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Lucie - Madrid25€
Trusted teacher: ESP - Hola, soy Lucie y me encantaría ayudarte a aprender inglés, que sea principiante más avanzado. Me encanta hacer mis estudiantes hablar porque pienso que la práctica es el segredo para aprender un idioma o mejorar tu conocimiento. Siempre organizo mis clases por temas inspirados en la vida cotidiana (como presentarse, como hacer una cita, ir de compras, una cita con el medico, inglés profesional, etc.). Haremos ejercicios de gramática, vocabulario y de pronunciación. Se tienes el nível intermedio, haremos clases con artigos para que puedas hablar. Así pondremos la gramática y el vocabulario en práctica. Y pueda dar clases in español (o portuñol). EN - Hi, I'm Lucie and I would be glad to help you learn English, be it from scratch or to help you improve. I love to make my students speak since I strongly believe that practice is the key to learn a language and to improve your knowledge. I always structure my lessons according to subjects based on daily life situations (how to introduce yourself, how to make an appointment, shopping / grocery, going to the doctors, professional language, etc). We'll go through the grammar, vocab, and pronunciation. If you're intermediate, we'll also do some lessons about reading comprehensions. We'll put both the grammar and vocab in practice. And hey, I can teach in English if you want! FR - Hi, I'm Lucie and I would be happy to help you learn English, whether it's from scratch or to improve your knowledge. I love getting my students to speak since I think practice is the secret to learning a language and improving knowledge. I always structure my classes according to themes based on real life (how to present myself, how to make an appointment, to go shopping, to go to the doctor, English at work, etc.). We will see together grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. If you are intermediate, we will also do text lessons. We will put both grammar and vocabulary into practice.
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Xavier - Barcelona15€
Trusted teacher: Experience of more than 20 anys donant classes d'anglès i català a grups reduïts d'ESO i Batxillerat i classes de repàs in the sector de les Humanitats. I have been teaching English for many years. I have taught small groups and individuals for review (ESO and Bachillerato). I move. I am looking for stability and continuity for the entire course. Teaching is my vocation. In the mornings I work in a telemarketing company in BCN in a multicultural environment where English is our vehicular language and from 4pm I have availability. I am currently an English teacher at the English Studio Academy, in Cornellà de Llobregat in the afternoon shift. All levels and ages. I shuffle the possibility of dedicating myself to teaching also in the morning, as long as the offer for this time is of interest to me. In the afternoon shift I am autonomous. I am looking for stability and continuity in the Academy or similar for the entire course and in the summer. My name is Xavier. I was born in Barcelona ... a long time ago. I grow up in this town, but now I live a bit far from here. I studied at the University of Barcelona and in Huddersfield (near Shefield, Halifax, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, ... not very far from York: quite nice places and better people), and I've been teaching Catalan, Spanish, Phillsofy , History and English for a long time ... since I was 16. What happened? Very short, I promise: I was walking down the street two years ago, from just opposite this private school, and I thought myself: well, you might enter this place and see. I like English language very much ... and the UK, ... but I don't have a poster of the Queen on my bedroom's wall. It was a sort of a blind date. And there she was: her smile, her diligence, effectiveness. Eva listened to me. And after two weeks she was texting me for a class. Please, Xavier, can you cover for some classes? And here I am. English Studio, Academy of English in Barcelona, where I used to be a teacher until Covid 19 knocked at the door of our lives, and teachers and students had to be at home. Professional Objective: English teacher.   Morning shift: Professional experience More than 15 years in several Contact Centers as an Agent or as a Team Leader or Supervisor. Companies: Teletech, Telefono Permanente, MST, Teleperformance and Promofon. As a Team Leader / Supervisor: more than three years in Teleperformance and Promofon, (ONO), making sure the group of Agents were appropriatly trained and equipped to resolve doubts, problems and change requests; Makintg sure the team could respond effectively to Account Managers `requests for further information and, when necessary, take proactive action to ensure they were aware of an issue. And last but not least, every day monitoring work, keeping an eye on the activity of premium learners, ensuring the team was taking the necessary proactive action, either by phone or email. I had to support very often other colleagues in accordance with business needs and to share ideas to improve business practices and the quality of the service. More than 20 years as an English teacher. Also, Spanish, Catalan an Humanities subjects. Qualifications: Central University of Barcelona, Law Studies. Fluent English and intermediate level of French. Native level of Catalan and Spanish
