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20 spanish teachers in Séville

Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name is Soundouss and I am 18 years old. I offer private reinforcement classes for primary school children and, in some cases, also for those in first and second year of ESO. I understand that sometimes the problem is not a lack of effort, but a lack of effective study strategies. In my classes, I will teach students how to approach subjects efficiently. In primary education, I am prepared to address a wide range of subjects, including languages, with a focus on Spanish (Castilian language) and English. In secondary education, for first and second year ESO students as well. I am committed to helping students reach their full potential and build a solid foundation for their academic future. If you are interested in my private classes, do not hesitate to contact me! Together, we will work to achieve your children's academic success :) By the way, during the second year of high school, I achieved an average of 10, and my total average in high school was 9.7. In the selectivity, I obtained a 12.7. ———— Hii, I'm Soundouss, and I'm 18 years old. I'm excited to offer private Spanish lessons for beginners. If you're looking to start your journey into the beautiful Spanish language, I'm here to help ;). I'll guide you through the basics of Spanish, providing a solid foundation for beginners. Whether you want to learn conversational skills, basic grammar, or simply get started with the language, my lessons are tailored to your needs. Learning a new language can be an enriching experience, and I'm here to make it fun and accessible for you. If you're ready to embark on this exciting journey, feel free to contact me for private Spanish lessons. Together, we'll explore the world of Spanish!
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Marta - Seville24€
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EXCLUSIVE HIGH QUALITY ONLINE SERVICE I offer an exclusive ONLINE service of the highest quality, based on international standards, adapted to your personal and professional needs and interests. EFFICIENT ONLINE WORK SYSTEM My work system consists of providing online classes, taking advantage of all the technological tools available to achieve greater impact and effectiveness. BUSINESS ENGLISH TEACHING EXPERIENCE More than 30 years of experience teaching business English and international negotiations to executives of multinational companies. I have also prepared candidates for international exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, TOEIC, FCE, among others. Additionally, I have worked with professionals in the health and science areas. DIVERSITY OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS My clients include collaborators from mining companies, banks, embassies, retail companies, investment companies, automotive, IT, cybersecurity, insurance, energy, agribusiness, start-ups, laboratories, among others. I have clients in Miami, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Peru and Chile. ACHIEVEMENTS I have successfully prepared candidates to enter institutions of great global prestige, such as London Business School, Imperial College of London, Berkeley, Harvard, Davis, among others. In addition to academic preparation, I offer advice throughout the application process, including the preparation of presentation videos, writing personal statements, reference letters, Talent Kira Interview, among others. SOLID ACADEMIC TRAINING My academic training includes English studies from the age of 4 with British, American and Australian tutors. In addition, I have a BA in English, a postgraduate degree in Didactics, an MA in TEFL, a diploma in Language and Culture, and a CELT from Cambridge. I am also a Licensed Public Translator.
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French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Rabat)
Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by JUDE
Spanish classes as a second language/Classes of Spanish as a Second Language (Seville)
Lucia is a very likeable, open-minded and quickly accessible person. We booked 5 conversational clases with her during our stay in Sevilla. Lucia was always well prepared. You can talk to her about any subject. The atmosphere was absolutely relaxed from the very first minute and we had a lot of fun. We can strongly recommend her as a spanish teacher.
Review by SYLKE
Spanish lessons with experienced and certified teacher (Alcalá de Guadaira)
Fantastic experience with Cristina - she joined us for Spanish lessons over drinks and tapas for a couple of evenings during our week long stay in Seville - great informal and fun structure to the lessons and we learned lots of new words, phrases and expressions. Highly recommend!