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Recently Posted Private Classes

Sports Coaching Course - Fitness and Strengthening
Creation of a personalized exercise list based on the client. Possibility of continuous follow-up with regular lessons (2 to 3 times a week) The progress of the course is done by a stretching session so as not to injure yourself during the course. The course can be done with music in order to create a more convivial and lively atmosphere. Intensive course to get quick results. A real motivation of the person is necessary for this course. If the person trusts me I will not let you down until the desired result.

Aude Marie
Learn English With Aude In A Fun and Practical Way
This is an English class for beginners and intermediate students, where i will work on the difficulties that the students faces. This class will also permit them to better their oral expression, written expression, written comprehension, oral comprehension and their use of english. For the beginners, it will be more of an initiation to English. There’s no need of any particular skills to join my class ! My class is aimed to assist and accompany the students in their learning of the language, their needs and to wider their vocabulary and range. Also, the use of the language, verbs, the tenses, phrasal constructions and more. For children, my class is taught in a more convivial way with games and songs that will enable them to be confortable learning a new language. For teenagers and adults, i will target their main difficulties and work on it depending on their needs. It will still be fun for them too !

Reinforcement courses and tutoring for students of all levels from primary to high school
I am a 19-year-old student who had my scientific baccalaureate with honors. I then joined an engineering school before enrolling in a double degree in mathematics and computer science. I already have more than a year of experience in providing home tuition in several areas. My last tutored student being in 2nd at the CNED in addition to taking face-to-face courses in another school trained him in management and computer science. I accompanied him in all of these subjects and gave him the best tools so as not to be overwhelmed by the workload. I would therefore be an asset for the help and accompaniment of your children. Contact me to set a schedule!

Classical and Latin music for all ages, Trumpet, French horn, Euphonium, Bongó, Maracas and Cuatro Vénézuélien.
I am a professional musician and offer private lessons in horn, trumpet, euphonium, bongo and music theory to students of all levels. With 10 years of teaching experience and over 12 years of playing, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music while learning the instruments they play. My experience includes collaborating with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as a soloist with orchestra, while continuing my studies at the Rennes Conservatory as a French Horn player. Students should share the topic they would like to learn about and talk about, take into account the availability of musical instruments. Daily rehearsal for effective progress, dynamic and fun classes. High potential for improvement and excellent teaching methods.

Russian teacher (native, graduate, French speaker) gives private lessons in Paris
My name is Alina. I am a qualified teacher of Russian as a foreign language and offer private lessons to anyone interested in the Russian language. I am Russian, originally from St. Petersburg where I currently work as a Russian teacher. I offer online courses for all levels (beginners, intermediate, experienced). I apply the communicative method and adapt the course according to your needs (grammar, oral expression: talking about yourself, expressing an opinion on a topical subject related to Russia, writing: letters - emails, linguoculturology) I offer online courses in the form of cycles, ie a limited number of courses according to your current needs (5/8/10 courses) and not training spread over several months. Thereby: - we look at your goals, - organize a program, -let's finish it with a little exam and you will get the actual results of personalized learning. Looking forward to teaching you. Yours, Alina.

English courses with an Anglophone in Marseille.
English lesson with an English speaker Hello💞 Learn English with an English speaker at home or in a quiet workspace for all levels and at your own pace :) I offer English lessons (beginner to advanced level) for 1 hour (not just an initiation but the equivalent of a year and a half of well-structured and complete lessons). I offer complete courses in PDF, audios and videos (grammar, oral and written comprehension, vocabulary, text studies, audios...). _ For beginners, who will have the advanced level at the end of the program. _ Exercises + corrected at each lesson (grammar, conjugation...) _ Translations (themes and versions) + corrected types _ Also suitable for people with a complete beginner or even intermediate level. _ Complete and very well organized courses (PDF, audios, text studies, exercises/corrections...) do not hesitate to ask for more info

French classes from a native speaker for all levels. Online or in person near Paris
Hi, I'm Claire from France, I propose French classes for beginners or advanced. Students can request a particular point to work on or the lesson can simply be discussion in French. I'm currently in Paris for my Master's degree in ethology. Feel free to ask for more information 🙂

