch. With years of teaching experience, I would like to help you better master this difficult, but beautiful, language! We work in a calm and inviting way through immersion. It's a little difficult at first; but you will see that you will quickly lay the foundations that will allow you to continue to learn and grow. Of course, I adapt to your wishes.

Art Teacher, Oil pastel Water colouring, Drawing, Sketching, acrylic painting, Portrait sketching, Oil painting
I have 7 years of experience as Art Teacher and artist. Introduction to Painting Mediums in Art Education * Oil pastels, Sketching strokes, Watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, Techniques and Applications * Incorporating Traditional Paints in Modern Art Education I can teach the students to cultivate a deeper understanding of painting material and techniques I can provide a richer understanding of what painting is as students develop a truly positive learning experience.

Student offering private English lessons
Welcome to your journey to English proficiency! As a private English teacher, my goal is to offer you personalized support to help you achieve your language goals. Each course is designed to meet your specific needs, whether you want to improve your speaking, strengthen your grammar skills, expand your vocabulary or prepare for an exam. Throughout our sessions, we will explore together the subtleties of the English language through varied and interactive activities. Through practical exercises, role plays, stimulating discussions and adapted materials, you will gain confidence and ease in your use of English. My teaching approach is centered on you, your learning pace and your interests. I strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment, where you feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes, because that is how you grow. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I am here to support you at every stage of your language journey. Together, we will explore the wonders of the English language and help you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to contact me to schedule your first session and start your journey to English proficiency! See you soon !

Tania Medina
Basic to Advanced English course (Learn English in your own way)
A customized English program, based on your current knowledge and occupation; interactive, fun and adapted to the student’s needs, from A0 to C1. Learning English will... Improve and widen employment opportunities. Allow you to explore the world with confidence. Give you access to world-class education systems and establishments. Increase your cognitive ability (brain power!) Start a life in an English-speaking country. Improve communication skills. Open up a world of entertainment and popular culture. Improve your confidence.

Design graphic, art director skills, and drawing-painting.
Dans mon cours de dessin, vous passerez d'abord par le dessin d'observation, c'est à dire l'art de voir avant de dessiner car sans observation pas de dessin, puis vous passerez à l'étape suivante de l’expression de soi, de votre propre point de vue par des projets personnels sur des thèmes imposés ou libres, à décider ensemble. J'ai une Licence d'Arts Appliqués à l’Académie Bugeant à Poitiers. (1983), 35 ans de direction artistique dans la communication et 40 ans de dessin non-stop. J'enseigne à l'ECV creative Shools à Nantes depuis 7 ans, chez Brassart depuis 5 ans, chez Efet du groupe Eductive, et chez ISG Luxury depuis 2 ans. Je donne des cours de "rough", une méthode de dessin, de design et de création publicitaire sur papier, avant le passage à l'ordinateur. (Du dessin pur et du dessin typographique ). J'ai une grande habitude de l'échange et du soutien personnalisé de chaque étudiant dans ces écoles. Je peux vous aider pour appréhender et créer via la suite Adobe (Photoshop, illustrator et indesign) que je pratique depuis 25 ans.

Deutsch: Personalized courses to pass your exams and love the language!
Native and experienced in teaching German, my goal is to help you speak this language with confidence and discover the pleasure it can offer through discussions on topics that fascinate you. Whether you are in middle school, high school, in the professional or student world, I am here for you. Guided by your success, I adapt various methods to explain and ensure understanding of the most complex concepts, while creating a caring and fun atmosphere during our sessions. You will see your progress directly (and so will your teacher, if you are still in school).

