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Trusted teacher: I adore everything about English as a subject. It is intricate, inquisitive and most importantly interpretive. Depending on the placement of words, punctuation and the tone used, one can communicate in so many things by essentially using the same components. My interest in English manifested through my love for literature, drama and media and as a result I choose to continue studying it all the way through high school and wanting to further informally explore it at university. Whereas, my love for teaching began when I would volunteer to tutor some younger students at school on the off chance and also when I would help out my younger cousins. Throughout this experience, I found the job to be exceptionally rewarding when I was able to become part of the reason why those children were able to bring their grades up. I believe my style of teaching is very oriented around my students and I have a lot of patience and knowledge to pass on for those who are willing to learn. As far as my qualifications go, I have top grades in GCSE and A level English Literature and language. Therefore, I am incredibly well prepared to teach those who are sitting similar style exams and require trying on how to analyse and discuss complex texts such as Shakespeare. The exam boards that I am most familiar with are Edexcel's 9-1 course and OCR's AS and A level course. However, I am more than capable of working around other exam boards as well. I am also more than happy to take on beginners or those who need some guidance on learning how to speak English and manoeuvring their way to better communication skills and becoming a grammar god.
Grammar · Literature · English
Trusted teacher: I have fifteen years of experience in teaching, writing and research. I am passionate, but I like methodical and structured work. I always organize my sessions more or less in the same way (an introduction / revision of a few minutes, a high point for the main activities and an end / review to review the corrections made during the session, express myself on the difficulties and plan for the future…) For the same reason, I recommend the use of quality teaching materials. I therefore offer you, with great pleasure, two types of courses where the rigor of a training center combines with the advantages of a personalized teacher: 1. LANGUAGE, CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION COURSE IN LATIN AMERICA AND SPANISH. If you learn the language for fun, if you are going on a trip, if you like literature, cinema, art, music, gastronomy, this style of course is for you. For intermediate / advanced levels, we can explore the various expressions of the Hispanic world at our discretion. Your proposals are welcome and / or I would suggest documents from ELE manuals such as "Todas las voces", "Clases de cine", "Aires de fiesta latina", etc. We can also start learning the language, and for that we will use the very recent manual "Bitácora", really innovative in its lexical approach: priority to the construction of sentences and word networks, less grammar rules. Finally, if you want to browse with me an ELE manual on a specific subject (a country, a cinematic genre, a cultural expression), I would be delighted to present my ideas to you, to buy it at the same time as you and to discover it. and explore it together. 2. PREPARATION FOR COMPETITIONS (DELE, CAPES, AGGREGATION, ENTRY INTO SCHOOL OF COMMERCE) AND SCHOOL SUPPORT (TERMINAL, BTS, LICENSE, MASTER), to help you overcome your difficulties and better understand the essentials, the details, the specifics of the Spanish language and the Hispanic world. In these courses it is you who provide me with the basic material (exception for DELE, where I can offer you methods and manuals), these documents which cause you problems. I will take the time to examine them, analyze them and finally accompany you and clarify together what seemed obscure and inaccessible. Thank you and see you soon !
Spanish · Literature · Clep test preparation
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I had my first lesson with Laetitia, it was excellent and informative! She came with a teaching plan and she was well prepared! I booked my second lesson with her already:) Abeer
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She is amazing I learn lots of things in one day
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Very good teacher and kind person!
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