Beginner and advanced home yoga classes in Paris and Ile-de-France
Hello, I offer home yoga classes for beginners and advanced. I am Indian and teach the traditional method of Hatha Yoga, I grew up in the capital of Yoga, Rishikesh, in India, and practice it since my childhood. I have been teaching hatha yoga for over 15 years to international students, in private lessons and in small groups. Yoga aims to improve health, flexibility, mental control, through postures (asanas), sequences, breathing (pranayama), relaxation, meditation, and a healthier lifestyle. Thus, the person who practices becomes capable of more discernment, has more energy to act on the causes of problems, or goes through the trials of life with more serenity. Yoga is not a religion, everyone can practice and benefit from it whatever their beliefs, age, or sports practice. It consists of physical exercises and postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation. Everyone can find a suitable practice: more physical and dynamic, gentler, See you soon!

Private lesson in Mathematics - French - English
Graduated with a general baccalaureate with an expert mathematics option, I am able to give lessons until the second year of college. I am very pedagogue, and it often happened to me to help my comrades during my schooling. From his years when I made my knowledge available, I got a good capacity for popularization while omitting any detail necessary for a deep understanding of the subject discussed. I am sincerely indulgent towards the students, knowing the sensitivities and the different approaches that we all have towards this subject, and I would then be happy to share our understandings with my future students! I also give French and English lessons for the cycle, being comfortable in writing and speaking in both languages.

Spanish teacher in a friendly atmosphere
Hello friends☺ I am Yoann student in Latin American Hispanic M1 and graduated from an English/Spanish LEA. It is with great joy that I see myself being your tutor and sharing with you my knowledge of the Spanish language as well as its culture, apart from Latin American culture, in a friendly atmosphere. Being used to giving Spanish lessons, I am a flexible and patient person and at the same time a pedagogue. Are you planning a trip to one of the Spanish-speaking countries? and don't know where to turn for help? Or do you want to improve your Spanish for a job promotion? I'm here to help you progress 😉 Nos vemos muy pronto los amigos ☺

Online or at-home Modern Greek Courses for Adults and Students
Hi! My name is Stavie, or Stavroula in Greek, and as native speaker I can help you discover this amazing language. This course is for anyone who wants to learn Greek as an extra skill, admires Greek culture, or simply has a Greek partner or friend they want to communicate better with. At the first course we will discuss your needs and ambitions as well as your Greek level, if any, and set the course's goals for you. Please note that the courses will be taught in English, since I am a bilingual Greek-English speaker. As a native speaker I am attracted to teaching because it allows me to discover and develop my new skills, while also allowing me to share my knowledge with others. Additionally, I can assist elementary students with their Greek homework. Looking forward to meeting you and being part of your Greek learning journey! In case you have any questions before booking a course with me, do not hesitate to contact me.

Cours particuliers collège / lycée - Aide aux devoirs
Étudiant de 18 ans en école de commerce à Lille, je vous propose un accompagnement scolaire, global ou sur certaines matières (à définir lors de notre premier échange). Sérieux et rigoureux, je peux également proposer un soutien méthodologique. Selon vos souhaits, mon aide peut être apportée en présentiel ou à distance. Je suis disponible, mon emploi du temps flexible me permettra de m'adapter à vos contraintes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter, réponse rapide garantie.

English language written, oral and communication expressions
English is a foreign language that is undeniably necessary and learning it represents a powerful tool not only in the world of teaching, science and research, but also for improving relational qualities and forging links that allow cultural exchanges and scientists. I then offer support courses in English! Prepare your pens and notebooks as well as your laptops I'm waiting for your call 😊😊

Singing lessons for beginners and intermediate level
My name is Irina, I am an opera singer with experience working in a Maestranza opera theater in Seville, Spain, in professional choirs and chamber ensembles. I offer singing lessons for beginners and also for intermediate level. We will work on breathing, vocal technique, developing your unique voice and musicality. I invite you to discover the wonderful world of music together!!!

