CURRENTLY, ALL CLASSES ARE RUN ON-LINE IVM CORONA VIRUS. HOW WE HELP STOP STOP SPREADING THE VIRUS. Have you always wanted to develop your music talent? This is your chance. I'm from a musical family. As a girl I quickly learned to play the autodidact recorder. Piano and guitar were added at a slightly later age. At a young age music had become one of my passions. Later, after my teacher training, I could not resist further music education. Music is not only my passion, but is also a way for me to communicate with each other. If you don't know how this is possible, you can learn it. My experiences as a teacher and musician were and are still linked to each other. I have gained extensive experience as a music teacher and all-round musician in various fields, such as conducting choirs, drawing up and disseminating curricula for schools, giving musical notes and learning instruments (recorder, keyboard / piano, guitar).
CURRENTLY, ALL CLASSES ARE RUN ON-LINE IVM CORONA VIRUS. HOW WE HELP STOP STOP SPREADING THE VIRUS. We offer Portuguese language courses specifically for you as an individual. This means that you learn Portuguese in a fun and efficient way. Depending on your wishes and level you can enroll in various Portuguese courses that you can follow together with other like-minded people. If you do not find a connection with the existing Portuguese courses, you can of course also follow specific programs that we prepare for you. In this way you are always assured of an optimal result and the best language course that is available to you. - - - - Currently all lessons are on-line !!
- Coaching é uma metodologia relacionada a atingimento de metas, realização de objetivos e tomada de decisão. Vem ganhando cada vez mais espaço no mundo todo e compõe cursos e programas de universidades como Harvard, Wharton, Insead e Columbia. - Todo processo de coaching começa com a identificação do Estado Atual, ou seja, como estão a vida e os resultados do cliente naquele momento. Em seguida, o cliente define seus objetivos, o que chamamos de Estado Desejado. - O processo dura entre 10 a 12 sessões de 1h30 - Para quem? Para toda pessoa que deseja se conhecer melhor, como também descobrir o seu potencial e conseguir resultados significativos em todas as áreas de sua vida - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Coaching is a methodology related to achieving goals, achieving goals and making decisions. It is gaining more and more space around the world, curating courses and programs at universities such as Harvard, Wharton, Insead, and Columbia. - Every coaching process starts with the identification of the Present State, that is, what the client's life and results are like at that moment. Next, the client defines his goals, which we call the Desired State. - The process takes 10 to 12 sessions of 1h30 - For who is it? For anyone who wants to get to know themselves better, discover their potential and achieve significant results in all areas of their life.

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