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Trusted teacher: Graduated in 'Popular Music and Interpretation' from the London Institute of Contemporary Music, he offers guitar lessons in Madrid. I currently teach Spanish and electric guitar classes at the Sanchinarro cultural center and Musicalix music school. I offer flexible guitar lessons in which we can focus on learning a repertoire of student taste; improve technique and musical vocabulary; or focus on different fields, such as: • Investigate different musical styles, observing the role that the guitar plays in them and learn from stylistic references in a simple and accessible way. • Acquire the necessary skills for the student to learn to interpret certain guitar lines and make their own arrangements that they will put into practice in various possible scenarios: in the recording of their original music demo, establishing their guitar parts in songs for their band. , etc… • Understand and put into practice the role of this instrument of some of their favorite themes, and contrast them with others, with the aim of realizing the different approaches that can be given to an instrument as rich and diverse as the guitar: sound options, tonal textures and ranges. • Learn to read and interpret sheet music. • Contemplate what options we have at our disposal, once we have acquired a certain level, to apply knowledge creatively in the elaboration of our own artistic product. There is also the possibility of giving online classes, in which theoretical explanations will be attached (in .pdf or .word format), transcripts of the musical exercises seen, or short explanatory videos for those who prefer a more visual and practical medium.
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Trusted teacher: My name is Blanca and I am a lyrical singer graduated from the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid. Master in Spanish and Latin American music. Active singer and teacher. I have experience as a teacher of both lyrical and modern and musical singing. I have taught children from 4-5 years old, adolescents, adults and the elderly. I also prepare voices for actors, for choral singers who want to improve and for people who need vocal technique in their work and want to correct or improve vocal delivery, and not get tired talking. I have students of different levels, who start from zero level to students who already sing and are looking for a vocal coach to prepare for different tests or entrance exams, for lyrical singers, musical theater singers and actors. I teach classes in Madrid (Puerta del Ángel area next to Puente Segovia) and at home (consult). Classes for one or several students, small groups too. In the classes you will learn to work the voice technically and interpretively, understanding that the voice works together with the body, posture, resonators, expression, breathing, vocal technique, repertoire, language, color, expressiveness, physical condition and psychology of the singer. The classes are made up of a first technical part with specific exercises to learn how the voice works and training various aspects of the voice such as breathing, air, connection, resonators, etc. with various types of vocalizations focused on working on different aspects. Then we work on the works and songs, applying the knowledge acquired to the repertoire, focusing on the emission, expressiveness and vocal technique necessary for the work and style. We also study the phonetics of the language of the song (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian). I have additional training in classical and modern dance (ISTD) and violin (professional qualification). You can contact me and I will send you more information.
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Trusted teacher: Face-to-face and online lessons available for different levels and ages. STRUCTURE of 1 hour class: 10 min warm-up. Scales, arpeggios, double strings, and mechanics exercises: Feuilleard, Sevsik, Cossmann, Starker, Tortelier…. 15min to work on whims, studies and technical works by Popper, Piatti, Dotzauer, Duport, Lee, Servais, Lindley, Franchomme, Grutzmacher etc. 35min of free repertoire, working on a multitude of styles, techniques and languages. METHODOLOGY: -Pedagogical material and free sheet music with fingerings and bows. -Preparation for entrance exams: 4/4 students pass the entrance exam for professional education in 2022. -Suzuki and preparation for ABRSM and Trinity College exams (RU) -Stretches, physical therapy exercises, mindfulness and Alexander Technique. -Free service via WhatsApp. -Analysis of videos and recordings with score annotation -Microphones and HD cameras for an optimal connection, optional recorded classes. -Free advice when testing, renting and buying instruments. -Pedagogical experience, friendly, honest treatment and positive attitude. ARTISTIC BIOGRAPHY: His work ranges from modern music recordings at Abbey Road Studios to concerts for the BBC, New Generation Baroque 2021. Recent doctorate and scholarship with Distinction at the Royal College of Music in London (Artist Diploma), Javier has also studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Rebecca Gilliver, London Symphony Orchestra, as well as at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, Netherlands and the COSCYL of Salamanca. He currently works as a cellist giving concerts throughout the country, as a researcher at the National Library of Spain and is studying a degree in Musicology at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. LOCATION: In my music studio or online, although travel to the student's home is contemplated, calculating time and costs.
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