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Study SING!! ANCIENT ITALIAN SINGING TECHNIQUE!! bell singing style Legacy of teachers Manuel Vicente del Popolo García (Father), Gianni Sicardi and Susana Rossi. I teach the ancient Italian technique of singing. This works the elongation of the vocal cords in a healthy way, allowing from vocal freedom to achieve high and low frequencies very comfortably, dominating the chest voice, mix, head from the same position and developing the voice in a real way without exerting effort. . I also re-educate vocal cords with phonatory problems such as hoarseness, hiatus, nodules, fatigue (due to misuse of the voice) The technique is lyrical based but is also applied in popular styles. I have experience with children, adolescents and adults. I have a degree in music, lyrical singing, classical crossover, rock, soul, jazz, melodic, international, boleros, tangos, etc. I teach North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia. Oriented to singers, dancers, actors, speakers, and beginners. -Intended for all ages -Training for actors, singers and beginners -Coaching for auditions -Reeducation of voices with phonatory problems -Assorted styles. I teach both lyrical and popular. (Opera, Classical Crossover or Lyrical pop, canzonettas, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Soul, blues, Disco, Tango, Rock, etc). In Spanish, English, Italian, German. I give classes to Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia, etc. It will work from the Ancient Italian Singing Technique, which Master Susana Rossi implemented in Argentina (Legacy of Manuel Vicente del Popolo García), through which the vocal cords are specifically trained. This training not only allows us to experience and connect with the position we had with our children's voice, but it is also possible to experience vocal freedom by releasing our maximum potential, without tensions or pressures, without imitations, and instead knowing our true color of voice and our own essence. Each voice is unique and unrepeatable, and in it is our imprint, our words, our own phrasing and our interior is reflected in it. This is why in addition to having a lyrical base, and being able to sing academic music and styles such as Classical Crossover, popular styles can also be approached, each one of them, in style, with the same technique.
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