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6 bass guitar teachers in Madrid

Trusted teacher: Graduated in 'Popular Music and Interpretation' from the London Institute of Contemporary Music, he offers guitar lessons in Madrid. I currently teach Spanish and electric guitar classes at the Sanchinarro cultural center and Musicalix music school. I offer flexible guitar lessons in which we can focus on learning a repertoire of student taste; improve technique and musical vocabulary; or focus on different fields, such as: • Investigate different musical styles, observing the role that the guitar plays in them and learn from stylistic references in a simple and accessible way. • Acquire the necessary skills for the student to learn to interpret certain guitar lines and make their own arrangements that they will put into practice in various possible scenarios: in the recording of their original music demo, establishing their guitar parts in songs for their band. , etc… • Understand and put into practice the role of this instrument of some of their favorite themes, and contrast them with others, with the aim of realizing the different approaches that can be given to an instrument as rich and diverse as the guitar: sound options, tonal textures and ranges. • Learn to read and interpret sheet music. • Contemplate what options we have at our disposal, once we have acquired a certain level, to apply knowledge creatively in the elaboration of our own artistic product. There is also the possibility of giving online classes, in which theoretical explanations will be attached (in .pdf or .word format), transcripts of the musical exercises seen, or short explanatory videos for those who prefer a more visual and practical medium.
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Trusted teacher: Hola, me llamo Martin, muchas gracias por visitar mi perfil. Soy belga aunque actualmente resido en Madrid desde hace poco. It's been more than 10 years since the self-taught guitar began, thanks to the maestro;…Youtube. Mis inicios comenzaron con el ukelele, later pasé a la guitarra y rápido me enamoré de la bajo, aunque me gusta experimentar con all los cacharritos que hagan ruido, sobre todo con la batería. Me gusta escuchar y aprender un poco de todo, por eso, en cuanto a mi musical profile, hmm, yo lo definiría en unos cuantos estilos como; psicodelic rock, pop, folk, bossa nova, Latin music, jazz and classic music pero lo que mas me gusta es la improvisación. Estos últimos años he deepened mucho in el lenguaje del jazz, y los Latin American ritmos, aunque anteriormente he tenido más conciertos basados en el pop y rock. También hago musical production with the Ableton program based on experimentation and electronic music. Me he trained with maestros de la talla by Guillaume Vierset, François Delporte, Bo Vanderwerf, Olivier Stalon, Michelle Massot and Laurent Blondiau in Belgium. He studied at the Jazz Studio school in Amberes, at the MAI center in Nancy (France), and at the Jazz Cultural Theater in Bilbao with Joshua Edelman. Después de todo mi recorrido, consider que iniciarse como músico puede ser difícil, pero mágico al mismo tiempo. ¡Nada de métodos!, cada estudiante es diferente, y por eso, en función de tus capacidades, exigencia, constancy y gustos, me iré adaptando a tu manera de trabajar. Mi objectivo; divertirse desde el minuto zero a la vez que trabajamos duro.
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Trusted teacher: I'm a bass player and composer, a graduate from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow (UK). I've got over fifteen years of experience in teaching music and I offer one-to-one lessons in: • Electric Bass (Jazz and other modern music - No Classical) • Double Bass (Jazz and other modern music - No Classical) • Music Theory • Jazz Harmony • Composing • Arranging • Notation with Sibelius software • Ensemble and Musicianship Although my method is tailored to each student's needs, I structure it as follows: • Establish a connection with the pupil by understanding their needs and musical objectives. • Design a path tailored to the pupil's goals that uses and develops any pre-existing knowledge and skills. • Introduction to a complete body postural knowledge during the instrumental practice. • Guide the student in comprehending the theory behind the basic elements of music, such as scales and arpeggios, through their instrumental practice, aimed to a progressive and organic discovery of the instrument. • Development of the pupil's musical abilities through different musical genres, such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop and Folk, by listening and transcribing. • Guide the student in understanding the role of the bass player within a band and in developing all the required relevant skills. I can teach either in English, Italian or Spanish and the lessons can be in person at my place or yours, or via Zoom. Get in touch for more information!
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Great teacher! I started acoustic guitar lessons from zero and I have learned so much with Sergio, he is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient, he also encourage you to keep practicing to achieve your goals while providing you with very useful material to do it. I really recommend Sergio as a music teacher, he plays a lot of instruments. Excelente profesor, yo empecé clases de guitarra acústica desde cero y he aprendido mucho con Sergio, sabe mucho y es muy paciente, además te anima a seguir practicando para que alcances tus metas y te provee muy buen material para lograrlo. Súper recomiendo a Sergio como profesor de música, sabe tocar muchos instrumentos.
Review by VICTORIA
Electric Bass - Double Bass - Theory - Jazz Harmony - Arranging Lessons and more (Vélez-Málaga)
Pietro is an excellent professional Bass Guitar teacher with extensive theory and practical musical knowledge. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in his company. I feel any questions you may have to do with music theory or practical he can answer, demonstrate and teach you. For those students who speak English, his spoken, knowledge and understanding of the the English language is excellent.
Review by SANDRA
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Production, Song Writing and Music Theory (Amsterdam)
I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Eyal. Not only is he a skilled musician, but he has a talent for helping me discover my inner courage and explore the world of improvisation. His guidance has improved my playing and boosted my confidence. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their skills. Thank you for your inspiring lessons!
Review by ALICE