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Trusted teacher: Have you ever thought what affects your choices, your personal and general judgments? If its hold that improving your creative and critical thinking capacity enables you to make right decisions in your personal, professional and family life, what do you say? Whether we are aware of it or not, our unhealthy thinking patterns narrows our mental capacities and weakens our quality of life. We invite you to our course to discover these unhealthy thoughts, to real their impact on our lives and to learn to think healthier. Week1: We will explore the nature of beliefs and our belief systems. Mainly we will focus on how a belief is created and how much strength it has on your level of intelligence, problem solving and decision making. Here, you will identify and encounter your own limiting beliefs and their influences your ability to think creatively, constructively, and critically. Then, we will work on authentic tools from philosophical practices to overcome your limitations. Week2 & 3: We will talk about the common patterns of unhealthy thinking (logical errors, cognitive biases). By examining those automatic patterns one by one, we would analyze the examples from our daily life. Hence, we will make it easier for you to be aware the source of your wrong decisions and unresolved issues. Week4: We will learn the most effective philosophical practices to improve the quality of thinking and decision making. We will talk about how to implement the proven strategies of to neutralize the negative effects of mental errors and improve cognitive capacities.
Mental health counseling · Self-improvement · Philosophy
We will start from the texts and themes of the program in question (high school program or courses taken at the university). From there, it will be a question of developing a deep and conceptually rigorous reading capacity of the text. This work will be done together between the student and the professor, trying to identify the key points through dialogue - issues, thesis, argumentative path, etc. - the author in question. Following this, it is essential to move on to personal work where the student will be confronted with the writing and production of a philosophical thought. This precise exercise will obviously depend on the time that the student will want to invest in the course as well as his strengths and what he needs to improve. It will therefore be a question of writing short introductions of text or essay commentary, short dialogues, detailed plans, short essays, etc. I am in fact convinced that philosophy, like any other skill, is also and above all learned through concrete practice and confrontation with specific exercises. I hope that through this methodology we will reach the precise objectives that the student sets out for himself, by means of a living philosophy and active teaching. The method is obviously open to change, which means that the main driving force of the whole course will be the dialogue and continuous exchange between the student and the teacher. Only in this way, I hope, we really learn to philosophize and we can therefore understand what philosophy is about.
Humanities · Philosophy
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