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85 private teachers in Delicias

Trusted teacher: 🔍 Discover the Power of Learning with an Experienced Electronics Engineer and University Educator! Greetings! I'm Jiyan, a seasoned electronics engineer with a master's degree and a passion for guiding students toward academic success. I also have a minor degree in mathematics. With a rich background in teaching Calculus 1, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, and Differential Equations at the university level, I bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world application to your learning journey. 🚀 Why Learn with Me? Expertise: Benefit from my in-depth understanding of core mathematical concepts. Practical Insight: Explore the real-world applications of theory, making learning engaging and relevant. Customized Approach: Tailored lessons to suit high school and undergraduate students, ensuring clarity and mastery. Whether you're tackling high school challenges or delving into advanced undergraduate coursework, I'm here to illuminate the path to mathematical mastery. Let's embark on a journey where every concept becomes clear, every problem solvable, and every student empowered. 📚 Subjects Offered: The topics that are included in the curriculum of high school education. PLUS: Matemáticas I (Mathematics I): Covering foundational concepts crucial for high school success. Álgebra Lineal (Linear Algebra): Unravel the mysteries of matrices and linear equations. Ecuaciones Diferenciales (Differential Equations): Delve into the fascinating realm of differential equations. Ready to elevate your understanding and transform challenges into triumphs? Let's start the learning adventure together! 🌟 Book a Session Today!
Trusted teacher: Nota: Abajo sigue descripción en Español. ... Below is a list of the styles and topics for classes, performances, lectures and productions:  Body Awareness and Conditioning- the functional foundation for efficient movement, done correctly from a healthy biomechanical perspective.  Latin American Dance: Cha Cha, Samba, Cuban Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive  Standard Ballroom Dance: Social Rhythm, Slow Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz  Popular Latin Rhythms: Salsa/Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk  Argentine Rhythms: Tango, Milonga, Vals, ...  Spanish Dancing: Sevillanas, Paso Doble, Rumba Flamenca, ...  Jazz and Contemporary Dance  Wedding Dances  Personal Training  Technical, functional and artistic advice  Choreography and production  Coordination and direction of projects ....... Some examples of workshops are: 1. Social Dance Classes Simple class, mainly focused on student entertainment so that they learn without pressure, practice, dance, socialize and enjoy the moment. 2. Dance Technique Workshop Analysis of the movement with practical examples of how to improve it. Focus on elements and priorities in dancing. Control of time, rhythm, musicality (melody, harmony), interpretation and creativity. How to make the dance more precise and efficient at a functional level, more elegant, more beautiful and more captivating. Connection and communication, leading and following, etc. 3. Body Awareness and Conditioning Workshop Balance the flexibility, power and control of the dancer. ....... I want to create opportunities for growth, positive energies and special moments in the lives of all my students and the public. Dance is an essential part of life, a non verbal language which communicates through movement and expression and an incredibly powerful activity for us to become the best we can be. Carpe Diem, _______________ Pedro
Dance · Personal training · Fitness
Trusted teacher: Do you want to START or IMPROVE your technique and sound? Do you feel STUCK in your progress? Are you BORED of always doing the same thing and in the same way? Do you need a STUDY PLAN to improve at home? Together we can give that boost to your development and make you feel MOTIVATED to practice seeing REAL progress. You are the protagonist. In addition, we will create a good musical FOUNDATION so that you can face any genre or style that you propose. We can learn from more classical pieces or from modern music (from the sXX). I ADAPT to your MUSICAL TASTES. Even the greatest gave classes to learn and improve! We can investigate STYLES such as (Pop, Blues, Rock, Classic, Acoustic, Soul, R&B, Country, etc). We can develop your TECHNIQUE so that you can make a qualitative leap in your sound. We will talk about music THEORY, if you want, so you have a good baggage. I can teach you to IMPROVISE and COMPOSE. We can prepare TESTS for conservatory or Rockschool exams if you need it. GIFT: I have several groups where I gather my students online, to give you extra training. Groups of: - Musical language. - Harmony and Theory. - Auditory training. - Composition and Improvisation. - (These classes are recorded so you can see them at another time if you can't attend). [[ Possibility of ONLINE classes ]] MY TRAINING AND CAREER: Degree in Teaching in Musical Ed., Higher Degree in the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and Professional Graduate in modern music (Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Pop, etc) by Alfonso X. More than 10 years of teaching experience as a music teacher and private teacher. Active studio and live musician for different artists.
Guitar · Piano · Singing
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Spanish teacher / Spanish teacher for foreigners (ELE) (Madrid)
My convseration classes with Miguel are great! He knows when to correct me and when to let me talk so I really feel like I'm making progress
Review by NICK
Composition and arrangement classes in Madrid (theory, counterpoint ...) (Madrid)
Eduardo is very skilled in Logic Pro. He is a very experienced musician. Muy bien
Review by TONY DJ
Profesor particular de español por internet con más de 5 años de experiencia (Madrid)
Very calm, patient and reassuring with a well planned lesson
Review by ROBERT