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Trusted teacher: Hi, Hindi-Urdu lovers! آداب و سلام नमस्ते ! How are you doing? Are you looking to learn Urdu-Hindi languages to explore South Asia and its golden culture and the work by fascinating authors, or to learn scripts, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, idioms, phrases, in general? -As per your goal: 1- Reading; prose, poetry, classical literature, magazine, newspaper and research material. 2- Writing; essay, article, assignments grammar drill and translation. 3- Listening; news bulletin, songs, Ghazal, serial, movie clips, documentary. 4- Speaking; conversation, debate, discussion, oral presentation, and situational conversation. Then I can help you with… I am Mohd from Lucknow, India. My native languages are Urdu and Hindi. I know English, Arabic, French. I have done M. Phil & Masters in Urdu literature. I am a certified teacher to teach Urdu-Hindi to speakers of other languages. I am very patient and easy to talk to and I always provide you feedback to enhance your language fluency and improve your accuracy. I am open to discussing several topics including culture, traveling, history, religion, etc. I love getting to know people. --Teaching Summary: I have taught Urdu languages to U.S undergraduates, graduates, and research scholars thru novice A1 up to Advanced C2 level. However, the levels and the background of the students differed, student evaluations of my teaching have remained consistently excellent and very good. In short, from 2012 to 2017, I have taught 1710 Urdu language classes/hours to U.S participants, from different programs; AIIS, FLAS, CLS, HUF, SAFLI, and SOAS as well, 5558 Hindi and English classes/hours to different participants. --Teaching Style: Student-oriented lesson plans will adapt to your Urdu-Hindi level. My first priority is to find your target language level and the area you want to focus on or need help in. If you are a beginner, we will move forward with the strategy, slow but steady through practice-based learning, grammar-based approach/learning, etc. If you are an intermediate/advanced speaker. I will ask about your passion projects, as per your particular goal, we will discuss a certain article, material or video, audio file that I will send you beforehand. After each session, I will send you notes in google docs or in the form of a picture. It would give me magnificent pleasure and joy to be able to expand and share my knowledge and learning, with others and learn from them as well. Because I see every human you talk to, has something to share, that you could cherish. Your insight on any subject would broaden my views. Everything I have is yours. I love to give this to you.
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****I TEACH HINDI TO ADULTS ONLY ******** Can YOU any non-Indian, who doesn't know even a single word in Hindi, ever imagine that you can talk easily in Hindi, in just 60 classes? From now on, you can! As said that nothing is impossible in this world, you can make learning a new language possible in this short period, if you have a personal interest, determination and are ready to put sincere effort and punctual revision from your side. As I believe that a new language can't be learned in 1 or 2 weeks, you need to have lots of patience to get there because you have to finish 60 classes with me to speak properly! If you are a complete beginner to the Hindi language and yet, want to speak Hindi in 5 - 6 classes, then I think, I am the perfect one for you! Some are interested in learning different languages. If you have a passion for the Hindi language and want to be able to speak in Hindi comfortably, then I believe that you need to know the different typical tones that make the language sound soothing and unique. It's possible easily and quickly if you take 60 classes of continuous and systematic training from me (20 classes = reading & writing, and 40 classes = conversation). After the session, you'll be dealing with Hindi with full confidence. My lessons are fun-filled and at the same time, effective. You can choose your convenient days and time for learning by going to my "Planner". I have been teaching the Hindi language in its simplest form with necessary grammar, which makes the learner handle the language with ease. The lessons are well ordered, starting from the basics (alphabets) to sentence construction. My teaching methodology/approach is simple I teach Hindi through eBooks, video audios, and many activities. I give vocabulary words under different lists, followed by nouns, pronouns, verbs, cases of nouns (postpositions), tenses, and making sentences. Side by side, I teach simple phrases used in normal talk. I give simple tests after each lesson, and practice exercises are given as homework. On the whole, you'll be learning from scratch - to read, write and speak this language most interestingly and engagingly in mere 60 classes. I am eagerly waiting to help you. All the best. looking forward to working with you feel free to drop a message to learn Hindi with me.
hi there! this is nav, just a programmer who knows to code well in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and as well as many other programming languages ( HTML is not a programming language btw! ). • Experience And as about my experience or career, I am not a professor yet but I taught over 2300+ students in my career. • My teaching philosophy 1) I will typically start classes by asking my student whether there's anything they'd like to discuss with me before starting a class, 2) I will then move on to discuss what issues they raised in the last class (I create a list of "Problems" for us to work on). We try to go through this list issue by issue throughout the class to determine where progress has been made, what can be crossed off (if the issue's been resolved), what issues are still remaining, and what the student will do to resolve those issues that are still remaining, 3) At the end of the class, I do a quick recap to see what homework the student has for our next class (which issues remain unresolved) and if there is any homework that I have to do in order to help the student resolve their problems, and last but not least, 4) I will provide every beginner students my own hand written years of experience (notes), so they can understand and remember the concepts forever. • Scheduling Currently, I tutor every day of the week, from 10 AM to 10PM ( local time ). • Additional Discounts Course of the Month Every person who is reaching to me for web-development course getting huge, huge discount. Grab this opportunity because this chance will never come again in future! If you've any queries regarding courses or any other thing, then you can ask me freely just hit a DM, and I'll be there. Bye!
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