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134 english teachers in Dreta De L'Eixample

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Xavier - Barcelona15€
Trusted teacher: Experiència de més de 20 anys donant classes d'anglès i català a grups reduïts d'ESO i Batxillerat i classes de repàs en el sector de les Humanitats. Doy clases de inglés desde hace muchos años. He impartido a grupos reducidos y a particulares de repaso (ESO y Bachillerato). Me desplazo. Busco estabilidad y continuidad para todo el curso. Enseñar es mi vocación. Por las mañanas trabajo en una empresa de telemárketing en BCN en un ambiente multicultural donde el inglés es nuestra lengua vehicular y a partir de las 16h tengo disponibilidad. Actualmente soy profesor de inglés en la Academia English Studio, en Cornellà de Llobregat en turno de tardes. Todos los niveles y edades. Barajo la posibilidad de dedicarme a la docencia también en horario de mañana, siempre y cuando la oferta para este horario fuera de mi interés. En el turno de tarde soy autónomo. Busco estabilidad y continuidad en Academia o similar para todo el curso y en verano. My name is Xavier. I was born in Barcelona... a long time ago. I grow up in this town, but now I live a bit far from here. I studied at the University of Barcelona and in Huddersfield (near Shefield, Halifax, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool,...not very far from York: quite nice places and better people), and I've been teaching Catalan, Spanish, Phillsofy, History and English for a long time...since I was 16. What happened? Very short, I promise: I was walking down the street two years ago, from just opposite this private school, and I thought myself: well, you might enter this place and see. I like English language very much... and the UK,... but I don' t have a poster of the Queen on my bedroom's wall. It was a sort of a blind date. And there she was: her smile, her diligence, effectiveness. Eva listened to me. And after two weeks she was texting me for a class. Please, Xavier, can you cover for some classes? And here I am. English Studio, Academy of English in Barcelona, where I used to be a teacher until Covid 19 knocked at the door of our lives, and teachers and students had to be at home. Professional Objective: English teacher. Morning shift: Professional experience More than 15 years in several Contact Centers as an Agent or as a Team Leader or Supervisor. Companies: Teletech, Telefono Permanente, MST, Teleperformance and Promofon. As a Team Leader / Supervisor: more than three years in Teleperformance and Promofon, (ONO), making sure the group of Agents were appropriatly trained and equipped to resolve doubts, problems and change requests; makintg sure the team could respond effectively to Account Managers ` requests for further information and , when necessary, take proactive action to ensure they were aware of an issue. And last but not least, every day monitoring work, keeping an eye on the activity of premium learners, ensuring the team was taking the necessary proactive action, either by phone or email. I had to support very often other colleagues in accordance with business needs and to share ideas to improve business practices and the quality of the service. More than 20 years as an English teacher. Also, Spanish, Catalan an Humanities subjects. Qualifications: Universitat Central de Barcelona, Law Studies. Fluent English and intermediate level of French. Native level of Catalan and Spanish
Trusted teacher: Can you get the audience's attention if they take out their phones? Do you feel nervous when presenting at work? Do you modulate your voice enough and use your body to communicate passion and professionalism? I will help you prepare your presentation and train you to say it with confidence in 3 sessions. You will improve your stage presence, your non-verbal communication on video and, most importantly, what makes you most nervous: your connection with the audience. You'll improvise and prepare, and we'll add some humor and parts where you'll engage with the audience. You will learn that it is normal to be nervous, because as humans we fear rejection and public speaking threatens our safety. Once you understand that your fear is normal and we explore the "worst case scenario", you will start to enjoy the presentation because you will focus on the audience's experience and you can be sure that your content is good enough that they will not be afraid. throw tomatoes for a bad performance. Many exercises will be done so that you lose that intense fear of failure. This is why people don't make videos and don't talk. Fear of rejection and impostor syndrome. As a Gestalt Psychotherapy therapist, I will train your body to act spontaneously, fail quickly, and adapt to the public. More about Jessica I was awarded Best Speaker in Western Europe in 2022, National Public Speaking Champion by Toastmasters International and won second place in the London Professional Speakers association in 2021. I am a Global Speaker and Team Trainer and have trained on 5 continents , having come from Canada 7 years ago to live in Barcelona. I have trained companies such as La Caixa, B Braun, Coca-Cola, H&M, and thousands of other participants around the world as a virtual trainer. My courses include humor and spontaneity. The courses can be at your home, or you can come to my Tattoo Salon- where we have a radical training office where you feel comfortable being you in Pasig Sant Joan.
