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This acting course is focusing on screen acting whether you are new to acting or you are an experienced actor who wants to focus more on screen acting. This course will be tailored according on what you want to focus on: * Monologue for screen. * Selftape: auditioning for film and Tv. * Working with a film/tv director. * Improvisation. *... The course is available in English and French. About the teacher: YORGO is a Belgian, Greek and Italian film director, writer, producer, actor and creator of the Award Winning LGBTQI+ short film Trigger. Yorgo started his artistic journey at 14 years old acting in theatres in Belgium where he was born. Aspiring for an international career, he moved to London in 2014 and joined the cast of the Immersive project The Den created by the BAFTA-winning director Gbemisola Ikumelo. Following that, he starred in several short films and features ( Remi Milligan: Lost Director, The Adopters, Amazon Prime Naanum Single Thaan). His passion for filmmaking started in 2020 when he wrote scenes for his own acting showreel. Lacking of authentic on screen representation and a desire of using his voice to raise awareness about a past traumatic event, he created the short film Trigger which was nominated in British and International LGBTQI+ festivals and won the award of Best International Short Film at the Fuse International Film Festival in Kingston ( UK/2022). The film is distributed worldwide by Gonella Productions and is available on Amazon Prime UK & US as part of These Untold Secrets. Recently, his short docuseries Well Proud directed and produced for Metro Charity (UK) was nominated for Best Community Short Film at the BAFTA Qualifying Iris Prize Film Festival in Cardiff (UK/2023). In the past 2 years, Yorgo has directed and co-produced 3 narrative short films and a short docu series and he is currently in development of his first feature film.
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Tiffany - Paris, France41€
Trusted teacher: Hello dear movers! Do you enjoy dancing and you are willing to improve your technical skills and artistry? I am here for you. As a professional dancer, teacher, and performance maker I am creative, dynamic, full of awareness, and versatile. I teach contemporary dance, floor work, contact improvisation, acrobatics, ballet, modern jazz, and fitness. My classes are focused on musicality, anatomy, energy flow, improvisation, and personal artistry. The classes are tailored, designed, and adjusted regarding the specific needs, capabilities, uniqueness, and artistic voice of each individual. During the past years, I have developed a methodology entitled The Transcendental Embodiment (TE) | Behind & Beyond. This method links philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and scientific approaches to the movement. (You can check the available Dance & Healing (TE) class on my page for further information.) I have had professional experiences in several countries in Europe (France, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Greece), and in Asia (Malaysia, Bali). - For who? : For anyone who enjoys movement and dance, and desires a better connection and understanding with their moving bodies. / ​One-to-one or group sessions. - ​Where? : Online via SKYPE or at the student's location. Company Dancer Bachelor of Contemporary Dance Practices | Iceland University of the Arts. Facilitator | Contact Beyond Contact Healing with the Arts Certification | University of Florida During the past six years, I have taught dance classes in France, Sweden, Iceland, and more. Moreover, I have studied fine arts, visual arts, philosophy, and film-making at Sorbonne University in Paris. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Tiffany
