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11 bass guitar teachers in Spain

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Trusted teacher: Whether you are just starting to play or have experience with the electric bass and want to take it to another level, you are in the right place. Also if you play 5 or 6 string bass. In my classes I use a hybrid system. I have a method specifically created by me, but I also work more freely adapting to your needs and tastes. You will have total freedom to express your doubts so that we can solve them. Working in a more methodological or freer way will depend exclusively on you and what your interests are. All the material that we work on will always be applied to practical cases, using songs where we can practice the different concepts explained. As for musical styles, we can work from Funk, Jazz, Blues, Reggea, Latin through Pop, Alternative, Rock to Metal, Progressive, Symphonic Rock among others. Alongside that we can immerse ourselves in the world of effects and know how to use them to get the most out of it if you are also interested. All the documents that we use will be provided by me, as well as the possibility of having them in PDF format. We will also work with a multitude of backing tracks so that you can play on top of them and be able to apply what you have learned in an enjoyable way. SLAP, TAPPING, CHORDS I also teach classes on these specific electric bass techniques. PS: If you are one of those who have started with YouTube tutorials, then there is no problem. You should not give it up. Moreover, we will reinforce your knowledge so that you can make the most of it and get the most out of it. Greetings and I hope to see you soon in my classes.
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Trusted teacher: Graduated in 'Popular Music and Interpretation' from the London Institute of Contemporary Music, he offers guitar lessons in Madrid. I currently teach Spanish and electric guitar classes at the Sanchinarro cultural center and Musicalix music school. I offer flexible guitar lessons in which we can focus on learning a repertoire of student taste; improve technique and musical vocabulary; or focus on different fields, such as: • Investigate different musical styles, observing the role that the guitar plays in them and learn from stylistic references in a simple and accessible way. • Acquire the necessary skills for the student to learn to interpret certain guitar lines and make their own arrangements that they will put into practice in various possible scenarios: in the recording of their original music demo, establishing their guitar parts in songs for their band. , etc… • Understand and put into practice the role of this instrument of some of their favorite themes, and contrast them with others, with the aim of realizing the different approaches that can be given to an instrument as rich and diverse as the guitar: sound options, tonal textures and ranges. • Learn to read and interpret sheet music. • Contemplate what options we have at our disposal, once we have acquired a certain level, to apply knowledge creatively in the elaboration of our own artistic product. There is also the possibility of giving online classes, in which theoretical explanations will be attached (in .pdf or .word format), transcripts of the musical exercises seen, or short explanatory videos for those who prefer a more visual and practical medium.
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Guitar, bass guitar, theory, composition, arranging and music production. (Barcelona)
My first class was exactly what I expected it to be. Graham is very understanding and it was a real pleasure.
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