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Understanding music theory is essential when becoming a musician of any kind, as it deepens one's knowledge of how exactly music works. The more one knows about it, the better they can listen to, perform and write music. In the rich history of the subject, a clear narrative of evolution can be found that shows how music has arrived at the stage it is at today, all of which can be seen in the application of music theory and how it has changed over time. This is my biggest passion, and I would love to share my knowledge with any beginners wanting to develop/strengthen their musical competency or intermediates who want to focus on a specific aspect of classical or jazz and really understand how it works. As an introduction to myself: I have studied music theory and composition for a few years in various countries at various institutions (private lessons in Düsseldorf, briefly at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and currently at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna), and have had experience in tutoring/teaching since I tutored math, history, and biology in school to friends of mine. I like to think my ability to teach comes from my parents, who are both teachers and whose passion for helping others learn definitely influenced me! I have experience with teaching children, where I helped many younger students with playing music when I was in high-school, meaning I know how to make learning a fun process for just about anyone. Music and teaching are two of my biggest passions, and I have been told that is quite noticeable simply upon meeting me, as my enthusiasm is very contagious. I guarantee that every student will receive their very own lesson plan catered exactly to what the student wishes or needs to learn, and what I believe the best way to learn it would be. Lessons could cover categories such as: - Learning music notation in all its different forms and how to read scores from solo instruments to extremely large ensembles (learning the skills of instrumentation and arranging as well) - Music history and the analysis of works from notable composers from any era of classical or jazz - Music theory essentials that are likely to come up on any music theory test such as four part writing, figured bass, any form of cadence, writing traditional melodies and countermelodies - Composition techniques used throughout history and how one can use the music of the past to influence the music of the future. The lesson plan will also be adjusted to make sure that learning is happening at a pace that works with the student. There can be regularly scheduled tests for the student in any of the different categories mentioned above in order to ensure that the student fully understands what is being taught. Music is one of the greatest things in the world, and I can safely say that being able to help others learn all the amazing components of music as I have is something I take incredibly seriously. I will make sure that whether after one lesson, ten, or twenty, you will come away from this knowing more than you did before.
Music theory · Music composition · Jazz music
Clarinet · Music theory lessons · Jazz music
Hello, I'm Bernardo, a dedicated saxophonist and a current bachelor student at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Hailing from Portugal, I'm thrilled to invite you on an exciting saxophone journey alongside me. What I Bring to the Table: Masterful Expertise: Drawing from my studies at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I offer you top-notch saxophone education that combines my passion and proficiency in this extraordinary instrument. All Skill Levels Embraced: Whether you're a complete novice or have some prior experience with the sax, my lessons are inclusive and adapted to your current level. Everyone is welcome! Learning Made Enjoyable: My ultimate goal is to make your saxophone learning experience not only instructive but also genuinely enjoyable. We'll explore the joy of creating music together. Course Highlights: For Beginners: If you're just starting your saxophone journey, we'll begin with the fundamentals, covering everything from assembling the instrument to reading music and playing your first tunes. Intermediate Level: Those with prior experience will delve deeper into techniques, explore scales, and tackle more complex musical compositions. Advanced Level: For those seeking to hone their skills to a professional level, we'll push boundaries with advanced techniques, music theory, improvisation, and discovering your unique saxophone style. Let's explore the world of saxophone music and elevate your playing to new heights. Get in touch with me today and set off on an exciting musical adventure!
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Hello there, I'm thrilled to offer you the opportunity to embark on a captivating saxophone journey with me, a Master graduate from the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Whether you're a complete beginner or someone with some saxophone experience, my classes are open to all levels. My primary goal is to make your saxophone learning experience not just educational but incredibly entertaining, so you can be well-prepared to enjoy playing music with confidence. What to Expect: Learn from a Master: I bring my expertise from my time at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to provide you with top-tier saxophone education. All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether you're picking up a saxophone for the first time or you're looking to refine your skills, my classes are designed to meet you at your current level. Enjoyable Learning: We'll focus on making your saxophone learning experience fun and engaging. Together, we'll discover the joy of playing this incredible instrument. Comprehensive Learning: I cover everything from the basics of saxophone handling and reading music to advanced techniques and even improvisation. Course Structure: Beginner Level: We'll start with the basics, including assembling the saxophone, understanding notes and rhythms, and playing simple tunes. Intermediate Level: We'll dive deeper into techniques, explore scales, and tackle more complex pieces of music. Advanced Level: We'll push the boundaries with advanced techniques, music theory, improvisation, and discovering your unique saxophone style.
