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Trusted teacher: ABOUT THE TEACHER Martin is a professional photographer and photojournalist. Through his numerous personal projects, he is particularly interested in youth and geo-environmental issues. The 21st century and the upheavals that accompany it particularly fascinate him. During 2017 and 2018, he carried out numerous projects in South-East Asia where he was able to work for seven months. The most important of these is entitled The Faces of the Mekong. Using the mythical Mekong River and its resources as a common thread, it provides a broad perspective on the geo-environmental issues related to development in the Indochinese peninsula (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand). He has also focused on Vietnamese and Laotian youth through the prism of street sports and urban culture. In 2019, he travelled to Hong Kong to cover, among other things, the uprising of the pro-democracy movement, which earned him a nomination for the Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents in the Young Reporter category. In parallel to his projects, Martin also responds to commissions from the press, NGOs and private companies. His work is regularly published in the French and international press (Le Monde, Libération, The Washington Post, Le Figaro, Vice, Reporterre, Mr Mondialisation, Fisheye Magazine). They have been awarded several times, including the François Chalais Young Reporter of the Year Award 2015 in the photo category. He was a finalist for the Grand Prix Paris Match du Photoreporter étudiant and a winner of the Young Talents Photo Prize by fotofever. These projects also lead to exhibitions and conferences. PRACTICAL OUTING For a more concrete and playful practice of photography, this outing will allow us to work on different aspects of photography: - Mastering your camera, whatever it is. If you practice photography with your smartphone, you are also welcome. - Work on framing and composition. - Using light as raw material - Learning about street photography. - Post-production of photographs on Lightroom (only on request). IN-DEPTH TRAINING The training consists in accompanying you in the development of your photographic projects and in the setting up of your activity of photographer. This training concerns photography as I practice it. That is to say, photography that speaks of the world in which we live and which, at the same time, is creative with a real aesthetic research. In other words, we are halfway between photo reportage, documentary photography and artistic photography. This programme is tailored to each student and is divided into two main parts 1) The creative process : - Developing personal photographic writing - Preparing and carrying out projects - Assimilate the photographic narrative and the codes of photoreportage - Knowing how to be a versatile photographer to diversify your sources of income - Responding to a photographic commission 2) An activity that is a source of income in the long term: - Communicate well with the right tools - Finding funding for your projects - Sell your projects and photographs through various channels - Mastering productivity techniques to be efficient while remaining independent - Find clients and trigger concrete orders - Multiply your sources of income With this training, I will be at your side to accompany you in the different stages of this process. Together we will set your concrete short and long term goals and we will work day by day on the best method to reach them. In concrete terms, the training consists of working meetings by video conference or in person. This training does not require a particular age or level of education. Nevertheless, certain prerequisites are necessary such as a good general culture (to understand the world in which we live), a certain maturity as well as a basic technical mastery of photography.
Photography · Adobe lightroom · Journalism
Welcome to the exciting world of journalism! This is a totally new and different kind of journalism course. It will surely thrill, excite and challenge you-lead you to UNDERSTAND real journalism. Have you ever wondered how good news stories are written? Where reporters get stories from? What makes a good journalist? How news stories are structured? In college classrooms these are taught as theories-often leaving students bewildered, with very little understanding of what they are supposed to do. This e-course is entirely different-it is all together UNIQUE! A trail blazer! The informative, eye-opening lessons make plain the real meaning behind today's journalism. Our lessons answer the "unanswerable" journalistic challenges many journalists face today. With the assistance of your tutors, you'll study the clear, plain, simple truth of journalism-and why a few really understand it. All you need to study with this e-course is ...your HARD working spirit. You will find these lessons stirring, vitally interesting-not dry or dull. They simply sparkle with interest. The Practical Journalism e-course is a guided course designed purely for educational purposes to help you quickly grasp the concepts of journalism, and help you write publishable news stories. The end result and success of this 'marathon' e-course depends upon your diligence in reading and studying all the lessons posted on here and also sent via email, alongside other materials that you may get to supplement our material. The course contains eight modules. The lessons will be posted here one at a time, along with other related information and an assignment to quiz you on the material in the lesson. A timeframe will always be provided for these assignments. The e-course is designed to last one month, as we intend to train over 1, 000 journalists/writers every year. Therefore, we call for total seriousness, discipline and hard work on your part. We'll expect speedy writing of assignments by all course participants-this course is NOT for the 'faint-hearted'!
Journalism · Creative writing · Writing
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She is a good teacher with great ways to explain . Well organised and she used every useful materials
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