English · Public speaking · Presentation skills
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Jed - Barcelona19€
Trusted teacher: Hey there! I'm Jed, an experienced Interior Designer and overall creative professional. I have about 4 years of professional experience teaching students and training professionals when I was living in Thailand from 2017 to 2021. For this course, I use a proven program that focuses on the vocal aspect of speaking English. You will learn the phonetics of different letter combinations, discussed with detail what to do with your mouth, tongue and breathing to be able to speak more clearly. Why does this work? Our tongues are muscles! And for non-native English speakers, we need to understand and practice to make proper sounds to speak English more clearly. Please note, I will not teach grammar. The goal of this class is not to sound like a native speaking American or British, the goal is to speak English clearly with a neutral accent easily understandable by anybody. What makes this course helpful to you as a student or a professional? Confidence! Being able to converse, speak and present in your university or professional presentations. Previous students taught were native speakers of Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Additional info about me: I am born and raised in the Philippines, lived in the US for 2 years, studied in Canada for 4 years, lived and worked in Thailand for 4 years and living in Barcelona, Spain for 2 years now! I went to an English speaking school my whole life and I consider myself in a native or bilingual level of English. Why I do this: I am heart and soul a designer, but teaching is a very important part of my life, and I truly enjoy sharing experiences with people!
English · Public speaking · Presentation skills
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Dylan - Barcelona24€
Trusted teacher: About Me Born in London to French and American parents, I grew up between the three countries and now live in Barcelona. In addition to teaching, I also run my own business as a football agent. Lessons As a friendly tutor that will make lessons fun for you, I want to empower you to achieve your goals! I am able to match the needs of my students depending on their ability level and age. Ranging from five to seventy five, my students appreciate my individualised approach to their learning and my constant attention to their well being and detail. I try to make lessons fun so that you can be empowered to achieve your best results possible! Qualifications After completing a Political Science degree with a focus in International Relations and Spanish at UCLA, I finished, with merit, a postgraduate business degree (MBA) at the University of Liverpool. In addition, I am a certified high school mathematics teacher in the United States with experience teaching subjects such as Algebra I, Algebra II, and test preparation. I taught high school math for multiple years in East LA with the program Teach for America that places top university graduates in under served neighbourhoods. As I lived in the UK for many years and have taught many British students, I am also intimately familiar with the UK curriculum. Furthermore, I have tutored students studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for many years. Lastly, I have a TEFL credential, which has allowed me to teach English to dozens of students.
English · Math · French
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Rabia Sinem - Barcelona26€
Trusted teacher: Title: English, Mathematics, and Piano Lessons Description: Hello! I am Sinem, a graduate in mathematics education, and I'm here to teach English and Mathematics at all levels. I have also been playing the piano for 12 years and am competent to provide lessons, particularly for those just starting on their piano journey. English Lessons: English is an essential international language, and I offer customized lessons to help you improve your language skills. With interactive lessons focused on speaking, listening, reading, and writing, you will learn to use English effectively. Mathematics Lessons: Mathematics can be complex for many students, but I'll make learning mathematics at all levels a simple and enjoyable experience. I offer lessons ranging from basic mathematics to advanced topics. I will help you enhance problem-solving skills and understand mathematical concepts. Piano Lessons: If you have a passion for playing the piano or are just beginning, I would be delighted to provide you with piano education. With 12 years of experience, I assist those interested in learning how to play the piano. As a pianist with a background in classical music, I will help you improve your piano-playing skills and gain a deeper understanding of music. Why Choose Me? - I am an expert in mathematics education. - I have experience in teaching English and Mathematics. - I customize lessons to match your needs and learning style. - I cater to students of all levels: elementary, middle school, high school, and adults. - I adopt a collaborative teaching approach to ensure your success. If you need assistance with English, Mathematics, or piano education, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to provide personalized lessons to help you succeed on your learning journey. Contact me now for a rewarding learning experience!
English · Math
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Accent Training for Public Speaking, Presentation and/or Conversation for Students and Professionals. (Intermediate English required) (Barcelona)
The teacher is very professional and patient ~ the class is very relaxed and fun. The content of the class is very substantial. The teacher was very careful in correcting my pronunciation, and he would make sure that my pronunciation was accurate before moving on to the next part. I learned a lot from this class! It’s very helpful to me! I’m a chinese student and I need to take IELTS for my university and I think the class will help me with my speaking. Thanks again! ~ thanks again ✨
Review by MINO
Spanish for all ages, for travel, studies or work! (Barcelona)
Florencia does a great job teaching Spanish! She's very patient, tailors the lessons according to your needs, and does a great job writing down the words on a shared screen to visual vocabulary and conjugations, which she then sends in a follow-up email to retain and remember. Highly recommend her!
Review by MATTHEW
English, Mathematics, French, Spanish, Test Preparation, Physics, Political Science, Geography, etc Tutor (Barcelona)
Dylan was fantastic. He is charming and smart. He speaks Spanish, French and English. With his help my husband and I reached our goal of passing the A2 Level Exams for French. We highly recommend him. He is patient and funny as well. Cassandra and Mason.