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The Gift Card can be used to find a teacher and schedule any lessons offered on Apprentus. From piano, guitar, and singing to French, Spanish, and any art activities, everyone can find top-rated teachers for private lessons they'll love.

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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano lessons for all levels - learn the basics or improve your technique!
Using my experience, expertise and passion for music I will help you develop your skills for playing piano in a way that is fun, engaging and fulfilling. I am here to help you learn reading music, teach you how to practice in a more efficient way and show you how to overcome technical difficulties. I adapt to the needs and the abilities of the students and my main goal is to inspire, encourage and support self-development.

Sarr Germaine Adrienne
French English and mathematics course for children
I am a student at UJA and French is my narrative language. I am writing to you to express my interest in offering private classes in Spanish, French and mathematics to your child. I am confident in my ability to teach and help your child progress in these subjects. I am patient, organized and motivated. I would love to contribute to your child's academic development and help them overcome their difficulties. Feel free to contact me for more information. French is not a difficult language, English is also used in mathematics throughout school life.

"Comprehensive English Classes for All Levels and Ages: In-Person and Online"
The English classes I teach are highly interactive and tailored to the needs and preferences of the students. We can use supplementary textbooks or custom materials prepared by myself. A unique feature of my classes is the use of films, animations, and music to make learning more engaging and effective. Additionally, if students wish, I can design the classes to prepare them for various exams such as Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. It is also worth mentioning that as a biomedical engineer and businessman, I offer specialized instruction in medical and business English. This helps students who are looking to learn English in these specific fields to benefit from the lessons in the best possible way. The English classes I teach are highly interactive and adapt to the needs and preferences of the students. We may use supplemental textbooks or custom materials prepared by me. A unique feature of my classes is the use of movies, animations and music to make learning more engaging and effective. Additionally, if students wish, I can design classes to prepare them for various exams such as Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. It's also worth mentioning that as a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur, I offer specialized instruction in medical and business English. This helps students looking to learn English in these specific fields make the best use of the lessons possible.

Private English classes: Reinforcement or from scratch
English is a fundamental tool today, and therefore if you need help or reinforce your English, that's what I'm here for. Learn little by little, grammar, vocabulary, etc. First we adapt to the student to catch up with the type of syllabus and what needs to be reinforced or started to learn.

Nikki Riveros
English classes with a native & qualified teacher. For all levels
I am British with a TEFL qualification. I teach English for all levels. I have a lot of experience and success preparing students for the Cambridge, Trinity and IELTS exams. I also teach Business English & General English.

Qualified teacher offers Italian classes for all levels
I am an Italian teacher graduated in foreign languages and with 10 years of experience in teaching and translation. I offer private classes to speak Italian, learn this wonderful language from scratch or improve pronunciation. Songs, cooking recipes, current articles, games, books, movies and much more: I like classes to be pleasant and exciting, with a playful and practical approach. We can meet for the first time simply to talk about your needs and expectations. I hope to see you soon!

Announcement: Online Italian Teacher Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am an Italian girl who graduated in International Relations. I have lived in Spain for 6 months and I am ready to guide you in learning the Italian language. I am here to offer you personalized and engaging classes on an online platform. What I offer: - **Personalized classes**: Each class will be adapted to your specific needs and objectives. - **Varied and stimulating teaching materials**: I use a variety of resources, such as interactive exercises, readings, videos and conversations, to make learning interesting and fun. - **Flexibility**: Flexible class schedules that adapt to your lifestyle and commitments. - **Ongoing support**: I am always available to answer your questions and offer assistance outside of scheduled classes. Teaching method: My approach is communicative and student-centered. I believe that learning should be active and engaging, so I encourage constant conversation and interaction. We will work together on all language skills: written and oral comprehension, written and oral production, grammar and vocabulary. If you are interested in improving your Italian with a dedicated and passionate teacher, do not hesitate to contact me! I look forward to helping you achieve your language goals! See you soon, Anna

María Luján
School review for all levels / Language classes
School review for any level and any subject, with the possibility of being in Spanish or English. I also teach school-level French classes. I have experience teaching people of all ages. I also have professional dance studies, which require training in pedagogy.

English, Spanish language, Spanish as a Foreign Language
I am a teacher with more than 10 years of experience. I always look for ways to motivate the student, and I adapt to any situation. I have experience with children, adolescents, adults and seniors. I have worked in Tenerife, Barcelona, the United States and Madrid. Now I am an English teacher at ESO, but I offer classes in English, Spanish Language and Literature, and Spanish as a foreign language.

Clarinet, saxophone, improvisation, harmony, auditory education
I'm Arthur I play the clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone professionally, in addition to having worked as an arranger, musical director and, of course, teacher. I have extensive experience teaching both clarinet and saxophone as well as musical language, modern harmony, improvisation, auditory education, combos and I have directed student groups such as big bands, brass bands and wind ensembles. I have also taught workshops such as the 4 editions of the "Ibiza Jazz Improvisation Seminar", the "Improvisation for Symphonic Instruments" workshop at the Amaniel Professional Conservatory or "How to Study from Listening to Music" at The Center for Arts and Music Moderna of Malaga and in the Association of Friends of Jazz of Granada.

