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Trusted teacher: I am a Trombone, Music Theory, Music Technology, Studio Techniques and Composition tutor based in Bristol, UK, with over 10 years experience in performance and in the music industry. I love to teach and to see students excel to the best of their standards, and to reach their personal goals. Whether you are a beginner or looking to take your practice to a higher level, I can tailor my teaching to give a personalised experience for all age groups, with a dedication to helping you succeed. I have been playing trombone since the age of 9, and have studied and performed in a range of styles, from classical and jazz, to reggae, soul, funk, ska, pop and rock. I started playing with professional orchestras while still a teenager, and have studied with Amos Miller, Paul Nieman and Adrian France, each of whom have taught me essential practices and techniques in a variety of styles. I have performed and recorded with a number of successful groups, ensembles and projects, which include: Hotsteppas & Dub Princess, Timbali, Eastone Rockers, Lil Maxine, Fat Mark, Waggle Dance Records/The Co-operators, Wheel Up Records/Calculus, Gwari Music, Zoe Mazah, Rob Symmeonn, Urban Lions, Frankie and the Heartstrings, Euphony Collective, Toothless Mary, Sussex Jazz Orchestra, and Martha Hill. I studied for a year at the Royal College of Music aged 17, and went on to study at Newcastle University, achieving 2:1 honours in 2015. In September 2021, I graduated a Masters degree in Innovation In Sound with Distinction, from dBs Sound & Music Institute, which has led me to work as a recording and live sound engineer with Eastone Recordings, a small Bristol-based studio and production company. I have taught music theory for 7 years, helping students to reach Grade 5 and above, enabling them to progress in their musicianship, and to go on to study music at university. I believe that theory is not only an incredibly important part of learning music, but can also be a fun way to engage with the different elements of music. Practical application of theory as well as purely theoretical learning is an essential way of solidifying the knowledge, and how I believe theory should be taught. Having studied Trombone, Piano and Music Theory I have intimate knowledge of the ABRSM Grades, and can offer tuition to help students achieve the grades they need. I also offer Music Technology, Studio Techniques and Composition tuition which is informed by my work as a professional recording engineer, and through my research into experimental and extended studio practice. I have also gained writing and arranging credits for many of the groups listed above, composing for brass and whole ensembles. With this experience I can offer expert assistance and guidance with students’ compositions, as well as the equipment and set up to help with this process, both at home and at the studio I work in.
Trombone · Music theory · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Trumpet Lessons The Hague - Delft Music is an important part of anyone’s life at any stage, which is why I believe teaching an instrument should be made available to all ages. Whether you have a young child who has developed an interest in the trumpet, or you are a working professional who just fancies a new hobby, or anyone in-between, I will develop lesson plans tailor made to you. Learn to improvise, develop your creativity or even play classical concerto’s! Classical - Jazz - Pop From the age of 7, I trained as a classical trumpet player, and then developed an interest in jazz at 13. I have a Bachelors in Classical music from London, and a Jazz Bachelors and Masters from the Netherlands. You can therefore feel confident that no matter what your interest may be (perhaps you don’t even know yourself yet), I can give you high quality training in your own interests. What to expect- Beginners For beginners, I take the time to let you get acquainted with the trumpet, learning repertoire, simple theory and technique, gradually moving to more advanced studies and incorporating jazz into the equation. Jazz Basics My jazz lessons start with the basics - learning simple music theory and harmony, the appropriate scales and getting a taste for the jazz language, common repertoire and the tradition. Challenge As you advance, we will explore more challenging rhythm, harmony and melody. Learning musical transcription (the process of writing down sounds on to paper) is crucial for development and also covered in lessons as well as mental-practise. For trumpet players the true key to success. Of course, my lessons are always friendly, relaxed and