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Python programming. Here's a general outline of what such a tutorial might cover: Introduction to Python: Overview of Python, its history, and its uses. Comparison with other programming languages. Setting up the Python environment and tools for development. Basic Python Syntax: Understanding of Python syntax, keywords, and data types. Introduction to variables, operators, and writing simple Python scripts. Control Structures: Detailed explanations and examples of control structures including if-else statements, for and while loops, and comprehensions. Introduction to error and exceptions handling. Functions and Modules: How to define and call functions, pass arguments, return values, variable scope, and lambda functions. Understanding and creating modules and packages. Data Structures: In-depth look at Python's built-in data structures: strings, lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries. Operations, methods, and using these structures effectively. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Basics of OOP in Python, creating classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, and method overloading. File Handling and I/O: Reading from and writing to files, handling file paths, and understanding various file formats. Introduction to I/O operations in Python. Libraries and Frameworks: Overview of popular Python libraries and frameworks like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Django, and Flask. Examples of how to use these libraries for data manipulation, visualization, web development, etc. Error Handling and Debugging: Techniques for debugging Python code, handling exceptions, and using debugging tools. Advanced Topics: Introduction to more advanced topics like threading, networking, database interaction, and web scraping. Best Practices: Writing clean, readable, and efficient code. Understanding Pythonic concepts and following coding standards. Projects and Practical Applications: Step-by-step guides to building real-world applications or projects to apply the learned concepts in practical scenarios. Each section would contain explanations, code examples, and exercises to help reinforce the learning.
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Mastering Web Development: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques (Tunis)
I have no prior experience in this area and I took lessons with Ousamma. He has enough patience and a knack in guiding you step by step through the lessons and exercises in a very simple way to understand them well. He is an invested teacher that is kind and polite. He will help you to develop your abilities and to feel confident in order to achieve your goals. I warmly recommend him and extend my gratitude his great support throughout my learning journey.
Review by BEN
Tutor for Math, Physics, and Mechanical/Material Engineering courses (The Hague)
Extremely professional and knowledgeable with any problem that I have had. Reza is always polite, friendly and always shows great patience, which I believe is of the highest importance when learning difficult subjects. I highly recommend him as a teacher!
Review by EDEN
Games, animations and interactive stories with Scratch (children and teenagers) (Ixelles-Elsene)
Fantastic! Ilias really prepared well and took the time to understand what my son needed. He was very positive and encouraging and we look forward to the next lesson!