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1 music teacher training teacher in Burguillos De Toledo

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Trusted teacher: Lovers of rhythm, song and percussion of the world, you are at the right address! The universe of rhythm and drums of the world attracts you ... you are novice or want to improve, you are looking for workshops in private or group lessons, ... Welcome! Multi-percussionist on stage and in the studio, teachers and performers for twenty years, I offer introductory or advanced modules to percussion from around the world, for adults, teenagers and children and whatever your level. (individual, group and internship courses) The educational objective makes it a point of honor to explore general notions, developmental points and instrumental techniques, depending on the chosen instrument, the cultural context associated with it and your feelings. My approach is to allow you to establish an intimate contact with your own dynamics of play, by listening and reproduction, by opening the channels of the sensitive, to find and make vibrate the musicality that is in you and to transmit this direct experience , in condition of interpretation. Percussion lessons always involve several instruments and levels: For all levels: congas, bongos, bata drums, cajon, bendir and tär (frame drums), djembe, dundun, drums and minor percussions (accessories: shaker, triangle, karkabou ... And also for novices & intermediates: Indian tablas Point essentially addressed for a musical and psycho-sensory immersion work: the roles of rhythmic instruments in contemporary, ethnic and scholarly music, and the metrics of each musical current. the strokes specific to each instrument and a playful rhythmic solfeggio (visualization, learning and interpretation of rhythmic sequences by writing and / or voicing) the poly-rythmie around current musics and world music (African, Caribbean, Indian and oriental traditions): simultaneous combination of rhythmic cells, sometimes of different size, to form a rich, well-rounded and harmonious phrase. groove and inner pulsation (or inner partition) guided improvisation and discovery of one's own interpretive fiber. orchestration or arrangement of instrument families in an orchestra. the song and the breath, the setting in voice and in space of the rhythm, to refine the sensory language of an adequate dynamic gesture. I provide on request personal work media (CDs, scores, videos). Apart from stage music, I also work for live shows (storytelling, theater, circus, pantomime, contemporary dance ...), documentary film and audio-visual. I frequently intervene in musical awakening for early and middle childhood (maternity hospitals, schools, leisure centers) and also in specialized settings (day hospitals, IME) and at home, as part of mediation actions in art. therapy. Hoping to share with you my passion for teaching and the melody of rhythm. Stéphane Musically !
Music teacher training · Computer generated music · Percussion
Trusted teacher: Hi! My name is Diego I am a guitarist and composer currently living in Berlin. I am offering guitar and music lessons to everyone interested in learning music, from beginners to advanced players who want to improve their skills. I find teaching very inspiring and beautiful. My goal is to help you find your way in music so that you can improve and enjoy the process. I think its better for you to have commitment and love for the music in order to learn. I have been a teacher in different schools and privately in the last years in Spain and Berlin. I have a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies from the University of the Basque Country, Musikene (Spain). Each person is different, so I adapt to the needs and interests of each one. We always work on things that are important for you, depending on what you prefer. Along with this, there are certain topics that I consider necessary(and fun!) for further development: guitar technique, rhythm, harmony, ear training, improvisation, composition, different languages (jazz, blues, rock, folk) and a repertoire suitable for the student. I can also give extra material to the students with videos or Pdf to work at home. We can do a test or using a mask for the lessons with you will. I always clean and open the windows in my studio before and after each lesson. If you live in Neukölln, besides my studio in Ostkreuz(Friedrichshain), there's the option of doing the lesson in Baumschulenstr(Treptow). I can also go to your location. Online lessons also available via zoom or Skype Looking forward to hear from you! Diego
Music teacher training · Guitar · Jazz music
About me: Pedagogical experience: 15 years Education: Graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest (2010) Graduate of the Master's Program of the Maastricht Academy of Music with the distinction "Cum laude", Netherlands (2012) Graduate of the Doctoral Studies Program of the National University of Music in Bucharest with the distinction "Excellent" (2016) Merit gradation for pedagogical results: 2016-2021 Results" more than 150 prizes with my students About the lessons: The lesson are focused on: instrumental position, recognition and reproduction of notes on the music stave, acquiring specific notions of musical language, correct plucking of the strings, basic technical elements, relaxation and breathing, compiling a repertoire appropriate to the age and level of playing of each student, developing both a sensitive and an intelligent interpretation. For who: For children over 8 years old and adults, both for hobby and performance. How long does a lesson take: A lessons lasts for 60 minutes. What do you need: To take online lessons you need a guitar, a webcam and a good internet connection. What are the advantages of online lessons? - comfort in having the lessons - flexible programming of lessons - saving time - the real-time progress of the lessons, with explanations and examples from the teacher - the opportunity to work with the desired teacher How do you schedule a lesson with me: What kind of instrument do I need? For beginner/intermediate level an average priced classical guitar will be enough.
Music teacher training · Guitar
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Piano lessons for any levels and ages (English or Spanish) (Amsterdam)
The first class was really nice. Daniel gave me plenty of feedback and good tips to practice as homework. He tailored his explanations to me quite well and it's starting to change the way I understand music. Also very patient, which I think is one of the most important skills for a teacher.
Review by EDUARDO
Singing lessons with a coach. Learn to sing correctly and with joy! (Graz)
This is the first lesson I had with Miss Betina, she seems very patient and encouraging to me, I believe she is a great teacher, she can directly point out my weakness while having vocal practise, and kindly mentioned that she will train and improve my vocal.
Review by SUMMER
Drums Lessons, Learn how to play drums, you already know how to? then you can improve! (Rotterdam)
This is my first time learning drums. Nico is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. He is invested in the lessons and teaches in a calm, fun and friendly manner. I'd recommend him to anyone seeking to learn drums.
Review by RALUCA