personal! Intermediate - Advanced My lessons consist of trumpet technique, i.e gaining the facility to be able to meet the demands of professional trumpet playing and the knowledge to deal with the daily struggles of what is essentially a very a demanding instrument. Breathing Embouchure This of course includes breathing, posture, embouchure, articulation, long tones, sound production, flexibility, finger dexterity, endurance, scales/arpeggios, sight-reading and ear training. It is important to develop everyday fundamental routines: keeping in shape, as well as devising formalised structures within trumpet practise. The often heard phrase goes - it's not how long you practise but how and what - which is incredibly relevant to trumpet players. Flexible and able to travel I live in the Hague and teach from my apartment, but am happy to travel to another location if it’s convenient! Home lessons in Delft may be arranged. Help buying the right Instrument! When starting out, choosing what trumpet to buy can be confusing and sometimes stressful! I am happy to give advice and accompany you to a music shop, to ensure the choice you make is right for you. To Conclude If any of the above sparks your interest for you or a family member, please do get in touch. About Laurie Born and raised in the colourful and vibrant seaside city of Brighton (UK), Laurie began playing the trumpet aged 7 and grew up playing in the local Brighton and London music scene. He studied classical music at Royal Holloway University of London where he graduated with honours and won the Dame Felicity Lott award for performance in 2014. Since then he has resided in the Netherlands playing and studying with many musicians from the Dutch and European jazz scene. In 2016 he graduated from Codarts Conservatory Cum Laude having studied formally under the Dutch jazz-master Jarmo Hoogendijk amongst others. In 2018 he graduated with a master’s degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam receiving the highest mark ever to be given by the department. As a band-leader his quartet received 3rd place at the Leiden Jazz Competition in 2016 and in the same year made an appearance at North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2018, his quintet was selected as finalists of both the Keep-an-Eye Jazz Awards and the prestigious Dutch Jazz Competition. To date he has made numerous appearances at jazz venues and festivals in and around the Netherlands and currently resides in The Hague (NL) teaching students, giving performances and making music with friends.
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(English below) 🎶 Entdecke den Musiker in dir! 🎺 👋 Hallo! Ich bin Diogo, und ich bin ein leidenschaftlicher Lehrer für Posaune und Musiktheorie. Wenn du jemals davon geträumt hast, ein erstaunliches Instrument wie die Posaune zu spielen oder in die Geheimnisse der Musik einzutauchen, bist du hier genau richtig! 🎵 Warum bei mir lernen? ✔️ Berufserfahrung: Mit 10 Jahren Erfahrung als professioneller Musiker und Lehrer stehe ich dir bei deiner musikalischen Reise zur Seite. 🎓 Qualitätsausbildung: Ich habe einen soliden akademischen Hintergrund in Musiktheorie und Posaune, was bedeutet, dass ich dir helfen kann, die Grundlagen und die Technik zu erfassen, die du brauchst, um herausragend zu sein. 🎺 Meistere die Posaune: Egal, ob du lernen möchtest, die Posaune zu spielen, ich werde dich von den Grundlagen bis zu fortgeschrittenen Techniken unterrichten, damit du deine Lieblingssongs spielen und in Aufführungen glänzen kannst. 📚 Entmystifizierte Musiktheorie: Musiktheorie kann einschüchternd wirken, aber ich werde sie leicht verständlich machen, damit du Noten lesen, deine eigenen Lieder komponieren und die Musik, die du spielst, wirklich begreifen kannst. 🌟 Persönlicher Unterricht: Ich verstehe, dass jeder Schüler einzigartig ist. Ich werde meinen Unterricht an deine Ziele und deinen Lernstil anpassen, damit du in deinem eigenen Tempo vorankommen kannst. 💡 Lass dich inspirieren: Musik ist eine universelle Sprache, die Menschen verbindet. Mit meinem Unterricht wirst du nicht nur lernen, ein Instrument zu spielen, sondern auch eine neue Möglichkeit erhalten, dich auszudrücken und dich mit der Welt zu verbinden. 🎉 Werde Teil unserer musikalischen Gemeinschaft! Komm und entdecke die Wunder der Musik mit mir und verwirkliche deine Träume. 📩 Kontaktiere mich, um deine erste Unterrichtsstunde zu vereinbaren und den ersten Schritt auf deiner aufregenden musikalischen Reise zu machen! 🎶 🎶 Unlock Your Inner Musician! 🎺 👋 Hello! I'm Diogo, and I'm a passionate trombone and music theory teacher. If you've ever dreamed of playing an amazing instrument like the trombone or delving into the mysteries of music, you've come to the right place! 