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Piano for All is an educational experience designed to teach people of different age groups to play the piano. This type of course is adapted to the needs, interests and skills of students, regardless of whether they are children, adolescents, young adults or older adults. Below, I give you a general description of what a piano course for all ages might include: 1. Introduction to the piano: - The course usually begins with an introduction to the instrument, where students learn about the parts of the piano and how it works. 2. Fundamentals of music: - Students learn fundamental musical concepts, such as reading scores, rhythm, musical notation and basic theory. 3. Piano technique: - Appropriate techniques of position of hands, fingers and body posture are taught to play the piano. Students practice exercises to develop the necessary dexterity and strength. 4. Repertoire: - Students begin to play musical pieces adapted to their level. The repertoire includes songs of various genres, from classic to popular, to maintain the interest of students. 5. Practice and progression: - As students progress, the course adapts to their individual levels, providing more challenging pieces and enriching their musical understanding. 6. Interpretation and expression: - Musical interpretation and personal expression are encouraged through the piano. Students learn to bring music to life through dynamics, phrasing and style. 7. Auditory development: - Students develop their auditory and musical ability, which allows them to identify tones, chords and melodic patterns. 8. History of music: - Aspects of the history of music can be included so that students understand the context of the works they perform. 9. Presentations and concerts: - Recitaries or presentations can be organized so that students have the opportunity to show their skills and gain confidence on stage. 10. Flexibility: - Piano courses for all ages are usually flexible and adapted to the individual needs and goals of the students. 11. Online education: - Many piano courses offer online options to provide comfort and flexibility to students, which is especially useful for busy adults. 12. Evaluation and follow-up: - Students can be evaluated periodically to measure their progress and receive feedback to help them improve. In summary, Piano for All focuses on teaching musical skills, piano techniques and theory, as well as encouraging musical appreciation and personal expression. The main objective is to allow students to enjoy music throughout their lives and develop piano skills at their own pace and level of interest.
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Trusted teacher: Great to meet you all! My name is Tomas and I'm a passionate violin teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. I have a strong academic background in music and education. Here are some of the degrees I have obtained: - Master Degree in Music Research from the Valencian International University - Major in Violin Performance from the Conservatory of the Liceu Theater in Barcelona - Teaching degree from the Barcelona Music School - Professional degree from the Music School of Buenos Aires - Specialist in Psychomotricity from University Miguel Cervantes -Specialist in Early Cognitive Development from University Miguel Cervantes Apart from teaching, I also run the world's largest Spanish-language violin blog called MyViolinBlog where I share my teaching and playing experiences. I'm also privileged to work as a conductor for the AMA Orchestra in Barcelona, where my students and I focus on musical group experience and technique. I have teaching experience in different schools across Argentina, Spain, Poland, and Romania, I've developed a unique teaching approach that tailors each lesson to the student's goals, keeping them motivated and on track. I can also assist with preparation for school admissions exams such as ABRSM, Trinity College, and more. As the head teacher at Esclat Barcelona Music School and Viaró Global School, I'm currently conducting research in the biomechanics of violin playing, and I'm set to publish four books on this subject this year! Each class with me is customized to meet the student's needs, covering musical, theoretical, and postural concepts to ensure optimal comfort while playing. I love to explain complex concepts in simple terms and inspire my students to continue learning and exploring their musical abilities. If you're interested in booking a trial lesson with me, let's discuss your goals and how I can help you to reach them!
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Had my first class with Pia. She is great! Can't wait to continue my singing journey with her.
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Paula was thorough, professional and so lovely in my first lesson to play cello! Loved it !
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First class with Ariadna with my son very good. He liked it. Going for more classes.
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