Andres Adrian
Exploring the Piano: Discover Your Musical Path (Piano for Beginners)
Welcome to the piano and/or music theory course with Andrés, a passionate Argentine harpsichordist and conductor who has recently arrived in France! I am excited to have the opportunity to continue sharing my love of music through teaching here. In this course, I offer you an individualized experience adapted to your musical needs and preferences. I firmly believe that every student has their own unique musical path, and my goal is to help you discover and develop that path efficiently and successfully in a relaxed work environment. Piano classes are completely individual, meaning you will receive personalized attention in each session. From beginners to more advanced pianists, I am here to guide you on your musical journey, whether you want to master a classical piece, explore popular music or composition. In addition to teaching you how to play the piano, I will also provide you with a solid foundation in music theory. Understanding the fundamentals of harmony, melody, and rhythm will help you interpret music with greater depth and expression. The most important thing for me is that you feel inspired and motivated in each lesson. I will work with you to identify your musical interests and adapt the curriculum to make it relevant and exciting for you. I firmly believe that by keeping your interest in music alive, you will be able to progress more quickly and successfully achieve your musical goals. I am excited to embark on this musical journey with you and help you reach your full potential as a pianist and musician!

Usual English to master the simple rules of vocabulary and grammar.
English graduate offers private lessons from primary to middle school. I have already taught in national education as well as in private structures: Acadomia, Cours Legendre, Allocours. I have also traveled extensively in the UK and Ireland.

English Language lessons. Tailored Classes to help students improve their language skills.
Native and Qualified English Teacher. My lessons are thoughtfully prepared to provide a tailored and enjoyable learning experience. I take a personalised approach, adapting to the needs and goals of each student. As a qualified English teacher, i will use a range teaching methods that make learning more fun. These lessons will Improve on students confidence with their English, so that they are able to speak and engage with the language more independently. As a native English speaker from London, I take the time to focus on students pronunciation so that it is as accurate and fluent as possible.

Guitare & Batterie pour débutant - Les bases et les conseils pour bien débuter
Tu veux te lancer dans l'apprentissage de la guitare ou de la batterie ? Je peux te montrer les quelques astuces qui m'ont fait progresser et surtout évité de perdre la motivation. Tous les styles musicaux possibles sont les bienvenue ! Matériel disponible : - Batterie : caisse claire, toms, cymbales, double pédale - Guitare : 4 Electriques dont une à 8 cordes, 3 pédales d'effets, 2 amplis

Fun Language Lessons for day-to-day life in English, Italian or Spanish
Want to improve your skills in Italian, Spanish or English? This is your opportunity to do it in a fun way, or for your children. My lessons are focused on learning day-to-day vocabulary that permits to have small conversations when travelling. Practice a little bit of conversation.

Japanese private lesson (Beginner and Intermediate)
. Full teaching of the Japanese language with all the specificities it involves (pronunciation, writing system, grammar, rules of the kanjis, etc...) . The class is divided in 3 parts: detailed lesson on one rule of the language, illustration with concrete examples, practical application through speaking and writing exercises with the student. . I am very exhaustive and go into details in my explanations, in order to tackle every aspect of the language and its rules, and ensure the student gains a full comprehension of it. I also make it a point in offering an entertaining and dynamic teaching, filling my lessons with cultural and linguistic informations and anecdotes here and there. . The classes are aimed at beginners taking their first steps in the Japanese language and at false beginners aspiring to more confidence and fluency when practicing it.

English lessons for middle school, high school and adult students!
Experienced teacher gives English lessons for all levels! At home or by video! Schoolchildren or adults! Specificities: catering English, business English! I see a course like a game of tennis: with seriousness and pleasure! One does not go without the other ! You can definitely work on the English language in a caring and pleasant atmosphere, without losing the objective: to gain confidence in your linguistic abilities and to progress!

Plastic Arts Classes at " Atelier La Fée Derrick "
Throughout the year, L'Atelier La Fée Derrick invites you to explore various artistic techniques in order to develop and materialize your creativity: •acrylic paint pouring, gouache, oil, pastels, charcoal •collages, reliefs •patterns, colors But also, academic learning of composition, the color circle, volume and graphics.

English Tutoring • Learn how to speak, write, read English fluently and confidently.
First, we need to know why learning English is important so that it gives you motivation to keep on learning and never give up. We already know that English is the language for international communication. But you may ask yourself, still what can I do with it? My answer will be: everything. By knowing that English is the language for international communication means you will increase your chance in everything through learning English, from education, career, entertainment, to your relationship with others Come, let’s learn English with fun !!!