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Trusted teacher: Please note, the price includes the material that I provide. (paper, pencil, color, etc.) Hello there, I know, drawing from scratch or improving your creativity in sketching or painting is not something so easy. That's why I'm here, an artist with experience in teaching in a way that will help you, whether you're a child or an adult, a very beginner or an intermediate learner. What I purpose to you DRAWING & SKETCH: - Portrait, Human Anatomy (also live sketch) - Urban Sketching (also live sketch) - Industrial Drawing (objects, clothes, products etc.) - Freestyle Drawing PAINTING: - Watercolor - Acrylic - Ink - Ballpoint I hope to see you very soon in my sketching, drawing and painting lessons ! Thank you, Petra *French* Veuillez prend de note que, le prix comprend le matériel que je fournis. (papier, crayon, couleur, etc.) Bonjour tout le monde, Je sais qu'apprendre à dessiner et améliorer votre créativité en matière de peinture n'est pas quelque chose de si facile. C'est pourquoi je suis là. Je suis une artiste avec une expérience de l'enseignement pour vous aider à progresser, que vous soyez enfant ou adulte, de niveau débutant ou intermédiaire. Ce que je vous propose : DESSIN & CROQUIS : - Portrait, anatomie humaine - Croquis urbain (Urban Sketching) - Dessin technique (objets, habits, produits, etc.) - Dessin libre PEINTURE : - Aquarelle - Acrylique - Encre de Chine - Stylo-bille J'espère vous voir très bientôt dans mes cours particuliers de croquis, dessin et peinture ! Merci beaucoup, Petra
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Class Description: Welcome to "Introduction to Painting: Unleash Your Creativity Online," a beginner-level painting class designed for aspiring artists of all ages! Whether you're a complete novice or have dabbled in art before, this online course provides a supportive and interactive environment to explore the wonderful world of painting. Course Overview: In this comprehensive online class, you will embark on a creative journey, learning fundamental painting techniques, color theory, and artistic concepts. Guided by experienced instructors, you'll delve into various painting styles, including acrylics, watercolors, and oils. The course is structured to help you gain confidence, develop your skills, and nurture your unique artistic voice. What You'll Learn: Introduction to Materials: Familiarize yourself with different types of brushes, paints, canvases, and other essential tools. Learn how to select the right materials for your projects. Basic Painting Techniques: Master fundamental techniques such as brushstrokes, blending, shading, and layering. Understand how to create different textures and effects using various tools. Color Theory: Explore the psychology of colors, mixing techniques, and the impact of different color combinations on your artwork. Develop an eye for harmonious color schemes. Composition and Design: Learn about composition, balance, focal points, and perspective. Understand how to create visually appealing and well-structured paintings. Exploration of Styles: Experiment with different painting styles, from realism to abstract. Discover your preferred style and express your creativity. Guided Projects: Engage in step-by-step guided painting projects tailored for beginners. Practice your skills by creating beautiful artworks with the support of our instructors. Critique and Feedback: Participate in constructive critique sessions where you can share your work, receive feedback, and learn from your peers. Building Confidence: Boost your confidence as an artist through encouraging feedback, positive reinforcement, and a nurturing learning environment. Who Should Attend: Beginners: Individuals with little to no prior painting experience. Art Enthusiasts: Those passionate about exploring their creative side and expressing themselves through art. Hobbyists: People looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby to unwind and relax. Anyone Curious About Art: Individuals curious about the world of painting and eager to learn the basics from scratch. Requirements: Access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Eagerness to learn and explore the world of painting. No prior artistic experience necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and creativity! Join us in "Introduction to Painting: Unleash Your Creativity Online" and unlock your artistic potential. Discover the joy of painting, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and let your creativity flourish in a supportive and inspiring virtual community!
