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54 vocabulary teachers in Spain

(ES) Hay muchas razones por las que uno quiere aprender un nuevo idioma, puede ser por motivos educativos, viajes o simplemente por interés, una cosa es segura, aprender idiomas es una experiencia gratificante. Mi nombre es Leona. Actualmente trabajo aquí en Valencia como Auxiliar de Conversación. Ayudo a los profesores de inglés en las escuelas a preparar materiales y presentaciones en inglés. He ayudado a mis alumnos a mejorar su nivel de inglés mediante la práctica de conversaciones y la revisión de gramática y vocabulario. En mi tiempo libre, doy clases de inglés privadas a aquellos que quieren una vía adicional para mejorar su comprensión del inglés. Soy filipina con un nivel nativo / bilingüe de inglés, ya que es uno de los idiomas oficiales de mi país. Tengo numerosas experiencias en la enseñanza de inglés desde niños hasta adolescentes y adultos. Estas experiencias se dan en un salón de clases o en una clase privada. Mis clases podrían ser simplemente conversaciones o una sesión individual más intensiva con revisores que he preparado y diferentes modos de aprendizaje (por ejemplo, ejercicios escritos, actividades orales). Idealmente, evito traducir las palabras directamente al idioma nativo de los estudiantes para minimizar su dependencia de la traducción, en lugar de eso, explico palabras y conceptos en inglés de una manera más simple para que mejoren su comprensión. Me gusta que mis clases sean un equilibrio entre un ambiente de enseñanza relajado mientras hago el trabajo. Los estudiantes nunca deben sentir que los errores son inaceptables, ya que es normal y se les anima a aprender. (EN) There are many reasons why one wants to learn a new language, it may be for education purposes, travelling reasons or just plain interest, one thing is for certain, learning languages is a rewarding experience. My name is Leona. I am currently working here in Valencia as a Language and Culture Assistant (Auxiliar de Conversación). I assist English teachers in schools in preparing materials and presentations in English. I have helped my students improve their level of English through practicing conversations, and reviewing grammar and vocabulary. In my free time, I give private English classes to those who want an additional avenue in improving their understanding of English. I am Filipina with a bilingual/native level of English as it is one of the official languages in my country. I have numerous experiences in teaching English from children to teenagers to adults. These experiences are either in a classroom setting or in a private class. My classes could be simply conversations or a more intensive 1-on-1 session with reviewers that I have prepared and different modes of learning (e.g. written exercises, speaking activities). Ideally, I avoid translating the words directly into the students' native language as to minimize their reliance on translation instead I explain words and concepts in English through a simpler manner in order for them to improve their comprehension. I like my classes to be a balance between a relaxed teaching environment while getting the work done. Students should never feel like mistakes are unacceptable as it is normal and encouraged in learning.
English · Grammar · Vocabulary
Welcome to my classes to learn Norwegian! I was born and raised in Norway and studied at university of Oslo Norwegian literature with history. I am very passionate about teaching and giving others the opportunity to feel confidence, uplifted & a sense of accomplishment. Depends on your level, i focus my classes based on basic Norwegian grammar and vocabulary so we will build you up together so you will feel a sense of achievement to be able to have conversations and be able to understand how the grammar works. Once you learn the grammar you will see that you can speak so much with that in place. Depends on your level but the goal is that you will quick be able to manage in easy every day situations. The tutoring is communicative. You will be encouraged to use the language active in practical situations from every day life, and you get many opportunities to practice and use the language. You will learn: -Basic grammar and pronunciation -Words and expressions to be able to tell you about yourself and ask others of the same -Words and expressions to daily situations -Ask and answer questions, express agreement / disagreement - Write simple texts - Read easy articles and tekst like menues, adds etc. We will talk about Norwegian culture, some history and also some typical Norwegian phrases you won't find in the dictionary. After each class we will do some homework until next time we meet. It will be fun, challenging, but not overwhelming & you will feel a sense of achievement. I am very flexible so if there are some special needs or something you would like to focus more on we will adapt the class based on your specific needs and desires.
Norwegian · Grammar · Vocabulary
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Ismael López
Ismael is an amazing teacher. He is very encouraging, supportive and quick to adjust to the needs of his students, while still being very attentive to proper technique, form, posture, musicality, etc. He is able to balance being friendly and being professional. Ismael is always punctual and regularly checks up on you during the week to send you reminders, sheet music, etc. I strongly recommend him as a viola teacher.
Review by JEREMY