(ES) Hay muchas razones por las que uno quiere aprender un nuevo idioma, puede ser por motivos educativos, viajes o simplemente por interés, una cosa es segura, aprender idiomas es una experiencia gratificante. Mi nombre es Leona. Actualmente trabajo aquí en Valencia como Auxiliar de Conversación. Ayudo a los profesores de inglés en las escuelas a preparar materiales y presentaciones en inglés. He ayudado a mis alumnos a mejorar su nivel de inglés mediante la práctica de conversaciones y la revisión de gramática y vocabulario. En mi tiempo libre, doy clases de inglés privadas a aquellos que quieren una vía adicional para mejorar su comprensión del inglés. Soy filipina con un nivel nativo / bilingüe de inglés, ya que es uno de los idiomas oficiales de mi país. Tengo numerosas experiencias en la enseñanza de inglés desde niños hasta adolescentes y adultos. Estas experiencias se dan en un salón de clases o en una clase privada. Mis clases podrían ser simplemente conversaciones o una sesión individual más intensiva con revisores que he preparado y diferentes modos de aprendizaje (por ejemplo, ejercicios escritos, actividades orales). Idealmente, evito traducir las palabras directamente al idioma nativo de los estudiantes para minimizar su dependencia de la traducción, en lugar de eso, explico palabras y conceptos en inglés de una manera más simple para que mejoren su comprensión. Me gusta que mis clases sean un equilibrio entre un ambiente de enseñanza relajado mientras hago el trabajo. Los estudiantes nunca deben sentir que los errores son inaceptables, ya que es normal y se les anima a aprender. (EN) There are many reasons why one wants to learn a new language, it may be for education purposes, travelling reasons or just plain interest, one thing is for certain, learning languages is a rewarding experience. My name is Leona. I am currently working here in Valencia as a Language and Culture Assistant (Auxiliar de Conversación). I assist English teachers in schools in preparing materials and presentations in English. I have helped my students improve their level of English through practicing conversations, and reviewing grammar and vocabulary. In my free time, I give private English classes to those who want an additional avenue in improving their understanding of English. I am Filipina with a bilingual/native level of English as it is one of the official languages in my country. I have numerous experiences in teaching English from children to teenagers to adults. These experiences are either in a classroom setting or in a private class. My classes could be simply conversations or a more intensive 1-on-1 session with reviewers that I have prepared and different modes of learning (e.g. written exercises, speaking activities). Ideally, I avoid translating the words directly into the students' native language as to minimize their reliance on translation instead I explain words and concepts in English through a simpler manner in order for them to improve their comprehension. I like my classes to be a balance between a relaxed teaching environment while getting the work done. Students should never feel like mistakes are unacceptable as it is normal and encouraged in learning.
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English Tutor - Speaking/ Writing English, Math, Science (Madrid)
As a student who grew up in the American Education system, having classes with Michael is as if I were back in the U.S. The way he explains and the easiness of understanding the material is one of a kind that I doubt I would get from a Spanish/European professional who would sure make it more complicated. I would reccomend Michael to anyone who wants an American experience of teaching.
Review by LUCA
English Private Tuitions (Adults and School Students) + IELTS (Şişli)
I have had four lessons with Sam and I must say he is an excellent teacher. My main goal is to practise my speaking skills and it is very easy with him because I feel very comfortable talking to him. He knows how to make questions to encourage me to talk and when to interrupt me to correct the mistakes I make.
Review by ABEL
Private lessons of Mathematics and preparation for graduation test (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi)
Cindy is a very kind and helpful teacher that helps you understand Statistics easily! She teached in a calm and complete way that helped me alot and i got a better understanding of the subject as a whole. She is someone i really recommend if you need help with Statistics.
Review by JULIA