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Trusted teacher: • What is the role of a school coach? As a professional, support young people between 12 and 25 years old, in their personal and more particularly school career, when they want to make a change. • So, if the topics covered are orientation, motivation, self-confidence and working methods, it will be all about defining an objective and defining the steps to achieve it, based on tools and specific methods, a neutral and benevolent position and its very specific questions. • It is therefore a question of seeing more clearly, decoding and analyzing in order to manage what is blocking, to learn to go beyond one's limits independently, by relying on internal and external resources and by determining the steps to achieve this. his rhythm. • If the work of the coach with the parents consists in better accompanying them to understand and support their children in their generation, the work of the coach with the young person is different: By listening as well as the tools / suggestions proposed as well as the attention given to the emotions experienced, it is a question of reinforcing his motivation to get involved in his role, to develop the desired skills, in line with his professional project, through the recognition and valuation of his own talents. Thus, it is a question of acquiring and then deploying pragmatic tools and methods in order to: • Support young people with high potential and / or hypersensitivity • Get to know each other better (values, desires, needs, motivations, talents, etc.) • Gain awareness and esteem • Pass exams • Better manage stress and emotions related to exams and gain self-confidence • Better manage your workload, projects, time and priorities • Prepare for exams, optimize your organization, find your creative levers • Improve your relationship with others, your communication, team spirit • Dare to assert oneself while respecting one's values • Build and realize your professional project • Overcome your difficulties, your potential and become aware of the opportunities that may be offered. • Integrate didactic learning skills and self-knowledge, in addition to skills and coaching tools • Support young people on different themes such as social integration, relationship with oneself and with others, the meaning of learning, organization, orientation choices, construction of a project Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 sessions*. (*study 2022) THE COACH - TRAINER: Trained at the Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher trainer has specialized and worked for more than 18 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, regularly participating in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support, with pedagogy and careful methodology as key words, all anchored in a pleasant and jovial moment. ➤ PLACE, TIME, • Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Bâle-Neuchâtel-Bern-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon-Montreal. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid, this format also unanimously suitable for those accompanied. • Apart from the traditional advantages of videoconferencing (time savings linked to travel, eco-responsibility, increased scheduling flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session and the interaction remain the same. In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed on the session chat and are automatically transmitted to you so that you can browse them during and after the session if you wish. • Hourly fees: To support each other & be pleasant to you in this very particular global context and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees have been temporarily reduced. But this fixed rate will not increase after the start of the sessions. • Sessions in English / French • As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. • Program: adapted to each need
Life coaching · Child development · Personal training
Hello Everyone! Welcome to an enriching journey into the fascinating realm of psychology! As your dedicated Psychology Tutor, I am thrilled to guide you through the diverse landscapes of the human mind, exploring theories, concepts, and practical applications that make psychology a captivating field of study. In this tutoring series, we will delve into a comprehensive range of psychological topics, offering a well-rounded understanding of the discipline. From foundational principles to advanced theories, each session is designed to build a solid knowledge base while fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. Teaching Approach: My tutoring sessions prioritise an interactive and engaging learning experience. Through a combination of discussions, case studies, and real-world applications, we will connect theoretical concepts to practical scenarios. Questions and active participation are not only encouraged but integral to the learning process. Unique Features: 1. Tailored Support: Sessions can be customised to address specific topics of interest or challenging areas. 2. Exam Preparation: Guidance on effective study strategies, exam preparation, and review sessions. 3. Real-World Applications: Explore how psychological concepts are applied in everyday life and various professional fields. Whether you're embarking on your first exploration of psychology or seeking in-depth insights into specific areas, this tutoring series is designed to cater to learners at all levels. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Feel free to reach out to schedule your personalised psychology tutoring sessions. Let's make your learning experience not only educational but truly enriching!
Psychology · Cognitive psychology · Child development
English · Communication skills · Child development
Trusted teacher: In these neuro-divergent times, the binary division of "one language or two" in bilinguals is perhaps due some contestation, which students are capable of providing. I have always found bilingual production models (and the ubiquitous Powerpoint slide) that university teachers provide a hindrance because of their lack of explicitness and discussion - they are just not relatable as presented nor do they provide much information or examples for monolingual students. Code-switching, a by-product of bilingualism, is now a term that is even found in minority-ethnic neighbourhood grafitti ("can white people code-switch" a found example). My personal position is that there is no such thing as bilingualism: there is always a language that suffers attrition, and one language that prevails, mostly because of its prestigious standing over the other language. On the other hand, a child exposed to more than one language cannot be truly monolingual. For this course (very popular at universities around Europe both at undergraduate and postgraduate level) we shall go through the terms used to discuss bilingualism, in detail, and then discuss, with the help of published books and articles, who can be considered bilingual (or are we all, one other language lying dormant?). Can bilingualism be defined by the speaker, instead of the "community"? Can it be imposed by the State? Does a bilingual brain function in the same manner as a monolingual brain? These are research questions that emerge as dissertation or thesis topics both at undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Grammar · Social studies · Child development
Trusted teacher: Do you want to learn the programing language but do not know where to start? Are you struggling to understand the basics of computer science? Are you looking forward to changing your career to Information Technology? Look no further! I can help you. As a computer science tutor for all of you, I am here to help you build a strong foundation in computer science concepts and computer programing languages. With my tailored course structure, I will guide you through the learning process and help you gain the confidence you need to dive into the world of Information Technology. I would be really happy to share my knowledge with you all to help you solve your problems. Give it a try, and I will make sure you will get the best out of the best. From converting you from Zero to Hero, for your career refresh, and child development, I am willing to serve you all with my IT knowledge and tutoring expertise. You can get my service on these areas: >> Programming Languages (C-C++, JAVA, Python) >> Basics of IT and Computer Science >> Basics to Advanced Programming concepts Full Stack Application Development >> Backend Development (Java, Spring Boot Framework) >> FrontEnd Development (CSS, HTML, React, Node.js, Javascript, Typescript) >> Database (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL) >>Design Patterns >> Agile Methods of Software Development >> Software Development Process ... and many more. Do not let your fear of computer science intimidate you any longer - we will work together to find the best possible alternatives to make you aware of all the necessary concepts about the computer world. Learning is fun. Feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything... Looking forward to meeting you all !!!
Computer programming · Computer science · Child development
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Yoga for children, teens and families to inspire creativity, curiosity and connection! (Oeiras)
My daughter who is 11, took online Yoga classes with Martina, and she really enjoyed it. Martina had a way to connect with her which worked very well; during the class, when teaching to my daughter Yoga movements, and after the class, as Martina asked my daughter to reflect on a number of subjects which were always excellent and helped her notice and appreciate what was around her. So overall, this was a brilliant experience with a brilliant teacher I fully recommend.
Review by CÉCILE
Private lessons: French and literature (remediation + preparation) possible online (Gouzon)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA
Confidence Building for All Age Groups (no one is too young) (Roodepoort)
The teacher is up to the task. Thank you.
Review by OCTAVIAN