Private lesson in French. Private literature course.
Graduate student in literature (literary baccalaureate, modern literature license, and comparative literature master in progress), I offer an individualized pedagogy; help in preparing for questions or exams, as well as help with homework. I am patient, pedagogue and kind. My goal is to make the student progress without overloading him, and in the best case, to make him love this subject! If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me! :)

English language courses, French as a foreign language, Latvian, Russian, also accounting
Hello, I give language lessons for individuals and professionals/companies in small groups or individually. I can help you improve, revise, remember grammar, converstion, writing or reading in English, French, Russian, Latvian (my mother tongue - Latvia), or German (base). I enjoy working with all people regardless of age or skill level. I am happy when I can help, give confidence, reassure... My lessons will be given by web cam because I live in France. I can travel for a project (max 1 week) if you pay the travel expenses.

English classes in Montpellier / Cours d'anglais à Montpellier
*** en français en-dessous! Hello! My name is Shona, and I am a former english teacher (with 3 years experience) now working for the international office in one of the main universities in Montpellier. I am from Ireland, and I am 30 years old. I would be very happy to offer english classes to teenagers and adults in the evenings, in a quiet cafe in Montpellier city centre! I am used to working with different levels, and I can provide a formal course that goes through grammar, conjugation, and conversation, or offer a more informal approach more focused on conversation and correction. I can also offer professional classes if you have more specific needs/ sets of vocabulary to master. I suggest we meet for coffee and discuss what you are looking for- everything is adaptable to your preferences, and I promise I am kind. ;) What most students really need is confidence! Do not hesitate to get in contact with me by SMS or email! ***** Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Shona, et je suis un ancien professeur d'anglais (avec 3 ans d'expérience) qui travaille maintenant pour le bureau international d'une des principales universités de Montpellier. Je suis originaire d'Irlande, et j'ai 30 ans. Je serais très heureuse de proposer des cours d'anglais aux adolescents et aux adultes le soir, dans un café tranquille du centre ville de Montpellier ! J'ai l'habitude de travailler avec différents niveaux, et je peux fournir un cours formel qui passe par la grammaire, la conjugaison, et la conversation, ou offrir une approche plus informelle plus axée sur la conversation et la correction. Je peux également proposer des cours professionnels si vous avez des besoins plus spécifiques/des ensembles de vocabulaire à maîtriser. Je vous propose de nous rencontrer autour d'un café et de discuter de ce que vous recherchez - tout est adaptable à vos préférences, et je vous promets que je suis gentille ;) Ce dont la plupart des étudiants ont vraiment besoin, c'est de confiance ! N'hésitez pas à me contacter par SMS ou par email !

Vocal coaching - Singing lessons - Free your voice and find your way!
Free your voice and find your way! Singing lessons - Tailor-made vocal coaching! No need to know music theory. Here we work on the songs YOU want, whatever your level, there are always things to learn, no matter the song! It's a holistic approach. Beyond improving your vocal technique, you will get to know your voice and the extent of your abilities. You will gain confidence, dare to express yourself, release buried emotions. The voice is the reflection of the soul. So I suggest you establish a real virtuous circle! Surprise you, reveal yourself, surpass yourself... And believe me, singing, like any other artistic or sporting discipline, will allow you to assert yourself, to dare, to believe in yourself, in all the other areas of your life !

French lessons (oral, written, reading, discussion...)
With this course, I set myself the objective of developing in you the confidence that goes hand in hand with the knowledge that you will learn at my side. Despite my 23 years, I will be as well to listen to the youngest as the oldest. Do not be afraid to assume your difficulties, they are only the beginnings of your future progress! I will prepare my lessons according to your needs and adapt them over the course of the sessions.

Piano lessons at home (private lesson in particular or in a group)
Graduated from the conservatory and with a license in Music and Musicology at the Sorbonne, I have five years of teaching experience. I learned music since my very early childhood, I have a piano practice of fifteen years and would be happy to be able to transmit my passion! I teach anyone of any age in Paris and in the suburbs. I adapt my teaching method according to the expectations and desires of the pupil and the parents, and the musical tastes of the pupil. Musically, Marinella.

Personalized English lessons for all levels
Hello, I offer English lessons for all levels, all ages and for all objectives: whether you want to learn English, improve it or improve in one area (or in all areas), I am here for you! I offer personalized lessons, where the first session is mainly oral so that I can assess your level, your needs and your interests. I can also help you prepare for language certifications. Don't hesitate to ask me questions.