🎵 Why Learn with Me? ✔️ Professional Experience: With 10 years of experience as a professional musician and teacher, I'm here to guide you on your musical journey. 🎓 Quality Education: I have a strong academic background in music theory and trombone, which means I can help you grasp the fundamentals and technique needed to excel. 🎺 Master the Trombone: Whether you want to learn to play the trombone, I'll teach you from the basics to advanced techniques, so you can play your favorite songs and shine in performances. 📚 Demystified Music Theory: Music theory can seem daunting, but I'll make it easy to understand, so you can read sheet music, compose your own songs, and truly comprehend the music you play. 🌟 Personalized Lessons: I understand that every student is unique. I'll tailor my lessons to your goals and learning style, so you can progress at your own pace. 💡 Get Inspired: Music is a universal language that connects people. With my lessons, you'll not only learn to play an instrument but also gain a new way to express yourself and connect with the world. 🎉 Join our musical community! Come learn the wonders of music with me and turn your dreams into reality. 📩 Contact me to schedule your first lesson and take the first step toward your exciting musical journey! 🎶
Trombone · Music teacher training · Music theory
Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that goes beyond the notes and into the realm of soulful expression? Look no further! If you're an aspiring trombonist seeking a mentor who not only possesses over two decades of trombone mastery but also boasts an extensive professional background in contemporary genres like jazz, reggae, funk, and soul, you've found your match. Hi! I'm Jonathan a seasoned professional trombonist and devoted educator who is passionate about nurturing creativity and self-expression through the art of trombone playing. With a deep-rooted love for a variety of musical styles, I bring a unique and unparalleled perspective to every lesson. 🌟 What Sets These Lessons Apart? 🌟 Unleash Your Inner Artist: My lessons are not just about learning technique; they're about tapping into your inner musical artist. Dive into the rich tapestry of jazz, groove to the infectious rhythms of funk, explore the laid-back vibes of reggae, and infuse your melodies with the heart and soul of soul music. Technique in Service of Music: While technique is essential, I believe it's the means to an end – serving the music. Discover how technique can elevate your musicality, enabling you to communicate your emotions and ideas through your trombone. Each lesson is carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between honing your technical skills and embracing the artistry within. Personalized Learning Journey: No two students are alike, and neither are their musical aspirations. I tailor every lesson to suit your unique goals and learning pace. Whether you're a beginner aiming to hit your first note or an advanced player looking to fine-tune your improvisational skills, My guidance will steer you in the right direction. 🎵 Why Choose Me? 🎵 ✓ 20+ Years of Trombone Experience with Multiple World Tours and Recordings ✓ Diverse Background in Contemporary Music ✓ Passion for Nurturing Creativity ✓ Personalized Approach to Teaching ✓ Focus on Technique as a Musical Tool Are you ready to embark on a trombone journey that marries technique with musical expression? Elevate your playing and let your soulful melodies resonate with the world. Limited slots are available, so don't miss your chance to learn from a true maestro.
Trombone · Music theory · Jazz music
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Trombone for any level - Beginner, Intermediate, Professional (Rotterdam)
Matteo is a very inspiring teacher and a great trombone player who performs regularly! I’m very thankful to have him as my teacher and already learned a lot in 4 lessons. The lessons are very motivational and fun and at the same time very structured, precise and professional. I practice more than before and I'm making sure steps in improving my playing. Looking forward to the next one!
Review by SASKIA
Trombone Instrumental Tuition (Beginner to Advanced) (Bristol)
Jacob is great, really encouraging and supportive. I'm a complete beginner, only a few lessons in, and already feel so much more confident not only with playing but with looking after the instrument and looking forward to learning more.
Review by SARA
Trumpet and Trombone lessons in The Hague (English or Dutch) (The Hague)
Review by TROY

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