Saxophone · Jazz music
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Trusted teacher: Do you want to know the register of your voice? Can you sing the higher notes without hurting your voice? Learn how to do pass marks? Getting to have a powerful but also agile voice? I am a songwriter, pop and jazz singer and voice teacher with 20 years of experience in music. I offer singing lessons at all levels. My classes focus on the development of bodily, muscular and vocal awareness which helps to perceive and consider our body as a musical instrument. My teaching method is the result of the synthesis of my experience as a singer and the many and diverse courses of study followed. The lesson is structured in two parts: the first half devoted to vocal technique, the second half to the musical repertoire and the learning of musical language (jazz or pop or other genre). The vocal technique that I propose is a basic technique for all types of modern singing: from postural education to the care of breathing, from the use of the abdominal muscles, to the emission of air up to the cavities of resonance. We will work on the sound, on the extension of the voice, on the high and low notes, on the passage of register, on the control, on the power and the agility. From a repertoire point of view, the course will be modeled on the needs or interests of the student, with an eye to the right attitude to hold while you sing and you are on a stage. I can prepare the student for the entrance exam to the conservatory and any form of audition. If the student wishes, I can give him notions of harmony and reading music. EDUCATION I studied song in Italy with Bruno De Franceschi (conductor and composer of contemporary classical music and musical theatre). I studied vocal technique with the lyric singer David Sotgiu (pupil of Luciano Pavarotti), with the lyric singer Maria Grazia Pittavini (teacher at the Perugia Conservatory) and with Cinzia Spata (one of the most important Italian jazz vocal coaches). I studied jazz singing at the Conservatory of Perugia with Marta Raviglia and Elisabetta Antonini and privately with Cinzia Spata (among the most important Italian jazz singing teachers) I studied lyrical singing with Maria Grazia Pittavini. I studied pop and jazz piano with Manuel Magrini (one of the most talented young Italian jazz pianists), I studied jazz piano with Alessandro Bravo, jazz piano master at the Perugia Conservatory. I followed masterclasses and trainings relating to the world of singing and voice held by: Maria Pia De Vito (singer), Alejandro Saorin Martinez (voice craft / Estill method), Albert Hera (singer, vocal coach, circle song) , Erika Biavati (singer), Eleonora Bruni (singer), Catharina Kroeger (lyric singer), Amanda Tiffin (South African jazz singer), JD Walter (American jazz singer), Matteo Belli (actor and one of the most important Italian experts in voice research), Franco Fussi (one of the most important phoniatrists in Italy), Roberta Mazzocchi (speech therapist), one-year training in rhytmics and musical pedagogy at Institut Dalcroze in Brussels, three-month training in Gordon method for children between 0 and 6 years old. EXPERIENCE / QUALIFICATIONS I have 20 years of experience in music with around 200 concerts between festivals, theaters, clubs and premises, an album of songs, an EP, singles, collaborations with the world of theater, organization of musical events . I carry out musical projects in the field of jazz and pop. The passion for singing and song inevitably brought me closer to the world of teaching in which I work.
Singing · Voice (music) · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: I am graduated in classical trumpet, jazz trumpet (at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam) and I have a Master of music education. I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching and I am offering lessons in my private studio in De Pijp. I welcome every age, level and style. For any further information, get in touch with me! One to One Trumpet Lessons – In love with a solo from Miles or Chet? Want to play the classical concertos or you just want to learn how to jam along? Are you often short of breath while playing? Facing difficulties with reading music? Afraid to play high or low notes? Painful lips? Want to develop your improvisation skills but don't know how to start? Personalised Exercises You definitely need personalised exercises and private lessons! Trumpet teacher Rocco: Music is fun and the trumpet sounds great in many kinds of music, Trumpet Lessons - Beginner to Advanced Whether you are a complete a beginner or an advanced trumpet player, I am more than happy to help you with your trumpet playing. Learn a solid musical basis, breathing technique, tailor made exercises, buzzing, a comfortable and relaxed posture, music theory and lots of fun! Broad Experience – Classical to Pop I have a long and broad experience of live music performances in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India, Belgium and France. From baroque, symphonic repertoire, chamber music and contemporary music to pop, folk, jazz and funk. Enjoy making Music! It is essential for students to enjoy making music while facing the technical challenges that the instrument naturally presents. That’s why I always face technical problems starting from music. Without enjoyment, learning is much harder. No Instrument yet? I am very happy to you finding the suitable gear for your level and your budget! (trumpets, mouthpieces, bags, etc..) Location and Logistics I normally teach online in my own professional studio. Perfectly sound-treated and full of teaching resources. I have all sorts of material to facilitate and enhance the learning experience. Trumpet Lessons at Your Home I am, however, available for lessons at home within reasonable distance in the Londom area. About Rocco Teaching has always been a big part of my musical experience and one of the main goals of my own musical education. I've always been focusing on the broadest and most organic way of learning music. Thanks to my classical studies, my jazz Bachelor at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and a Master of Music Education, I am able to tailor my lessons to fit the requirements of any student.
Music theory · Trumpet · Jazz music
Keyboard (music) · Jazz music · Music theory
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At the time of this review, I have completed 4 lessons with Bruno. I can say with confidence that Bruno is an excellent and patient tutor, who has helped me get confident with the drum kit and also sustain my interest for learning drums (Before these lessons, I have never learnt music or drums earlier - so a complete newbie). He is very professional and his lessons are customised to the student. I recommend him very strongly to anyone who wishes to learn drums!
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An outstanding singer, teacher and just a beautiful human-being. When I first came in, I had not believed in my ability to sing, but the lessons with Arianna became so addicting that I don't wish to stop now! She created a safe space from day 1 and brought my voice out, helped me crack it and polish it afterwards :) The best first tutor I could've had! Merci!
Matteo is a great teacher! His methods and approach are highly efficient to say the least. Most importantly, he makes you feel at ease throughout the different sessions. I would recommend him without hesitation for anyone seeking to learn (or deepen knowledge in) Italian language and culture overall.
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