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Trusted teacher: Hello! 👋🏻 I hope you are staying safe! ✨🙏🏻✨ My name is Tatiana, Will be glad to paint with you online! 🎨 I give professional painting and drawing lessons by Skype/ Zoom / Facetime. in English or Russian, for children (from 3,5 years old) and adults. individual or for a group, for beginners, for yourself or for preparing for the art school and college. The lesson consists of: -process of painting -theory of professional painting. -analysis of the paintings of the great artists. At our art lessons we will learn: -Fundamentals of professional academic painting, graphics and composition. -the secrets and techniques of great masters. -to copy paintings of great artists and get acquainted with their famous paintings (Claude Monet, Henri Fantin-Latour, Isaac Levitan, Ivan Shishkin, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Ivan Aivazovsky..) -Or paint by topics and get inspired by how great artists painted this subject. -The main genres of painting: still life, landscape, animalistic, portrait. -Using different techniques (painting): gouache, acrylic on canvas / on paper, watercolor. (graphics): pencil / charcoal / pastel on paper. -Fundamentals of art theory: volume, color, form, perspective, rhythm. -How to apply the theory of painting in practice. -How lead the painting process from start to finish. -to mix paints, get different shades of colors, distinguish nuances. -to name professionally the shades of colors. -learn artistic terms. -apply geometric shapes. -correctly display proportions on paper. -learn the basics of composition. -learn to see the general and the particular, to compare and generalize. We learn through painting to see the beauty around us and show it through fine arts. If you love to paint, will be glad to meet you online. 🎨
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Trusted teacher: Drawing courses with a unique approach. You'll be amazed at how quickly you level up! For over 10 years, I have been developing a method that allows my students to learn observational drawing at record speed. Through pictorial and observational exercises, my students become adept at drawing *any and all* observational subjects in: 4 months with 1 day/wk classes at 4 hrs/day 2 weeks at 6 days/wk classes at 6 hrs/day . Please choose one of the two courses: >> OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING (B/W): If you don't know how to draw, pick this one. If you "know how to draw except for" portraits/perspective/etc, this is the best program for you too. (details below) >> COLOR OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING: If you can draw anything from observation, but want to understand how color works, pick this one. If your goal is to make oil paintings and you already know how to draw, this is your program too. (details below) . >> OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING (black/white) << For those who want to learn drawing or those who want to improve their drawing skills quickly *Observational Drawing Topics*: Line quality Drawing the hand Using negative space in drawing and in composition Making strong compositions Measuring sizes and angles Drawing plants and furniture Drawing the human figure Shading methods Drawing perspective Drawing with light Composing with light Drawing the interior Drawing the face, proportions Drawing light and shadow Portraiture Materials used: Graphite, Charcoal, Markers/India ink, paper Since this is a technique class, I recommend that you take at least 4 hours/week to be able to experience your improvement class by class. If you wish to take less hours, please note that with a 2 hours/day course, you will complete the program in 10-12 months, which will be caused by not gaining enough momentum during class time. >> COLOR OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING << For those who want to learn color in representational art. Become skillful at using color in your works. *Color Observational Drawing Topics*: Basic color theory Interrelationship of colors Mixing colors Composition with colors: Creating abstract drawings Drawing the self-portrait Drawing the nature-morte Drawing interior/exterior architecture Drawing plants and gardens Materials used: Color pencils, soft pastels, photography, color paper Please note that this course is designed for students who already Can do observational drawings. If you are unsure of your level, I recommend starting with the "Observational Drawing" program.
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Drawing and painting lessons, help to prepare portfolio (Stuttgart)
The experience with Xingying was one of consummate professionalism, acute attention to detail, and warm efficiency of time. I was not only impressed but feel extremely lucky and privileged to continue my son’s lessons with her. - She answered all questions and concerns with ease - She provided a detailed list of all the tools needed for a successful lesson - She provided a good space for learning - My son expressed great enthusiasm and excitement for continued learning with her I most of all appreciate that her presence brought out a commitment in my son to desire his learning. I recommend Xingying’s services with the the utmost confidence and faith.
Review by EDWARD “E.C.”
French tutoring with a native speaker : Learn, Improve and Enjoy! (Reykjavik)
Very sweet lady who is always asking how she can improve and cater her lessons towards your personal needs! Knows very well the French language and not on a fluent level, but also the technicalities behind it. Is willing to take time with you and work on your mistakes, as well as trying to explain some French key moments that are difficult to understand for foreign language speakers in a way that is understandable. Always makes sure to challenge you and sees how you can improve! Had a very lovely experience :)
Indonesian lessons. Learning how to speak and write Indonesian in Geneva, Switzerland. (Geneva)
Je prends des cours d’indonésien avec Petra depuis deux mois et elle m’a fait progresser rapidement. Toujours souriante, à l’heure, elle prend le temps de bien expliquer les choses et la méthode d'apprentissage qu’elle propose est vraiment efficace. I have been taking Indonesian lessons with Petra for two months and she has helped me to improve quickly. Always smiling, on time, she takes the time to explain things well and the learning method she offers is really effective. Easily 5 stars :)
Review by ANTOINE