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15 guitar teachers in Madrid

there's a lot of people who wanna learn guitar from YouTube but I can tell that will never gonna make you improve Because you always wanna play bunch of fast things that looks cool, But you know that you can't play it well right? Even If you do, it doesn't sound the same, isn't it? I am here for you I will let you know where you are at, and what should you do to play the things that you wnat, that's what I do, I am jsut a navigation, who tells you a right direction, and you are the one who need to drive a car, anyways, let's have fun and explore the new world which called music! learning an instrument is really cool thing you will learn the tools that you need to expresse your feelings into music and that's the reason why we all listen the music and the moment you make it, you will become an artist just like me I, with a lot of teaching experience, I will do my best to reach the level you want to get career Music Force, Fender Custom Shop LTD 1959 Strat Relic Demo - 'Hard Times' (Cover) by Guitarist 'Jonghee' Music Force, Suhr Standard Legacy Limited Edition Demo - 'Feeling Fine' (Cover) by Guitarist 'Jonghee' Hexguitar Sting F200BT Demo - Frankfrut Forward -grio feat.skinny brown, gi$t Guitar session Memo-ifi (gi$t,U-Jin) Guitar session Outro-rovxe, ifi Guitsr session Movie - D.NO Guitar session HANUM- We are runnin' so fast (Feat. Guitar Session Seoul vibes, fruity-kozypop Guitar session Weekends -dalmood Guitar session 'Because of You' LIVE Guitar performance and others
Trusted teacher: Graduated in 'Popular Music and Interpretation' from the London Institute of Contemporary Music, he offers guitar lessons in Madrid. I currently teach Spanish and electric guitar classes at the Sanchinarro cultural center and Musicalix music school. I offer flexible guitar lessons in which we can focus on learning a repertoire of student taste; improve technique and musical vocabulary; or focus on different fields, such as: • Investigate different musical styles, observing the role that the guitar plays in them and learn from stylistic references in a simple and accessible way. • Acquire the necessary skills for the student to learn to interpret certain guitar lines and make their own arrangements that they will put into practice in various possible scenarios: in the recording of their original music demo, establishing their guitar parts in songs for their band. , etc… • Understand and put into practice the role of this instrument of some of their favorite themes, and contrast them with others, with the aim of realizing the different approaches that can be given to an instrument as rich and diverse as the guitar: sound options, tonal textures and ranges. • Learn to read and interpret sheet music. • Contemplate what options we have at our disposal, once we have acquired a certain level, to apply knowledge creatively in the elaboration of our own artistic product. There is also the possibility of giving online classes, in which theoretical explanations will be attached (in .pdf or .word format), transcripts of the musical exercises seen, or short explanatory videos for those who prefer a more visual and practical medium.
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Guitar lessons, how to start playing guitar, how to play your favorite song in a short time (Warsaw)
Great Guitar teacher! Vasyl is very nice and patient. He has and recommends many interesting materials and adapts the lessons not just to the level but also to the musical taste of every student. Furthermore, he recommends “homework” in order to learn faster. Time flies and after the lesson, you realize how much you have learned! I really recommend lessons with him!
Review by PAMELA
Guitar and Music lessons from a CvA graduated teacher in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I think that learning as an adult is a bit challenging. However, Santiago's classes are fun and it feels easy to learn. I feel I am progressing and I enjoy the lessons. Also, in every class, I discover something new about music! He is also relaxed while teaching which helps a lot when I make mistakes. ​I love learning with him :)
Review by DIANA
Guitar course personalized and adapted to the skills and knowledge of each student. All levels and ages. (Madrid)
In just one lesson with Nacho I learned some important new concepts about the guitar that I didn't know before . I especially recommend a lesson for self taught guitarists that want some insight into music theory.
Review by MAX