(17M+ Stream) Gold certified producer on FL STUDIO (Nekfeu, Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, GLK, Da Uzi, Gradur...)
My name is Eyal, composer and beatmaker with over 8 years of experience. My background includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Nekfeu, Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, Django, and many others. Together, we will work to quickly advance your musical style and artistic direction. I offer individual and group lessons suitable for amateurs and professionals wishing to get started or improve in the field of music production using software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live and Logic Pro. In addition to technical aspects, I share practical advice on the music business, allowing you to develop your brand and understand the different facets of the industry (editing, production, live, placement of compositions, synchronization...) . My teaching methods are simple and proven. We will work at your pace, based on your goals, musical tastes and expectations. At the end of each class, you will leave with new knowledge and exercises adapted to your equipment to continue progressing at home. For beginners, my first lesson will guide you through the basics of music production by allowing you to create your first track. The concepts covered will be explored in more depth over the course of the following lessons. For the more advanced, having evolved in the industry myself, I will support you in the advancement of your projects, providing expertise in music business and sharing the keys to approaching the industry and marketing your music. There are no hard and fast rules in music creation and promotion, but having a clear vision is crucial. I am here to help you deepen various notions (compositions, arrangements, mixing, mastering, production, distribution, communication, branding...). My classes focus on learning by doing with personalized exercises approved by many students. My main goal is to help you progress while having fun doing what you love. I consider that working at home is as essential as the lessons themselves. This is why I offer exercises to put into practice what we have learned, and via my Newsletter, I share advice, tips and good plans throughout the year. I am committed to supporting you with passion, seriousness and education so that you can achieve your goals. Choosing a teacher is an important decision, and if you are looking for this guidance, it is because your passion and perhaps even your dream are important to you.

Academic Classes for Maths, Science, English, Social Science
Are you searching for a dedicated and experienced private tutor to help your child excel in their studies? Look no further! I offer comprehensive tutoring services in Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies, tailored specifically to the needs of children. About Me - I'm a highly qualified and passionate educator with a proven track record of helping students achieve academic success. With a strong educational background and years of teaching experience, I bring expertise, enthusiasm, and a student-centric approach to every tutoring session. Subjects Covered: Mathematics: From algebra to calculus, our tutor can demystify complex math concepts, provide step-by-step guidance, and help build strong problem-solving skills. Science: Whether it's biology, chemistry, or physics, our tutor makes science engaging and understandable, reinforcing scientific principles and preparing your teenager for exams. English: Improve reading comprehension, writing skills, and literary analysis with personalized English tutoring that focuses on literature, grammar, and critical thinking. Social Studies: History, geography, and social sciences come to life through interactive lessons, fostering a deeper understanding of the world and its cultures. SMy Agenda - Personalized Approach: Each tutoring session is customized to your teenager's unique learning style and pace, ensuring maximum comprehension and retention. Flexible Scheduling: I understand the demands of a teenager's schedule. I offer flexible tutoring hours, including weekends, to accommodate busy lives. Proven Results: My tutoring methods have a track record of improving grades, boosting confidence, and nurturing a love for learning. Convenient Location: Tutoring can take place at a location convenient for you, whether that's in-home or at a nearby library or learning center. Invest in your students academic success and future. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discuss how our private tutoring services can help your teenager thrive in Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies. Don't miss this opportunity to give your children the academic support they deserve. Contact me now to get started on their path to success!

French lessons. Personalized french learning journey
Experienced French as a Foreign Language (FLE) Teacher for Interactive Online Classes My passion for languages and foreign cultures stems from my personal journey. Two decades ago, I arrived in France without fluency in the language. Over time, I overcame linguistic and cultural challenges to become bilingual. Holding a Master's degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, I understand the obstacles my students may face because I have walked the same path. This firsthand experience helps me adapt my teaching methods empathetically and effectively. My classes are tailored to your needs and interests, aiming to guide you towards your goals with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Whether you're striving for fluency, preparing for an exam, or simply looking to enhance your language skills, I customize each lesson to suit your individual learning style and objectives. Together, we'll explore topics that resonate with you, engage in activities that spark your curiosity, and celebrate your progress along the way. My goal is not only to help you achieve linguistic proficiency but also to make your learning experience rewarding and enjoyable.