Private English classes for primary, secondary, high school and B1 and B2 preparation
Graduated in Tourism, with a good command of up to 4 languages, I offer English classes and school support for all primary and secondary subjects. With previous experience. My classes are designed to suit your individual needs and learning objectives. My dedication and enthusiasm guarantee a positive and effective learning environment. With flexible schedules and affordable rates, I offer a unique opportunity to achieve your academic goals.

English Classes / School Support For students.
We will evaluate the skills that the student currently has and advance to the levels they wish to achieve. I will teach the 4 competencies (Speaking-Listening-Oral and Textual Comprehension), I have 6 years of verifiable experience and skills to work with students of all ages. I offer very didactic, dynamic and enjoyable classes.

PERUVIAN CUISINE IN MADRID! - Exclusive Haute Gastronomy Course
Discover the Flavors of Peru in the Heart of Madrid! Are you passionate about gastronomy and would you like to explore the exquisite flavors of Peruvian cuisine? I invite you to a unique culinary journey that will take you to know the secrets and techniques of one of the most recognized and prestigious cuisines in the world. Peruvian cuisine is a rich fusion of indigenous, African, European and Asian traditions, making it one of the most varied and sophisticated in the world. Recognized for its diversity and quality, it has won multiple international awards and has positioned itself as one of the main references in global haute cuisine. Emblematic dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado and ají de gallina are just some of the delicacies that you will learn to prepare with us. In classes you will learn to: Prepare traditional dishes: From the classic ceviche and causa Limaña to the sophisticated Nikkei and chifa fusions. Use authentic ingredients: You will know and work with genuine Peruvian ingredients, some exclusive and exotic. Master culinary techniques: You will learn ancient and modern techniques so you can replicate the authentic flavors of Peru in your kitchen. Explore gastronomic culture: Beyond the recipes, you will immerse yourself in the history and culture that make Peruvian cuisine a unique experience. Let's cook and enjoy the incredible Peruvian cuisine together!

French language learning for all levels
Student in 4th year of engineering school, I am currently on exchange in Barcelona for a period of 3 months and would like to give French lessons. French is my mother tongue and I already have experience in teaching by having organized support for middle school students.

German Teacher from Native German - Master Student from Germany
...I could speak in 4 different languages with my room mate. Do I have your attention? :) I always like to joke and say that life is too short to learn German, but honestly it depends on the teacher you have and how much you enjoy the lessons! I think that as long as you feel good and motivated and have a person sitting next to you who says positive words to you, you can manage to expand your expertise in a short time With me, you have a friend with whom you can have a coffee or go to the beach in your free time. I am very open and communicative and want our lessons to be more than just dry theory. I bring my personality to the lessons so that it remains interesting and vibrant for both of us! We can meet in a Cafe / Restaurant in Barcelona, I am also open to online meetings. If you are interested in learning Chinese I can also help you! :)

Anna Pelay
Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda teacher for adults or children
Personalized individual or group Yoga and Meditation classes adapted for all body types and ages. With prior or advanced practice. Hatha Yoga, Vinya or Yoga for children Nutrition and lifestyle consultation according to Ayurvedic medicine

Vinyasa Yoga or Hatha Yoga, for beginners or more advanced people
I have been practicing and learning from Yoga since 2017 and I want to share with you all the benefits that come with a yoga practice. You can choose what type of yoga you want to practice with me: Hatha Vinyasa to start or something more acrobatic like Dharma Yoga. Yoga helps you be more aware of your body and relax your mind. We are going to move our bodies to open ourselves and feel.

Spanish or French classes - native speaker
I teach Spanish and French, I am Swiss & Spanish. Native speaker. I prefer conversation because I think it is more effective, but it is also possible for me to teach grammar. I have been teaching French and Spanish for the last five years. With groups of students from 3 to 8 years old. Also in individual classes with children and adults. I teach Spanish and French, I am a native speaker. I prefer conversation because I think it is more effective, but it is also possible for me to teach grammar. I have been teaching French and Spanish for the last five years. With groups of students from 3 to 8 years old. Also in individual classes for children and adults.

José Luis
You are going to play the Double Bass, and you will do it really well
Learn Double Bass from an Expert! Do you want to get started on the double bass or improve your skills to access the Elementary, Professional or Higher Degree? This is your chance! About me: 🎓 Training of Excellence: Higher Degree in Double Bass with a Master in Orchestral Specialization with the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia. 🎻 Experience and Passion: With 21 years of experience in orchestras and in the world of teaching, I combine technique and enthusiasm so that you enjoy each lesson. 📚 Proven Methodology: My classes are dynamic and effective. My students are not only satisfied, but they advance quickly. 🎶 Viennese Streicher School: I will teach you with the same technical efficiency and passion that characterizes this prestigious school. Do not lose this chance! 📅 Last Available Places: Hurry and secure your place for the next course! ✉️ Consultation Without Commitment: Ask what you want, I am here to help you. You will not regret! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check my reviews. I'm not telling you, my students are telling you :-) Contact now and start your musical journey with the double bass!

Primary support classes (Valencian, Spanish...) and Spanish/Valencian for adults
In our reinforcement classes, we will work on subjects that may cause some difficulty in terms of academic performance and quality. I have various degrees in languages such as Spanish, Valencian and English, and I will be happy to help you.

Ilenia Guedes
Primary and Secondary Education Classes. French and English classes.
French and English classes work on all content, both oral, written and listening. In addition, I have language degrees in both subjects and have experience in this sector. On the other hand, I also teach Primary Education classes, both support and exam preparation.