GUITAR-BASS-UKULELE lessons without music theory & with the banana :)
Hello ! :) - Were you given a guitar (or a ukulele or a bass) for Christmas, and your neighbors already regret it? - Your instrument has been gathering dust for ages in Mémé's attic, and you would like to take it back? - Do you want to play above all, rather than falling asleep to the gibberish of a Nobel Prize-winning professor in music theory? - You've been playing for a while now, but do you feel like you have concrete barriers preventing you from moving forward? - You don't have a guitar, but do you secretly dream of being adored by crazy crowds? So here we go, I offer you GUITAR LESSONS (BASS and UKULELE also, in Rouen) WITHOUT SOLFÈGE & WITH BANANA! :) - You will choose the songs to play that you like (all styles, from Bieber to Gojira) - You will play from the first session - You will progress quickly while having fun - For each song played, I will create a personalized tablature adapted to your level - 98% practice + 2% theory = 100% cool! - You will become independent by learning to decipher a song by ear - I can lend you a guitar for the duration of the lesson - You will sign autographs - Grandma will thank you for the free space! Or do you already have an advanced level and want to improve with more advanced courses based on intervals, harmony and crowdsurfing? It's possible too! WHO AM I? My name is Guillaume, I am 38 years old and I have been a self-taught guitarist for 18 years. I learned on my own, in my student room, by sharpening my fingers and ears on System Of A Down. I also struggled like you, and I found solutions and good practices to remove my brakes. Now I play, write, compose and sing in the crazy rock/metal fusion band THE EDIBLE TOADSTOOL ORCHESTRA. I already pass on all my tricks through private lessons to several dozen students from 18 to 70 years old. I am also developing a video channel of covers of unobtainable rock/metal songs on guitar and bass, which I transcribe myself. I trained as a sound technician for a year at the Accès Digital studio in Rouen. Before all that, I worked for 9 years as a mechanical engineer in Research & Development in industry. I also like cats and pineapple juice, but that doesn't count. PS: I only teach ADULTS, I do not offer lessons to CHILDREN CONTACT ME ! What is the #1 obstacle in your game that you would like to overcome in the next 90 days? It's up to you to formulate your request, I'm here to help you awaken the musician in you! :) So, when are you getting started? Guillaume, your new teacher :)

Parisian passionate about foreign languages, with a degree in literature, guides you step by step to learn or improve your French.
Oral method, based on conversation and which simplifies the rules of the language just for you! My course is designed to help you speak accurately and with confidence. To help you, I will give you useful explanations in your language (English, Spanish, Portuguese or German) if necessary. Several possible options: - A beginner's course: in 20 hours, you will have the complete beginner's “survival” kit - An intermediate course: the discovery of “how to live or travel in Paris”: discover Paris with a Parisian! Languages are my passion! I love learning them and I love teaching them! So I will share with you all my “tips” for learning effectively, without ever getting bored! Your goal is to learn French, mine is to help you become independent in French. let's Focus on French! My first advice: 30 minutes a day rather than once a week: it's much more effective! Oral Method, based on conversation and simplifying language rules just for you! My course is designed to help you speak accurately and confidently. To assist you, I provide useful explanations in your language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, or German) if necessary. Several options available: A beginner course: in 20 hours, you will have the complete "survival" kit for beginners. An intermediate course: discovering "how to live or travel in Paris": explore Paris with a Parisian! Languages are my passion! I love learning them and teaching them! So, I'll share all my "tips" with you for effective learning without ever getting bored! Your goal is to learn French, mine is to help you become autonomous in French. Let's focus on French! My first advice: 30 minutes a day is better than once a week; it's much more effective!

I give English lessons at your home. all levels children or adults and I teach English for little ones Classes take place face-to-face in individual classes or in very small groups. Educational and caring, I adapt to your level and seek to resolve your blockages. Find confidence in yourself. First meeting takes place at your home or business to make contact, introduce yourself, discuss your objectives and establish a schedule and a quote.